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5 Marketing Things to Fix for in 2013
Why Backflow Prevention is Essential
Innovative Narrow Trench Drainage Solution
Snow Shovels from Midwest Rake
Building Trust & Rapport with New Clients
Mark Your Calendar for January Shows
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As we find ourselves in the midst of this Holiday Season, all of us here at Silver Creek Supply are once again overwhelmed with gratefulness to each of you for your friendship and support. We are humbled that you have allowed us the opportunity to serve you again this year.


In these days of smart irrigation controllers, smart cars, and smart phones it seems that the smarter they get the dumber that I feel. We live in a world of rapidly advancing technology. In this whirlwind of gadgets and gizmos, I believe that the basic needs for Peace and Good-will haven't changed much since that night, so long ago, when the Angels declared "Glory to God in the Highest!", "Peace on Earth"! "Good-Will to Men"!


All of us here at Silver Creek Supply hope that during this season, Peace and Good-will do find there way into your Holiday Celebrations like never before! And may it carry over throughout the New Year!  


Thank you all for being a part of our success in 2012 and we look forward to working with you to make it a GREAT 2013!


From our homes to yours,

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!



December / Holiday Store Hours
As we get ready to enjoy the holiday season, please take note of our December schedule:   We're open Monday-Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm.

We will be closed December 24, 25 and 31, and on January 1, 2013.


Looking for Extra Year-End Profits?  Download our Wholesale Holiday Decorating Price Guide Here.
5 Marketing Things to Fix for a More Successful 2013

5 things
1) Maximize referrals. If you're like most contractors, you rely on referrals from satisfied customers to drive your business growth. Before the season starts, put in place a plan to actively seek and grow the number of referrals you have coming into your business. Develop letters to send to current clients and have a plan in place to thank clients for referrals you receive.


2) Get more eyeballs on your website. The fastest way to accelerate leads from your website is with a Google AdWords campaign. This can quickly catapult your company to the top of the search results for the search phrases that you select.   Of course, you pay for this service, so you'll want to do research on the most productive keyword phrases and learn the proper ways to configure your AdWords account.  


3) Enhance your website.   Make sure the pictures, descriptions and other information on your website reflect the quality, breadth and experience of your company.   Make sure you're easy to contact.   Be sure there's a clear path for potential customers to easily request more information or to schedule an estimate.


4) Upgrade your presentation package. Polish the leave-behind kit you give potential clients with new photos, consumer-friendly information and a full review of your company's expertise and credentials. Decide how to make your company stand out as the best choice while eliminating confusing jargon.

5) Review your pricing strategy.   Consider offering more options for customers that want choices, including special upgrades. Offer discounts to customers who purchase bundles of services or who commit to long-term service agreements.   Implement ways to turn one-time sales into annuities.


Why Backflow Prevention is Essential

5 things
Safe drinking water can only be assured when the water flows from the public water distribution system to the end user's potable water system.

Fresh water should only flow one way. It isn't supposed to turn around and travel back to the public water distribution system.

Backflow is the unwanted reverse flow of any substance from an end user's potable water system back into the public water distribution system. In order for backflow to occur, some form of cross-connection must be present. A cross-connection refers to "any unprotected ACTUAL or POTENTIAL connection between a potable water system and any other source through which a substance, other than potable water, may be introduced".

Cross connections can allow pollutants or contaminants to flow back into the public water supply, thereby polluting or contaminating the public water supply.

There are many cases where backflow conditions have occurred that have resulted in severe illness or death. This is why all national plumbing codes and regulations require the installation of approved backflow prevention assemblies and devices. We stock a complete line of backflow devices from Wilkins.


Innovative AdvanEdge Drainage Pipe Installs Easily in Narrow Trench
An easier way to install high-volume drainage


Panel-shaped AdvanEDGE HDPE pipe offers quick drainage response.  Uses include golf courses, athletic fields, airport runways, and perimeter "curtain" drainage.  


AdvanEDGE pipe is offered in 12" and 18" heights and in coils up to 400 ft.   Its strength is derived from a corrugated cylinder maintained by pillars located strategically throughout the core. The result is a series of oval-shaped sections with all-direction strength. This completely enclosed waterway with fewer projections allows AdvanEDGE to function as a pipe, discharging more water to the outlet.

The slim-line profile of AdvanEDGE pipe allows for installation in a narrow trench, easily dug with high-speed trenching equipment. Combined with the geotextile wrap, it requires no gravel or select backfill, and can be installed directly against a wall or structural member. The innovative coupling system provides secure connections that can withstand installation stress.


Ask us for more information on this innovative product!

Snow Shovels from Midwest Rake
Be prepared for old man winter!


snow Be prepared for winter jobs with a complete line of winter products from Silver Creek Supply.

Once again this year, we are stocking snow shovels, ice melter, and more.  

Grab great pre-season pricing on our most popular snow shovels from Midwest Rake.   


Midwest 24" Poly Snow Pusher only $24.99 each. 

Building Trust and Rapport with New Clients
How can you make the right impression during estimates?

rapport Stand out from the crowd with potential clients by developing credibility and trust in your initial sales call.

Most people won't even consider your product or service solution until they feel confident in you. Strong personal relationships often overcome higher prices or skeptical buyers.

Research has found that four major factors influence the credibility of you and your company:
  • Personal presence: grooming, uniform, voice, personality.
  • Conduct: professionalism, preparation, listening, asking good questions, manners, not over-selling, ethics.
  • Credentials: certifications, track-record, education.
  • Knowledge: technical skills and industry acumen.

Make sure that your sales presence includes a careful review of all 4 areas. Taking the time to proactively sell your credibility will put you steps ahead of your competitors.

Mark Your Calendar for January Shows   

save date Idaho Irrigation Equipment Association Show
January 9-10, 2013
Nampa Civic Center


Idaho Nursery & Landscape Association Horticultural Expo 
January 23-25, 2013 
Boise Centre on the Grove
Visit www.inlagrow.org for more information


Decorating Supplies

holiday Silver Creek has all of your Holiday Lighting needs covered.  


Your customers and potential new customers will realize they do not have the time to decorate for the season and will be calling.  This is a great way to get those "extra" jobs before the end of the year!


Click here to download a PDF 
Silver Creek Supply Holiday Decorating Products List 2012


This list includes your wholesale pricing, reduced  

30% - 50% off on in-stock items.   


Put extra profit in your pocket!


Stop by Silver Creek Supply to Stock up on Professional Grade  Winter Supplies

  deep thaw  
Deep Thaw Ice Melt 50lb. bag
$7.99 per bag
Ask us for pallet quantity discounts 

Proven performer. Melts to -27 degrees.

pusher Midwest 24" Poly Snow Pusher

$24.99 each