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Prevent Pump Meltdowns with Smart Box from Munro
Protect expensive pumps and equipment from running dry

Munro smart box Run a centrifugal pump without water in the case and suffer the consequences. The pump overheats, causing damage, melted components and even fire. 
Now there's a solution that monitors the pump and keeps it from running when water is not present.
This clever device measures water pressure in the pump volute.  If the pump is energized and there is no pressure, there must be a problem!
The Munro SmartBOX monitors this pressure through the use of a pressure sensor located on the discharge side of a pump. At the beginning, or anytime during a zone cycle, if water is not available the pressure will drop within the pump and the pressure sensor will signal a time delay to begin counting. If pressure has not recovered over the timer cycle, the pump shuts down to save itself before damage occurs. The resetting of the pressure sensor is automatic. Since the sensor measures lack of pressure, as long as the pump is able to rebuild and maintain pressure, the pump will be allowed to run normally.


KwikConnect by Dawn Industries
  The labor dollar makes up the majority of current contractor costs when installing an irrigation system. This is one area that we as manufactures can help with the most. Through innovation, increased speed and productivity can mean the difference between a profitable day's work and just breaking even. After manyyears of development and 2 years commercial availability, the patented KwikConnect by Dawn Industries is the most secure and most profitable insert fitting made. Tested through tens of thousands of cycles, with its UV resistant PVC construction, and hydraulic ram grade O-rings, the KwikConnectfittings are profits made easy. Above ground, in a valve box and Ag line applications, these fitting are main line approved and exceed the pressure rating of the pipe being used. These fittings are designed for use on Ag pipe, 80, 100 and 160 lb pipe that is ASTM 2239 compliant. Simply push the KwikConnect to the molded in pipe stops. No clamps, no tools, no torch! The KwikConnect, patent number US 8328241 B1, is now available at all Silver Creek Supply locations.   



Are you Ready for Lead Free in 2014??


   January 4th 2014 the new Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act will be in effect. The law requires any valve, fitting, or fixture coming in contact with potable water (water that is for drinking or cooking) must have a weighted average lead content of less than .0.25%. The previous regulation defined the safe lead level as up to 8%.

   The question is how does this law affect the Irrigation and Turf markets concerning the lead free Law? The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act states the following shall not apply to, " backflow preventers, that are used exclusively for non-potable services such as manufacturing, industrial processing, irrigation, outdoor watering, or any other uses where the water is not anticipated to be used for human consumption (S.3874). With this said the local water purveyor (who is providing the water) will be able to enforce the lead free law on all components that are connected to their system. So there are some areas that may enforce on all components on the system and there may be some who will not enforce. The best way to ensure you are in compliance with the Lead Free Law contact your local water purveyor to ask them what the requirements will be enforced. If you are installing a backflow device or pressure regulator you will also be required to know the local code for the water purveyor. Please ensure you know what is being required in the different areas you conduct business because it may be different area to area.

    There are several issues that exist with any type of lead free product that will you be encountering. First, the lead in metal products was an excellent lubricant during the manufacturing of products. With less of the lead in the products all manufactures have had to reduce the speed during the manufacturing process. The result is a higher cost to the overall product which is from 5-40% depending on the product type. Second, lead is a great microscopic filler for metal products. The reduction of lead will increase the microscopic air bubbles in the products which in turn will produce a more brittle end product. We have seen an increase of ball valves splitting due to over-tightening fittings or nipples. Caution needs to be applied while installing any Backflow or Pressure Regulators to ensure the brass does not split. The lead free brass will also be more susceptible to winter damage so please follow the manufactures recommended procedure for winterizing backflows.

    Zurn Wilkins has begun the preparation for new Federal Lead Free Laws by converting products to the new lead free laws. We currently have most products available in a lead free and we will continue to have a leaded product available for areas which will not be enforcing the new regulations. Please visit us on at http://www.zurn.com/Pages/LeadFree.aspx to view other lead free information. Please contact Silvercreek with any questions you may have concerning the Lead Free Law.

Kevin Evans

Inman Interwest, Inc

Office- 303.421.7885

Fax- 877.690.6065

Website-  www.inmanwater.com 

Email- kevans@inmanwater.com 

Celebrating 20 Years of Watertight Solutions


Helpful Tips!!

Water Terms

Gallon of water = 8.34 pounds
Cubic foot of water = 62.4 pounds
Cubic foot of water = 7.48 gallons
Cubic foot of water = 1728 cubic inches
Acre foot of water = 325,900 gallons
Acre inch of water = 27,154 gallons
Miners Inches in Idaho= 9 gallon per minute as constant (24/7)flow (Local Irrigation Districts base about .5 MI per acre of irrigated land)
Gallons per hour = Gallon per minute x 60
Cubic feet per second (CFS) = 448 gpm
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+ Fertilizer

evergreen 18-5-0 Evergreen Minis with Barricade
+ 5% Iron

Fertilizer with Preemergent crabgrass control

sold in 50lb bags

28.59 per bag in Nampa & Boise

29.59 per bag in Hailey, Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Jackson Hole 


Saddle-up value 2 tickets
Offer Expires: April 30, 2013

With the purchase of 10,000 fabric roll
square feet of any combination of normally stocked landscape fabric.
Promotion good for fabric placed on a single invoice. 
Saddle up value 2 tickets  
Offer Expires: April 30, 2013