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Add $400-$600 To Every Job
New Rotary Nozzles from K-Rain
Perplexed by Pond Algae?
Avoid the Mid-Year Sales Slump
Lunch & Learn Events in August
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Wow, it's hot out there!    August brings more hot weather and opportunities to help your customers with many different outdoor projects.

Let Silver Creek Supply help you reduce hassles with our value-added services: 

  • Direct to job-site delivery.
  • Call-ahead so products are ready when you arrive.
  • Complimentary technical support from trained experts at our counters or by phone.
  • One stop shopping for all of your project needs.
Let us make it easy for you!  

How to Add $400 to $600 to Every Job 
By identifying small drainage problems in homeowner's yard, you can add $400 or more to your work order

Looking for new ways to grow your business? There are obvious things such as invest in a website, contacting your existing database of customers or adding services such as lighting or drainage.

NDS helps contractors add drainage to their business mix by providing technical training, installation training, marketing materials and assistance in bidding. Most irrigation contractors already have the right tools and staff to add drainage jobs to their services. A small drainage job such as a catch basin could add close to $400 to the homeowner invoice. Research shows that 90% of contractor suggestions are accepted as work orders by homeowners - additionally, almost every home in America has some type of drainage problem that can be fixed easily with NDS drainage products.

Go to the special contractor website from NDS to sign up and receive a FREE starter package that includes training and marketing materials. Contact us about coordinating training for your team or additional marketing support.


New Rotary Nozzles from K-Rain
erica Experience the advantages of K-Rain's New Adjustable-Arc Rotary Nozzle - just one nozzle does it all!
  • Water savings: up to 30% more efficient than conventional sprays.  More heads per zone! 
  • Adjustable arc from 80 to 360 in a single nozzle:  only one unit to stock.    
  • Three models 

    RN100ADJ (8' to 15' radius)  Green  

    RN200ADJ (13' to 21' radius)  Blue  

    RN300ADJ (22' to 30' radius)   Red

  • Matched precipitation even after arc and radius adjustment.  Mix and match with traditional rotors.
Watch the new video with Erica Bauman from K-Rain Manufacturing

Multi-Stream, Fully Adjustable Rotary Nozzle 
Multi-Stream, Fully Adjustable Rotary Nozzle


Perplexed by Pond Algae?
Get ahead of algae blooms with aeration + beneficial bacteria

By now algae is in full swing in your customers' ponds.   


Water temperatures warm and the spring winds will start to calm, creating the perfect environment for major algae blooms and green ponds.  Fight back this year with the natural approach of  Aeration and Macro-Zyme bacteria.  Both are effective tools for a healthy, well managed pond and work better together.


Aeration provides the needed oxygen for the natural breakdown of organics and nutrients in ponds.  It also provides excellent water movement to prevent the stagnant areas surface plants thrive in.  Macro-Zyme will rapidly increase the decomposition of those organics and help rid ponds of the nutrients algae and aquatic plants use to grow.  Used together, you can naturally and successfully keep ponds cleaner, healthier, and looking their best this summer and beyond. 

Contact us today to learn how  Kasco products will save you time, money and headaches associated with a poorly managed pond. 

Avoid the Mid-Year Sales Slump
Ideas to capture customers all season long

yawn By the time August rolls around, the busy season is over for some companies. Many consumers have completed their spring "to do" lists and have turned their thoughts to other types of summertime activities.


While you might be tempted to take a breather after a couple of busy months, now's the time to move your marketing into overdrive.   Here are a few ideas of ways to connect with potential customers: 


Engaging events: Whether it is pancake breakfasts, BBQ cookouts or golf outings, there's no better way to reconnect with your customers than a face-to-face event.   Have a little fun and introduce your best customers (and their employees or friends) to your latest new services.  


Give them a taste: Find ways for customers to experience what you offer when they can use it most.   For example, identify current customers who would benefit from a demonstration installation of landscape lighting.  


Clever promotions: Customers who are on-the-fence need strong incentives. Be aggressive and attention-getting with your summer promotions.  Offer insider deals to your e-newsletter subscribers or Facebook fans.  


Leverage trends:   Smart irrigation and water conservation are a hot topic.  Introduce intelligent new irrigation products and practices.  Customers' water bills are growing, help them save green by being green.


August Events at Silver Creek Supply      

outdoor demo Don't miss our great lunch and learn events

K-Rain RN Rotary Nozzle
Demo Day
8/13  11am - 2pm Hailey Branch (lunch available)
8/14  11am - 2pm Boise Branch (lunch available)


Hunter Product Demo Day
8/28  11am - 2pm Pocatello Branch (lunch available)
8/29  11am - 2pm Jackson Branch (lunch available)

Rotary Nozzles Bonus
Buy 2 Bags, Get One FREE

Experience the all-in-one convenience of K-Rain's Rotary Adjustable Nozzle.

Three nozzles available:  RN1000 10', RN2000 20', RN3000 30'

Purchase any two bags of ten and receive the 3rd bag FREE!!      (see the article above for product information)  
Offer valid only August 13-17, 2012
Hunter Steelhead Promo
PGP Ultra Deal

PGP Ultra Purchase a case (20) of the 4" PGP ULTRA for $159.00 and receive a ticket into the drawing for one of 5 spots on a guided steelhead trip this Fall on the Salmon River!

This head is an ADJ and 360 in one!! 
Offer open to all contractors with a valid 2012 contracting license.

Congratulations to Bill Long with Superior Sprinkler, June's steelhead trip winner!
Offer expires August 31, 2012.  Ask us for full details.