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Dripline vs. Overhead Irrigation
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Are You Using the Best Rotary Sprinkler Available? Upgrade to the Advanced Features of the SuperPro.
5" Pop-Up rotor has innovative "adjustable flow regulation"   


Now you can control sprinkler distance without distorting the spray pattern or creating uneven watering.

K-Rain's SuperPro incorporates a flow regulating valve that can be partially closed to reduce sprinkler distance by up to 75%.  

Plus the rotor includes other advanced features like the easiest to use arc adjustment, arc memory and non-strippable drive.  It offers the most features of any rotor on the market today.   Watch the video to see it in action.   Then ask to see one next time you're in our store.    

SuperPro Radius Adjustment Flow Control 
SuperPro Radius Adjustment Flow Control

Did you Know.........

Silver Creek Supply was established in 1972 in Picabo, Idaho and now has locations in Boise, Nampa, Hailey, Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole, WY.

Dripline vs. Overhead Irrigation:


(Return on Investment)


By Cari Snyder, District Sales Manager, Pacific Northwest, Netafim USA

Millions of miles of dripline have been installed in recent years on

sites as diverse as glitzy Las Vegas hotels, Little League ballparks

and upscale residential communities. 

While each project has its own compelling reasons for choosing dripline, end-users are curious about the efficiencies of dripline when compared to overhead sprinklers. This article will review dripline ROI (return on investment) and help you answer these questions:

Which system is more cost efficient to install in a subsurface application: dripline or traditional overhead sprinklers? And when will I see a return on my investment?


Which Subsurface System is More Cost Efficient to Install?

The quick answer is that it depends on the size of the area to be irrigated. When a site is 12-feet wide or smaller, it is more cost efficient to install dripline because less materials and labor are required. In fact, with long narrow runs, such as medians and side strips, dripline will always be less costly to install than overhead sprays or rotors.

However, once an area reaches 12- to 15-feet in width, the installation costs for dripline are nearly equivalent to the costs for an overhead system.

But here's the difference: Dripline customers (even on a small site) will see immediate returns on their investment (ROI). Reduced water bills, less system maintenance, elimination of hazardous overspray, and a more efficient use of resources all add up to immediate payback.


ROI: Future Payback, An Added Benefit on Large Sites

On large, multi-acre projects with specific site challenges, such as irrigating with reclaimed water or limitations of pumping equipment, dripline will be the best solution. Though a dripline installation will cost more than a traditional overhead system, there will be important added benefits in "future payback." And this translates to very significant dollars saved over time.


ROI: Lower Water Bills

From the first month, dripline end-users see ROI savings on their water bills. This is especially relevant on large turf fields or parks where thousands, if not millions, of gallons of water are put down every year by overhead sprinklers, with 35 to 65 percent wasted. In areas of the country with high water rates, the dripline payback adds up quickly, often saving up to 65 percent of water costs over traditional overheads.


ROI: Better Use of Available Resources

Dripline give facilities the opportunity to make better use of their resources. If a district relies on reclaimed water, for example, dripline is a practical solution because no matter how clean the reclaimed water may be, communities do not want it sprayed into the air around parks, playgrounds or sports fields.

Dripline also solves "water window" issues for recreational facilities that may have limited equipment, such as a single P.O.C. or pump that can only irrigate one field at a time. Dripline allows the end-user to irrigate 24/7 without affecting field use.


ROI: Event Scheduling

Even with multiple pumps, busy sports parks typically have to plan activities around overhead irrigation and maintenance schedules. When dripline is in the ground, however, events can be held anytime. In fact, dripline often runs while play is on the field, yet no one is aware of it. Colleges and public facilities can schedule more activities around-the-clock to fully maximize field use.


ROI: System Maintenance

Sprinkler repair and replacement (wear and tear, vandalism, mower and vehicle accidents) are major budget items for every sports facility and commercial center, in addition to the labor spent adjusting and replacing heads.

However, dripline's consistently lower maintenance costs add up to more "future payback." Because there are no exposed or moving parts, dripline maintenance is minimal. The only recommended service is a yearly filter cleaning and a spring system flushing.

     Additionally, a sports field with a properly-installed dripline system may not require aeration, even with constant use. The soil does not become hard and compacted as it does with overheads.


ROI: Reduced Hazards, Liabilities

Overspray can be a costly liability. Rotors and sprays throw water onto sidewalks and buildings, cars and residences, and can negatively impact the landscape with run-off and erosion problems. In time, overspray can also damage siding, stucco, roadways and wood fencing. Some communities in northern climates prohibit overspray on sidewalks in case there is an unexpected freeze.

Overspray is a major concern in Las Vegas where showplace hotels and casinos on The Strip rely on dripline to maintain their lush landscapes. Because Las Vegas is a 24-hour-a-day town, there is no "water window" for sprays or rotors to operate. Guests and walkways would be soaked whether it's 2 a.m. or 2 p.m.

The solution has been to install dripline throughout the properties so that irrigation can operate anytime, day or night, without affecting visitors.


Aesthetic ROI: Benefits to Plant Health

Water is never wasted with dripline; it works within the landscape, percolating down to the root zones. Studies have shown that nearly 90 percent of water applied through dripline is absorbed by plants. However,

35 to 65 percent of water applied with overheads is lost to overspray, evaporation and wind.

Shrubs, flower beds, trees and turf thrive with dripline. In fact, most new installations see accelerated growth with plants "filling in" and creating a more pleasing landscape in less time. And there will be fewer weeds.


Dripline vs Overheads: A Cost Comparison

An Arizona landscape maintenance firm recently completed a 12-month study that compared the maintenance costs of an overhead system with Netafim TechlineŽ subsurface dripline. The study included three apartment buildings with approximately the same amount and type of landscape. All properties were maintained in the same manner by the same company.

Over the course of 12 months, Complex A, with an overhead system, required $1,400.00 in maintenance costs for heads, risers and other components. Complex B, also with an overhead system, required $1,998.00 in maintenance expenses, while Complex C, with Netafim TechlineŽ, only required $60.00 in annual maintenance. This dramatic difference in costs (especially when extrapolated over a five-year period) demonstrates how the initial investment in Netafim dripline was easily re-couped.



Remember to Sell "the Extras"
Sell your customer on the whole package and increase your profits.

Next time you take your family out for dinner at one of those fancy steakhouses, bring extra cash.   
Most are using suggestive selling to sell add-ons to the basic steak like vegetables and even hollandaise sauce.  Of course, the "sides" are the most profitable part of the sale. 
Many contractors stop selling when they get the order for the steak.   They forget to follow through, and get the order for all the "trimmings" that add profit and increase customer satisfaction.     
These contractors are breaking one of the most important rules of marketing: sell as much as you can, as often as you can, to the customer you already know. 

Increased profitability comes with developing a menu of add-on items.  Popular add-on categories for a landscape contractor include lighting, ponds and water gardens, retaining walls, specimen plantings, seasonal color and more.   In developing your list of options, educate yourself about what new offerings are becoming popular in your area.    

Selling more to the same customer makes sense for your operations.  Your crew is already mobilized; you have your equipment on the site.   It's pretty easy to drop in some wire for landscape lights in the irrigation trench or dig an extra hole for a simple water feature.  Spending MORE time at a job site might actually benefit your bottom line. 
So develop your company's menu of options and increase your dollars on every job.  Then treat your employees to one of those fancy steak dinners with the extra profit!

Wire Locator, 2-Wire Meter & Multi-meter Promotion! 

Let Silver Creek Supply and Armada Technologies equip you with the tools and training you need to diagnose your faults.


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  • Pro93 AC Leakage Clamp Meter essential for 2-wire trouble-shooting
  • Pro90 Automatic Clamp Multimeter, auto sensing, auto ranging



ProPak2 $899.00 ($1005.00 value)

Includes training and one of each of the following:

  • Pro800 Wire and Valve Locator
  • Pro48K Tone & Probe with valve solenoid chatterer
  • Pro90 Automatic Clamp Multimeter, auto sensing, auto ranging

Both programs include technical and hands on training for your company on each of the products contained in the ProPak of your choice. Training will take place during the week of June 17 - 21 at each Silver Creek branch location in a Lunch-n-Learn format. Two individuals from each participating company are welcome to attend the training.


Promotion ends May 31 

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Contractor Tip: It Pays to Compare - Check Out Our Dripline Comparison Tool  

Click here for our Dripperline Comparison Resource on the Silver Creek web site.


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