Issue 4 - October 2012 
We Don't Put Our Fiberglass Buildings on Pedestals, But Our Customers Do!

CarrolltonAlong the floodplains of the Illinois River, there are well pumps that need to be protected. The city of Carrolton turned to Shelter Works fiberglass buildings for long-lasting, lightweight, low maintenance protection of its critical equipment.

"It was necessary to elevate the buildings to keep any potential Illinois River flooding from contaminating the well water," explains Jake Freeman, of Brotcke Well and Pump, who installed the package.


The buildings sit on platforms 14 feet above grade, with insulated walls and insulated steel floors to keep the pipes from freezing. A hatch in the top of the building allows for ...


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Twenty-Two BIGGER Fiberglass Buildings!

Twenty-Two BIG Buildings"We're going to need bigger buildings!" That was the assessment that a natural gas field engineer made as he discussed equipment upgrades with Randy Cunningham, Sales Representative at Control Equipment Sales Company, who represents Shelter Works to the natural gas industry in Illinois.

Throughout America, there are underground fields that provide local storage of natural gas supplies in rural areas outside of major metropolitan cities. When gas companies store the gas near where the need is, it lowers the stress on our limited gas pipelines and increases availability near the point of usage (versus housing at the point of collection). Gas stored deep underground mixes with water which can be salty and corrosive, so specialized equipment is installed at the wellheads to separate the gas from the water right at the point of retrieval. 
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WEF LogoShelter Works attended the Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition & Conference (WEFTEC) show in New Orleans at the beginning of October after conducting a pre-WEFTEC show webinar for reps in the water and waste water industries. John Miller, Director of Sales and Operations, was able to host breakfasts and information sessions with over 20 reps from around the country. He explains, "It was a great opportunity to connect with our representatives from all around the Country at one time, discuss their challenges, and talk about the exciting changes Shelter Works is initiating to provide greater support to them and increased value to their clients. We're setting the stage for greater interaction and support that will be rolled out over the next few months." Miller also had the chance to meet with a few potential reps in other areas to expand our service even further.


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"These buildings will outlast the equipment . . . The Shelter Works building provided a perfect solution for our needs."
Jake Freeman
Brockte Well and Pump


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