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Preparing your Pond and Its Inhabitants for Winter
Change the Way You Install Drainage!
Do You Follow Up Fast Enough?
Proven Drainage Products
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With the official start of fall, there's a whole new menu of landscape needs.   We're stocked and ready to help with your irrigation, drainage, landscape lighting and other projects.

October is traditionally the busiest month for landscape lighting sales. Consumers really get interested in lighting as days get shorter. Their interest accelerates once daylight savings time takes effect.   Start marketing lighting today to capture additional business.  Ask us for ideas on how to prosper during the fall season.   Be sure to attend one of our upcoming lighting seminars for ideas and inspiration.

See you soon!

Preparing your Pond and Its Inhabitants for Winter  
Recommended seasonal maintenance for fall and winter 

Can it possibly be fall already? Summer goes by too quickly and now it's time to think about getting ready for a change of seasons for water gardens.    

Less algae. In the fall, water is almost always very clear because of the cooler temperatures.

Manage falling leaves. This is one time of year when a pond may require daily maintenance. If you have a skimmer, you'll probably have to empty the debris net every day to keep up with the influx of leaves. Some of the leaves will undoubtedly sink to the bottom.  Consider installing leaf netting over your client's ponds to reduce maintenance.

Avoid debris build-up.  An abundance of dead leaves, flowers and other plant debris left in your pond can quickly decompose, resulting in toxins, which foul the water, and can be very harmful to your fish.

Generously feed the fish.   They need plenty of food now so they can store excess nutrients to help get them through the winter months. Now, this is not a license to overfeed your fish. The usual rule still applies ... only feed them what they can eat in five minutes. Just make sure you're feeding them.

Help fish survive.  Fish will do just fine in two feet of water as long as you keep a hole in the ice to allow for gas exchange and re-circulate the water for oxygenation. Any debris left in the pond will continue to decompose and produce gases that can be harmful to fish.    


Click here to read Aquascape's tips for ponds in fall and winter.   



Eliminate Gravel!  EZFlow Changes the Way You Install Drainage!

Eliminate back breaking labor, increase profits  

ezflow The revolutionary EZflow eliminates the need for heavy gravel in a multitude of applications. 

French drains, retaining walls and foundation drainage are all areas that typically require a combination of pipe, gravel and trench.

Each EZflow section contains a 10 foot-long plastic corrugated pipe surrounded by EZflow Poly Rock aggregate structurally engineered to have an increased void space. Pipe and aggregate are enclosed in a strong and durable mesh material.

EZflow™has been in the ground in septic applications for nearly 20 years and NDS has quantitative data from contractors that backs up the labor savings of over 50% per job.

Special Offer for First Time Buyers:  Get 50 feet free with purchase.  Contact your Silver Creek sales representative for more information.   


Do You Follow Up Fast Enough?
Don't neglect opportunities that are available to you   


followup Every sales lead you receive comes at a cost.   You spend a lot of time and dollars to generate new business. So why are you neglecting to follow up?

In today's climate, you would think that companies would be jumping on every opportunity. But many lack the systems and the motivation to turn inquiries into dollars.

Understand quality leads have a short shelf life. Customers are picking up the phone or clicking on your web site because they want something now.  People's priorities shift from day to day based on what life brings. What seemed to be a distant need is now "today".   Procrastinating on follow up simply gives your competition a chance to get ahead of you in the sales race.

Recognize opportunity appropriately. Sometimes leads don't come in the form of a voice message or web site form. Often they're more subtle. For example, a customer might say "I'd really be interested in landscape lighting like you did for Mrs. Searcy."   Sounds like opportunity, right? Dig deeper. Show interest. Then follow-through!

Follow a process. Many CRM (customer relationship management) software tools deliver their biggest benefit by pestering you to follow-through on leads.   If you're not using software, set up a simple system to turn warm clients into buyers.   

Find ways to re-engage with customers that you haven't talked with in awhile.   They're often very glad to hear from you because they've been "meaning to call you" all along.

Use a calendar to remind yourself to stay in touch. And make use of new tools like e-mail marketing to make sure they stay up to date on your offering. Remember it's not a "no" until they say so.

Proven Drainage Products from Hancor
Contact us for all of your landscape drainage needs.

followup N-12 drainage pipe from Hancor is the world standard for corrugated polyethylene drainage pipe.

Introduced in 1987, N-12 dual wall pipe with its smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior wall, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength.

Built using application specific high-density polyethylene, N-12 corrugated pipe also provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance making it an excellent alternative to reinforced concrete and corrugated metal pipe. These properties have led to the increasing approval and acceptance of N-12 drainage pipe in storm water applications across the country. 

Mark Your Calendar: Sollos Landscape Lighting Lunch-N-Learn

sollosJoin us for a very special lunch-and-learn training event where you'll learn to design, install and make money with Sollos LED lighting technology.

Our course includes an overview of lighting techniques, product selection and installation methods.

Each event is from 11:30AM - 1:00PM with lunch provided.
October 8th, Monday, Jackson Branch
October 9th, Tuesday, Idaho Falls Branch
October 10th, Wednesday, Hailey Branch 
October 11th, Thursday, Boise Branch

All attendees will have access to special discounts on lighting products! 


Hunter Steelhead Fishing Trip 

Congratulations to Pat Hurley of Green City Landscape, winner of the the 5th and final spot on the Hunter steelhead fishing trip on October 25th.

Watch this newsletter for details on upcoming promotional opportunities! 

Fall & Winter Supplies
Stop by Silver Creek Supply for Fall and Winter Supplies

fall products 

Falling leaves bring opportunities to sell "fall cleanup" services.


Get your crews ready to be productive with leaf removal, pruning and other fall tasks with a complete line of supplies from Silver Creek Supply.


We have leaf rakes, pruning tools and other supplies that can help you get the job done right.   Shop the displays at your Silver Creek location and grab some great deals.


Now is also a great time to plan your orders for winter products like ice melt, shovels and more.   Ask us for details.