A blast from the past.    
wsRadio.WS website as it looked on our first day of broadcasting, August 15th, 2001 -        


Chris Murch
   Chris Murch to Host wsRadio's first Show on Saturday, August 15th            from 11 AM to 1:00 PM PST.   Business Opportunity Radio.   Listen Live
  Our New Parter - Constant Contact - Email Marketing Program.
constant contact 2000  

Constant Contact helped my Internet marketing business on many levels.
I became a Constant Contact Solutions provider before the title was created.
Constant Contact helped me announce the show and my first caller listening from St. Louis was an old family friend,  Dr. John Deighner.   
(email tip, when first starting out, load up all of your friends and family to let them know what you are doing).
"Doctor Doom" got my email, clicked on the computer and was shocked to hear me hosting a 2 hour show.   He called in the toll free number.    
 Email Marketing and Internet Talk Radio was born.

9 months later, one of my listeners who subscribed to my Constant Contact newsletter, used the "Forward to a Friend Option" to someone she just met the week before.   

I then get an email from Kevin McSpaden, VP Business Development of eBay, 

"Hi Chris,  We are interested in what you are doing with Internet Radio give me a call when you can, here is my cell #"

This would become the million dollar email forward!

eBay Radio  
 eBay Radio powered by wsRadio was born. 

 With eBay promoting the show we were on our way.

Special thanks to Jack Warren, Dick Warren, (no relation we just had such a big organization some of our folks just happen to have the same last name)
And also the hard working Wade Taylor.
 When I went to eBay HQ's in San Jose,  to sign the contract,  I gave my business card to the Senior VP of Communications and it had the tag line, "The Worldwide Leader in Internet Talk."  I explained that was our tagline from day one with zero listeners.   He said you are partnering with eBay now, you will be "The Worldwide Leader In Internet Talk.

As our Constant Contact targeted email lists grew for our targeted talk shows, so did our audience.

Partners included a network for Entrepreneur Magazine, The San Diego Union-Tribune, a worldwide network for Hayhouse Publications with remote studios from Australia to London.   The sun never set on wsRadio.

My favorite show was Email Marketing Radio with Ron Cates.

Ron Cates
Starting in 2007, I met Ron Cates, "Mr. Constant Contact" and he showed me the tips and tricks that were priceless.

I started doing local seminars with him and  became the first Authorized Local Expert before the program even started.

The record breaking broadcast came on June 15th, 2011 when Google put a special astronomy show on their home page during a lunar eclipse.   We peaked at 3.2 million listeners and of course all of our email lists blasted the accomplishment.

Listen Live to Sloop Radio on wsRadio.com to learn about this lunar ecplise

I sold wsRadio in 2011, with the opportunity to turn "Captain Email" into a full time business and help other businesses succeed with Constant Contact.    

With the support of Ron Cates, Kelly Flint, and Mark Ambrose along with countless others at Constant Contact including their incredible customer support team,  Captain Email now has 6 training sites in San Diego and was ranked 4th overall (out of nearly 8000) in the 4Q, 2012 Solution Providers program.  This qualified me for the sweep stakes as a  top 20 Solution Providers.

Today I was informed that I have won the top prize - $5000 tropical vacation.

constant contact

So yes, I am claiming the title of Constant Contact's Biggest Raving Fan!

This is a special archived email to all at Constant Contact that ever helped Chris Murch,  who has been able help so many others.

You all are the best - Keep up the great work!

Thank you also to Gail Goodman for leading the way.

My goal for 2013 is to be number one.   Going for the Gold!

(Finishing 4th means I did not even medal)

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