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Silver Creek University 2014
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Don't let March Madness drive you mad....Silver Creek is here to help!! As you prepare for the rush of the coming season, you can rely on the folks at Silver Creek Supply to help you out with the knowledge, inventory and resources this time of year demands. Locally owned and operated, Silver Creek has the ability to respond quickly to fulfill your needs. Stop by a branch near you to check out the latest products and ideas that will help make 2014 a fantastic year for all of us!!

Silver Creek U

Over 180 Students Attend Classes!

Silver Creek is proud to report that attendance at our annual Silver Creek University classes continues to grow each year. It is a great statement that our customer base is seizing these opportunities to grow and improve. We are dedicated to raising the industry bar each and every year, and we couldn't do it without you!! So a huge "thanks" goes out to all of you that took advantage of curriculum offered in Boise, Idaho Falls, and Hailey. As we move through the year, be sure to give us your ideas on classes you would like to see us hold. Your input is crucial in helping us put the most timely and effective line up of classes together. Stay tuned for more educational opportunities throughout the year with our Lunch-N-Learn series coming to a branch near you. Thanks again!!- Your Silver Creek Team & Instructors.

Put K-Rain to Work for You!


Introducing the K-Rain Premier Contractor Program


As a K-Rain Premier Contractor, you will earn loyalty points towards valuable rewards for every purchase of K-Rain irrigation products. From rotors and sprays to controllers and valves, K-Rain offers a full line of professional, innovative, high quality products to help you grow your business and increase your bottom line. Your points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards - like marketing and advertising materials, training, promotional gear, and distributor credit towards your irrigation product purchases. The K-Rain Premier Contractor Program also offers you a unique mix of resources to enhance your professionalism, including;

  • Credit towards your account or your next purchase of any irrigation products
  • Marketing and business growth tools
  • Irrigation Association training courses
  • Promotional merchandise

By taking advantage of one of the most lucrative rewards programs in the industry, you also have the opportunity to;

  • Build YOUR brand, get more referrals and generate more business with customized rotors - Only Premier Contractors may order customized rotors with an initial minimum order of pallet, (540 rotors).
  • Receive homeowner referrals - Premier Contractors will be the first to receive homeowner leads for new installations in their area.
  • Exclusive access to online marketing tools - Only Premier Contractors will have access to professional homeowner presentations, customizable marketing materials and job site marking signs and flags.
  • Premier Platinum members will enjoy a 30% rewards increase when points are redeemed for distributor credit as well as a 2-for-1 replacement on all rotors, pop-up sprays, and Pro-Series electric valves during the first year of the warranty period.


Enroll today and receive DOUBLE POINTS on all K-Rain purchases between now and May 31st!


For more details on enrollment levels and points redemption options, contact your Silver Creek sales representative.


Click Here to Enroll 


Shot of Shame


"Thank you" to John Boyd of Eagle River Sprinkler Repair for dropping by this rather unique installation of a plug he discovered while on a service call. I think we can now add screw clamps to bailing wire and duct tape!! For his efforts, John wins a 25$ gift card to Texas Roadhouse.

Be sure to send in your "shot of shame" for your chance to win a $25 gift card to the location of your choice. Send your photos to: chansen@silvercreeksupply.com 

What's new with Hunter  


When asked to write this article for the newsletter on new products and what we at Hunter are excited about for the 2014 season my first thought was how much space do I have?

A summary of the new products coming from Hunter include point source emitters along with a drip punch, insertion tool, and cutters. New improved swing  joints thanks to a partnership with Lasco. The Luxor transformer and controller from FX to go with the new ZD LED lights from FX for t  he low voltage landscape lighting segment of the business, as well as several internal improvements of existing products.


In actuality, Hunter did not release much in the form of new core products (rotors, controllers, valves, sprays, MPS and nozzles). What we at Hunter did was fill in an evolving line that is starting to mature to the point of being a full service one-stop shop manufacturer with no holes in the product line. In other words fill in the existing holes to complete the line while focusing on what we do well and make it better. We at Hunter are still very hungry, we want to make the best products in the marketplace; we want to earn your business and loyalty with good old fashioned service, handshakes, smiles, and a great product to go along with the service that you can rely on without call backs so you maximize your time and make more money.



Hunter is doing remarkably well with controllers in the Idaho market. The controllers, whether a simple residential controller like the X-CORE to the commercial grade ACC, all program and operate the same way. So if you can program one Hunter controller you can program them all. The controllers are simple to use and they can all work with a remote control and the solar-sync to make it a smart controller. With a wide array of user friendly features and "smart controller" water-saving options, there is a Hunter Controller built to fit any landscape irrigation system. Modularity in the Pro-C, I-Core, and ACC controllers sets yet another industry standard for easy-to-use controllers.


Spray bodies have many names: pop-up's, heads, mist heads, or sprinklers and they are the true workhorse of your system. Hunter has developed a lineup of strong feature-rich sprays bodies that are built to last. The Pro-spray continues to gain market share as people discover the co-molded wiper seal, sturdy ratchet mechanism, and strong spring. Along with the Pro-Spray the MP Rotator with its high uniformity and low precipitation rate allowing soil infiltration continues to shine without competition. In regards to spray nozzles, many people have not seen or used the new Hunter fixed or adjustable Pro-Spray nozzle. Silver Creek and Hunter will be running a promotion, called the Bucket Buddy to get people to look at the Hunter spray nozzle. Give them a chance and you will never look back, they are simply the best spray nozzle in the business. Ask your Silver Creek counter person to see them operate and what the Buddy Bucket entails, you'll be happy you did. Watch for details of the promotion in the April and May newsletters!


Valves:   The valves have proven to be reliable with the lowest return rate in the industry, simply sated they work. Control valves are the heart of your irrigation system and Hunter has assembled one of the broadest line-ups in the industry. Low flow to high flow, clean water to dirty water, low pressure to high pressure, there is a valve that can take it and work reliably for years to come.


Rotors: Hunter released the Ultra line of heads that have a part circle and full circle in one head, automatic arc return, and non-strippable gear drive along with the high uniformity square top nozzle. If you have not seen an Ultra rotor and what it can do to simplify your life and help you make more money ask us about it!



Point Source Emitters: 3 versions, self-piercing barbed emitters that come in flows of 0.5 to 6 Gallons per Hour (GPH). Hunter also has a 10/32" and " threaded version. These are pressure compensating made in America point source emitters.


Hunter HSJ Swing Joints manufactured by LASCO: These are heavy duty and built to last. They are available in a multitude of inlet, outlet, size and length configurations with one perfect for every preference.


FX Luminaire Luxor controller: This is a 150 watt or 300 watt digital controller and transformer for LED landscape lighting that has taken lights to the next level. With the capability to zone and theme individual lights or groups of lights when paired with the ZD Led light fixtures. Now you can run your entire landscape lighting from an app on your smartphone with the capability to increase or decrease the intensity of each light or group of lights. You have to see the website and the videos to truly appreciate what this system is capable of and what an impact it makes on the finished project.   


This is a brief summary of the new products that were released for 2014; if you would like more details on any of these products go to www.hunterindustries.com 

Coming Events

Hailey- Silver Creek U

3/11 & 3/13 9am- 1:30 Pump Filtration, Design & Installation

3/18 & 3/20 9am- 1:30 Controller & Field Troubleshooting

All classes will be held at the Hailey Branch learning facility.

$25 Registration Fee, includes lunch.


Boise Flower & Garden Show

Boise Centre on the Grove

March 21, Friday, 10am - 9pm

March 22, Saturday, 10am - 8pm

March 23, Sunday, 11am - 5pm

Boise Centre on the Grove


Azek Paver Lunch N Learn

March 20, Thursday, 11am - 1pm 

Boise Branch  

RSVP with Mike Mather - mmather@silvercreeksupply.com 

or Andy Kelso - akelso@silvercreeksupply.com 



Now is the time!
To apply crabgrass pre-emergent.


Midwest Tool
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Throughout March and April, all Hunter Preferred Members get double points with every PGV purchase.

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