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Boost...to...Your Credibility: Get Certified!!
Add $400-$600 To Every Job
New Rotary Nozzles from K-Rain
Quick-testing a Zone at the Irrigation Controller
Irrigation Auditing...
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Along with the hot weather, August brings many opportunities for you to help your customers with their outdoor projects.

Let Silver Creek Supply help you meet your customer's needs with our value-added services: 

  • Direct to job-site delivery.
  • Will call orders so products are ready when you arrive.
  • Complimentary technical support from trained experts at our counters or by phone.
  • One stop shopping for all of your project needs.
Let us make it easy for you!  

This Months Survey Question is:

What is the most effective way you advertise for your company?

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Here are the results from last months Survey Question

Results are ranked 1 - 5 with 1 being the most challenging.  

What is the biggest challenge to your business today?
1.  Finding Employees
2.  "Low-ball" competition
3.  Retaining quality employees
4.  Collecting Payment
5.  Finding Work

Thanks to everyone that participated in last months survey.

Boost to Your Credibility: Get Certified!!

If you want to get ahead in the irrigation business, get certified. It's a way to tell customers and peers that you know how to get the job done right.


IA's well-respected Select Certified program has set the bar for irrigation professionals since 1983. Today, the program includes seven different credentials that can help you take your career to the next level.


Increase Job Opportunities

Who gets the job? More and more projects require certified irrigation professionals. Whether you're bidding on new jobs, seeking new responsibilities or building new business, certification helps open doors to new opportunities.


Become an EPA Water Sense Partner

Certified irrigation contractors, landscape irrigation designers, and golf and landscape irrigation auditors qualify to become  EPA Water Sense partners.  


Demonstrate Your Commitment

Certified irrigation professionals are committed to managing water efficiently. Committed to keeping current with the latest techniques and technology. And committed to investing in themselves by upgrading their knowledge and skills.


Certification is more than just initials after your name. It takes experience and knowledge, time and money. But the rewards - personal and professional - are substantial.


  Find out how you can become a certified irrigation professional.


Irrigation Show in Austin, Texas November 6 - 7 

How to Add $400 to $600 to Every Job 
By identifying small drainage problems in homeowner's yard, you can increase your bottom line.

Looking for new ways to grow your business? There are obvious things such as invest in a website, contacting your existing database of customers or adding services such as lighting or drainage.

NDS helps contractors add drainage to their business mix by providing technical training, installation training, marketing materials and assistance in bidding. Most irrigation contractors already have the right tools and staff to add drainage jobs to their services. A small drainage job such as a catch basin could add close to $400 to the homeowner invoice. Research shows that 90% of contractor suggestions are accepted as work orders by homeowners - additionally, almost every home in America has some type of drainage problem that can be fixed easily with NDS drainage products.

Go to the special contractor website from NDS to sign up and receive a FREE starter package that includes training and marketing materials. Contact us about coordinating training for your team or additional marketing support.


New Rotary Nozzles from K-Rain
erica Experience the advantages of K-Rain's New Adjustable-Arc Rotary Nozzle - just one nozzle does it all!
  • Water savings: up to 30% more efficient than conventional sprays.  More heads per zone! 
  • Adjustable arc from 80 to 360 in a single nozzle:  only one unit to stock.    
  • Three models 

    RN100ADJ (8' to 15' radius)  Green  

    RN200ADJ (13' to 21' radius)  Blue  

    RN300ADJ (22' to 30' radius)   Red

  • Matched precipitation even after arc and radius adjustment.  Mix and match with traditional rotors.
Watch the new video with Erica Bauman from K-Rain Manufacturing

Multi-Stream, Fully Adjustable Rotary Nozzle by K-Rain
Multi-Stream, Fully Adjustable Rotary Nozzle by K-Rain


Quick-testing a Zone at the Irrigation Controller

With an electrical multimeter like the Armada Technologies Pro90: Disconnect the zone wire from the controller terminal, then measure the resistance from the wire to the controller 'Common' terminal. If it is between 20 and 60 ohms, the wire and the solenoid at the far end are probably good. Just above or below that and the solenoid may be bad; if the resistance is very high (open) the

re is a break in the connection along the field wire or at the valve box. A good solenoid checked in the valve box should read between 20 and 60 ohms.


Turn on the zone and verify that the voltage across the controller terminal and 'Common' terminal is around 24 volts. This means the controller hardware is OK. If there is no voltage there may be an open fuse.


With a Solenoid Tester like the Armada Technologies Pro48: Disconnect the zone wire from the controller terminal. Connect the red and black test leads between 'Common' and the zone wire, and with the side slide switch set to ACTIVATE, move the toggle switch at the top of the Pro48 from OFF to SOLENOID. If the wiring and solenoid are good you will get a GOOD green LED and the solenoid will operate (water may come on if there is pressure in the pipe!). If there is a SHORT or OPEN light, the solenoid should be retested in the valve box to determine if it is the wiring or the valve solenoid.


Turn on the zone, and with the Pro48 toggle set to OFF connect the red and black leads to the zone terminal and 'Common'. If the right voltage is present, the CLOCK 24 VAC light will come on. If not you have a controller problem.


Jim Carefoot - Armada Technologies

Irrigation Auditing

Irrigation auditors collect data, verify systems are working as designed and identify opportunities to improve water-use efficiency.

Whether evaluating agriculture, landscape or golf irrigation systems, effective irrigation auditors: 

  • Analyze water requirements and irrigation use in the context of each site's unique conditions.
  • Develop irrigation schedules based on water requirements, quality and availability.
  • Make maintenance recommendations to keep the irrigation system working reliably and cost effectively.
  • Estimate potential dollar and water savings from implementing innovative irrigation technologies, products and practices.

Enhance Your Expertise


Become a more effective irrigation auditor with resources from the Irrigation Association: 

Solar Sync
Purchase up to 50 MP rotators at 4.49 each with the purchase of any Hunter Solar Sync. Earn double points. 
Limit 50 nozzles p/invoice.
Promotion valid through August 31
Saddle-Up Points: 2

Buy any RN Rotary nozzle at 
regular price and receive a 78004   4" pressure regulated spray body for 
0.99 cents !!


Offer Expires: August 31st
Saddle-Up Points: 2