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Upgrade to the Latest Rotary Sprinkler Technology
Kasco Aerating Fountains
Save 40-50% Over Halogen with Kichler LED
Holiday Decorating Webinar
Get Certified!
Hunter Takes Golf Rotors to Next Level
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There's plenty of summer left!  

While we're past Labor Day and the kids are back in school, there are still many customers ready to start new projects in the months ahead.   Don't slow down in your efforts to reach out to your customers about their landscape needs.

Count on us for a complete range of supplies and practical advice to help you get jobs done right.    Let us know how we can help you be more successful.   Don't miss our money-saving coupon below.

September is also a great time to start your marketing efforts for fall products like landscape lighting and holiday decor.   Ask us for ideas on how to extend your season easily and profitably.

Thanks for being our customer.

Upgrade to the Latest Rotary Sprinkler Technology with SuperPro 
5" Pop-Up rotor has innovative "adjustable flow regulation" 

Now you can control sprinkler distance without distorting the spray pattern or creating uneven watering.

K-Rain's SuperPro incorporates a flow regulating valve that can be partially closed to reduce sprinkler distance by up to 75%.  

Plus the rotor includes other advanced features like the easiest to use arc adjustment, arc memory and non-stripable drive. 
It offers the most features of any rotor on the market today.   Ask to see one next time you're in our store.


SuperPro Radius Adjustment Flow Control
SuperPro Radius Adjustment Flow Control



2 Problems, 1 Solution: Kasco Aerating Fountains


Ever feel like a Pond Superhero?  Well, now you can.   


Solve two common pond problems with one easy to use, effective product: Kasco's Aerating Fountains (VFX Series).   


algae Water quality problems run the gambit from foul odors to fish health to the pond being an eye-sore.  Aeration can successfully provide the oxygen and water circulation these ponds desperately need to remedy these problems.  Proper oxygen levels can reduce or eliminate foul odors, improve fish health and growth, and clean up an unsightly pond.   


fixed The added advantage when using a Kasco Aerating Fountain is you get the aeration benefits along with a beautiful, classic "V" shape display pattern that will accent and beautify any pond setting.


Available in through 5HP sizes in 120 or 240V single phase or 230V 3 phase, these aerating fountains will improve your customers pond below and above the water surface.  These units are simple to assemble and install, so your customers can have their new aerating fountain up and running the same day it is delivered.  Drop shipping coupled with Kasco's lead time of 1 day allows you to order most products today and have them tomorrow. 


Call us today and get ready to wow your customers for years to come.   


Kichler Design Pro LED Offers Proven Total Savings of 40-50% Over Halogen

It's no secret that LED landscape lighting offers high energy efficiency: 

  • Create maximum impact on the landscape with a minimum effect on the environment
  • 75% less energy consumption than traditional
    incandescent/halogen fixtures
  • Long-term cost savings and superior long-life light source (40,000 hours)
Did you know the average residential LED installation can save the owner 40-50% of the total cost of a comparable halogen system when you factor in the savings in both energy and lamp replacements?    

cost compare
Holiday Decorating Supplies & FREE Webinar from Silver Creek Supply
We offer the supplies and know-how to add this profitable service

Turn downtime into profitable time by offering holiday decorating services to your clients. 

You need to only do a handful of holiday decor installations to make a substantial addition to your bottom line.   Download our 2012 Holiday Decor Catalog.

FREE Webinar on Holiday Decorating Design & Estimating Software

Take your designs to the next level by using Seasonal Source's innovative and simple Design Software.  This software was designed for you- take a picture of a  building, open it in the software, scale/measure, apply lights and affects and save/print your design for your customer!  It even totals the price of materials for visually pleasing estimates that will shine as bright as the finished job. 

Learn how to use the design software by joining a free webinar.  8 sessions to choose from: Sept 18, 25 and Oct 2nd.  Register today!   

An Instant Boost to Your Credibility: Getting Certified

select certified

If you want to get ahead in the irrigation business, get certified. It's a way to tell customers and peers that you know how to get the job done right.


Add Instant Credibility

IA's well-respected Select Certified program has set the bar for irrigation professionals since 1983. Today, the program includes seven different credentials that can help you take your career to the next level.


Increase Job Opportunities

Who gets the job? More and more projects require certified irrigation professionals. Whether you're bidding on new jobs, seeking new responsibilities or building new business, certification helps open doors to new opportunities.


Become an EPA Water Sense Partner

Certified irrigation contractors, landscape irrigation designers, and golf and landscape irrigation auditors qualify to become  EPA WaterSense partners.  


Demonstrate Your Commitment

Certified irrigation professionals are committed to managing water efficiently. Committed to keeping current with the latest techniques and technology. And committed to investing in themselves by upgrading their knowledge and skills.


Certification is more than just initials after your name. It takes experience and knowledge, time and money. But the rewards - personal and professional - are substantial.


Find out how you can become a certified irrigation professional.

Hunter Takes Golf Rotors to the Next Level with "Total Top Service"

ttsHunter innovation starts at the top with their TTS Golf Rotors.

TTS eliminates scarring from servicing and keeps the course looking its best.

Every serviceable component can be accessed through the top, no digging necessary.

The only golf rotor made in USA.   Contact Silver Creek Supply for more information on this rotor and other Hunter Golf product.


Watch the video to learn more!


TTS Rotors - See Step-by-Step Servicing 
TTS Rotors - See Step-by-Step Servicing

Hunter Steelhead Promo
Pro-Spray 4" Body Deal - $49/case of 50

ProSpray Purchase a case (50) of the 4" Pro-Spray body from Hunter and receive an entry into the drawing for one of 2 remaining spots on a guided steelhead trip this Fall on the Salmon River!

Congratulations to Hans Ellis of Blue Ribbon Landscape & Maintenance, August's steelhead trip winner!     
Offer open to all contractors with a valid 2012 contracting license.

Offer expires September 30, 2012.  Ask us for full details.