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Silver Creek University hits 100!!
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Silver Creek University 2013 Hailey
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As you're making your final preparations for spring, it's a great time to check in with Silver Creek on the latest products and ideas to make this a great season.  

See you soon!  

Silver Creek University hits 100!!

Over 100 students attended the wide variety of classes offered at our Silver Creek Universities at our Boise and Idaho Falls branches. We sincerely appreciate everyone that took the time to participate in our classes. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the tools needed to propel their business and our industry forward in a professional manner. We would also like to thank all of the instructors that helped teach the classes, some of whom traveled great distances to help support these events.


So thanks again to all of you that helped make these classes some of the best on record!!


The Silver Creek Supply Team



New Product Update 

  Here are some of the latest products that were featured in our "New Products" class at Silver Creek University. If you would like more information on any of the following products, please don't hesitate to contact any one of our six branches for assistance.

Antleco eZyvalve 4  

A fully assembled 4 solenoid valve manifold distribution system. Four " outlets self-contained in compact dust and water resistant valve box (4"H x 5"W x 7"L)!!! Up to 9gpm output p/zone at 45psi.   

Aquater Radio Activated Solenoid System

Connects to any controller. Wireless system operates up to 5 miles with pole mounted receivers, 2 miles with valve box lid receiver.. Replaces battery operated controllers. Available in 1, 2, or 4 station receivers.

Baseline 1000 Control System

Manages up to 100 zones. Supports 3 points of connection. Monitors and manages flow. Supports conventional or 2-wire systems. Can be operated with Base Manager.

Dawn KwikConnect

No clamps, no tools, no hassles! Cut labor costs, cut down on lost tools and cut out clamps. Approved for constant pressure poly mainlines. Couplers, Tees, Elbows, Endos, and Male Adapters. 

Dawn KwikPull

You have to see to believe!! Connect and pull-in 1"-2" poly in seconds. Go to HeavyDutyPipePuller YouTube video to see for yourself. 

FX Luminaire Luxor Lighting Controller

Up to 250 independent lighting groups with up to 250 Luminaires p/group. Programmable dimming schedules. Large LCD display able to show amps live use and percentages (dimmed). Easy addressing of fixtures at controller. 

Level Waters Electronic Auto-Fill

An electronic auto-fill the size of the average thumb drive!! Attaches easily inside any skimmer, vault or valve box. Can be used with any irrigation valve or it can be wired to the programmable XPS-1011 Level Water programmable controller. 

Mutual Material Steps and Bench Seats

Pre-cast 4 foot steps and bench seats make it easy to get the right heights in the field. Two color choices- Harvest and Charcoal. Slate texture. 

NDS Decorative Drain Grates
Dress up you drainage installs by adding a touch of class using the new decorative drain grates. They come in Botanical and Wave patterns and fit the 12 x 12 basin, or the Mini and Spee-D Channel Drains. Multiple colors to choose from. Very small impact on total drainage inflow area. 

Pavingstone Pre-Cast Sandstone Wall

Textured to replicate the rough and chiseled look of natural sandstone. Five different size blocks keep the pattern natural looking. Three color shades. No Chiseling!!...Reduce labor costs and increase production!!! A "must see"!!

Philmac Transition Couplings

One transition coupling does it all... transitions from PVC to Poly, Copper to ABS, PEX to HDPE or any combination of the above...And do it all "lead-free".

Rain Bird ESPme 22 station controller

This controller will be replacing the ESP4 series by the end of June 2013. Three or 6 station modules can be added to the 4 station base to build up to 22 stations. Larger LCD screen. Four programs, 6 start times. Short detection. Adjustable delay between stations.

Tree Stabalizer Kit

Secure you trees with a virtually invisible stabilizing system that reduces labor and liability and cleans up the appearance of any professional install. The kit includes; straps, stabilizing stakes and fertilizer tabs. No wires to trip on, no stakes to trim or mow around!   

Silver Creek University 2013
Hailey Branch

Get the knowledge you need to GROW your business

9:30am - 12:00pm Sawtooth Landscape & Irrigation Sales
1:00pm - 4:00pm K-Rain Manufacturing

9:00am - 12:00pm Advanced Irrigation Design for Water Conservation
1:00pm - 4:00pm Hunter Industries Product Overview

8:30am - 12:00pm Baseline Control Systems
1:00pm - 2:00pm Baseline Control Systems cont.

Classes will be held in the training room at the Hailey branch of Silver Creek Supply
910 4th Ave. S, Hailey, Idaho 83333

Call Travis Mcbride for any questions 208-420-7536
click here for more details on the classes
Baseline Training
"Hands-on" Programming, Addressing, Remote Accessing, and Assigning to Moisture Sensors.
Space limited to the first 15 persons to register.
Contact Buddy Boyd to register:  208-631-6695





March, 27th Wednesday
11:30am - 12:00pm Lunch
12:00pm - 1:30pm Training
Baseline Facility
10259 W Emerald St.
Boise,  208.323.1634



Pre-Emergent Weed Control in Turf and Landscape

Spring is the time whent urf and landscape pre-emergent applications are performed.  


By applying a pre-emergent herbicide into lawns, landscape beds, or bare ground areas you prevent many unsightly weeds from germinating and virtually eliminate many long, labor intensive hours of spraying or digging weeds after they've established.


In turf, we apply pre-emergent herbicides to control crabgrass. Barricade and Dimension are the two industry standards for crabgrass pre-emergent control. Both products at highest labeled rates will give anywhere from 4-6 months of control, depending on certain conditions. Crabgrass germinates when soil temperatures have reached 60 degrees for a straight week at a 2" depth. With this in mind, one must monitor temperatures to get their pre-emergents in place before the 60 degree mark is reached. Here in Southern Idaho, that time could be anywhere from late March through early May, depending on the year. Dimension also has the ability to kill already germinated crabgrass up to the two leaf stage. So if the window has been missed to apply a product before the 60 degree mark, one could still apply Dimension and kill off any existing immature crabgrass and prevent any other crabgrass seeds from germinating. Both products also control a number of other broadleaf and grassy weeds as well. Both Barricade and Dimension come in both sprayable and granular forms, the granular Barricade being a Fertilizer + Barricade.


In landscape beds, weed invasion is a major problem that homeowners and landscape maintenance crews have to deal with throughout the year. Once again, pre-emergent herbicides can help to eliminate many hours spent weeding or spot spraying these beds to kill off existing weeds. Weeds are considerably more prominent in bedding areas than in turf due to the lack of competition and also higher surface temperatures due to direct exposure from sunlight. Usually in landscape beds, two pre-emergent applications, once in March-April and again in Sept-Oct., will give control throughout the entire year. There are a number of different granular and sprayable products to choose from depending on the application. Maturity of the landscape beds, types of plant materials, existing weed fabric, types of covering (rock, bark, mulch), surrounding turf, are all things to consider when determining what products to use in these beds. Some different granular products labeled for landscape beds are: Barricade, Dimension, Snapshot, Freehand, Treflan and Casoron. Some different sprayable products include: Barricade, Dimension, Gallery, Sureguard, Surflan, and Pendimethalin. All pre-emergent products will need to be watered in within a few weeks either by rain or sprinkler irrigation to form its barrier. As with any chemical, always read the label to determine specific rates, concerns with existing vegetation, and general safety precautions and consult with a licensed dealer on any other questions or concerns.


Costs of pre-emergents are definitely a concern when it comes to bidding jobs in today's tough economy. Some people consider these applications as easy ones to eliminate when cutting costs. It doesn't take a long time to regret a decision like this. It has been proven time and time, again, that pre-emergent herbicides will save money in both labor and materials over a year's time. Check with your local sales representative to determine what product might work best in your situation this year.



Pat Sherer

Simplot Partners - Caldwell, ID


Silver Creek "Saddle Up" Program

Let Silver Creek Supply send you and a Guest to Austin Texas!!!
Silver Creek is launching our eight-month "Saddle-Up" promotion 
beginning in February and ending September 30th.  The Grand Prize is a trip for two to the Irrigation Association Conference and Show in Austin, TX this November!!! Trip includes; Round-trip airfare, Two nights lodging, Two passes into the IA Show, and $250.00 in spending money.Each time you participate in any Silver Creek sponsored function between February 1 and September 30, you will be entered into the drawing for the grand prize.


We will also have monthly prize drawings....so keep your eyes on the newsletter for ticket earning opportunities.


Ticket Earning Values


10- Tickets- Grow your Feb-Sept 2013 purchases 10% over your Feb-Sept 2012 purchases.


3- Tickets- Attend any Silver Creek training opportunity. (Silver Creek University, Lunch-n-Learns)


2- Tickets- Participate in any monthly product promotion.

Tickets- Attend any Silver Creek Customer function (Demo      Day, Product Fair)

1- Ticket- Each monthyou open the Silver Creek Newsletter

* This month's prize package : 5- piece tool set valued @ over $130.00, 36" Landscape Rake, 4" trenching shovel, #2 shovel, post hole digger, 24" poly leaf rake. 

Hanes Geo Components is a nationwide supplier of high quality Landscaping Fabrics, Geotextiles, and Erosion Control Products. With over 100 years in the fabric and textile industry Hanes has the products that are right for your project. Hanes is currently supplying Silver Creek Supply with Pro-Platinum Plus (Caped Woven) and Pro Silver Plus Spun (Flatbond 20 year fabric).


Pro Platinum Plus is a 4.8 oz 20 year black woven caped product with lines every 12". This product is truly the workhorse of the landscaping industry and excels in long- term applications of plantings, mulch, and general landscaping. This is the preferred product of DOT's and agencies a like. Flow Rate: 12 gal p/sq.ft.


Pro Silver Plus is a 3 oz 20 year poly-spun fabric. This product excels in landscaping applications where adequate cover is applied. Many landscape professionals choose to use this product in paver type applications. Flow Rate: 114 gal p/sq.ft.  


Please feel free to contact Silver Creek Supply for samples or any additional information.


Shovel In
The Savings!!
Get ready for spring with deep discounts on a wide selection of Midwest and Structron tools. 

5% Off any order up to $100

10% Off any  order between $100 and $500

15% Off order
s over $500

Saddle-up value 2 tickets
Offer Expires: March 31, 2013
+ Fertilizer
18-5-0 Evergreen Minis with Barricade
+ 5% Iron

Fertilizer with Preemergent crabgrass control

sold in 50lb bags 

28.59 per bag in Nampa & Boise

29.59 per bag in Hailey, Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Jackson Hole  


Saddle-up value 2 tickets
Offer Expires: April 30, 2013

With the purchase of 10,000 square feet of any combination of normally stocked landscape fabric. Promotion good for fabric placed on a single invoice.

Saddle up value 2 tickets  
Offer Expires: April 30, 2013