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Robust Aire Diffused Aeration for Ponds
Easier Way to Install French Drains
FREE Electrical Troubleshooting Guide
Irrigation Water Audits
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sim July is national Smart Irrigation Month.     


You can grow your business and increase customer satisfaction by promoting the latest smart irrigation products and practices to reduce water waste and lower water bills.


Now is a great time to retrofit existing systems with high-efficiency nozzles, convert planting beds to drip irrigation and implement the latest smart controllers and sensors.   There are many simple changes you can make to aging irrigation systems that can make them more water efficient.


Join hundreds of other professionals who are using Smart Irrigation Month to grow their sales. Ask us for ideas and details.


Robust Aire Diffused Aeration for Ponds 
Effective, invisible management of large ponds and lakes

Diffused aeration is an effective method of aeration for ponds with depths greater than 8 feet. By using compressed air injected directly into the bottom of pond, a continuous flow of water is moved upward and thousands of gallons of water are mixed with little expended energy.

A Robust-Aire™energy efficient compressor injects air to the bottom of your pond. The diffuser breaks up the air into micro bubbles which rise to the surface. The rising of the air bubbles creates current which transfers low-oxygen water to the surface, allows it to contact the atmosphere, and breathe. Temperature layers are disrupted and fish are able to inhabit the entire water column. Oxygen levels increase and harmful gases in the pond water are expelled.

There is no disruption of the serenity of your pond setting, just the assurance that it is getting the oxygen that it needs.   Ask us about our complete line of pond water quality solutions from Kasco Marine.


Kasco Robust-Aire Diffuser Overview
Kasco Robust-Aire 



Eliminate Gravel!  New EZFlow Changes The Way Trench Drains Are Installed
Eliminate back breaking labor, increase profits

The revolutionary EZflow eliminates the need for heavy gravel in a multitude of applications. 

French drains, retaining walls and foundation drainage are all areas that typically require a combination of pipe, gravel and trench.

Each EZflow section contains a 10 foot-long plastic corrugated pipe surrounded by EZflow Poly Rock aggregate structurally engineered to have an increased void space. Pipe and aggregate are enclosed in a strong and durable mesh material.

EZflow™has been in the ground in septic applications for nearly 20 years and NDS has quantitative data from contractors that backs up the labor savings of over 50% per job.

First time buyers: When you purchase NDS EZFlow, you'll get 50% of it FREE. Speak to your Silver Creek rep for details.  Download 50% off PDF flyer.


FREE Electrical Troubleshooting Guide from Regency Wire & Cable
Download copies of our free problem-solver guide

Even with the most advanced irrigation installations, there will be times where controllers, system wiring or valves can fail to operate, causing water not to flow to the sprinkler heads. 

Thanks to Regency Wire, we're offering a free PDF article that covers the steps to troubleshooting common electrical problems in irrigation systems.

Click the link to read the article.  Print a copy to carry with you! 

PDF Article - Irrigation Troubleshooting Simplified 

Irrigation Water Audits Identify Upgrades for Lower Water Bills
Don't ignore this business opportunity

auditAs property owners and managers look for ways to cut back on monthly expenses, many are looking for ways to save on their irrigation water bills.  
More than 75% of the buildings in the United States were built 20 years ago and present a huge opportunity for systems enhancement.  Depending on location, landscape irrigation can use up to 40% of the water consumed by a site.
Understanding the opportunities for a more efficient system begins with a water audit.  The purpose of an audit is to determine how much water is being used in landscape irrigation and how efficiently (or inefficiently) it is being applied.
auditConducting an audit is not a simple task, and requires training to be done effectively.   It's not as easy as verifying that the equipment is working properly.  Calculations also need to be performed to determine the actual water usage versus what is a recommended usage based on local conditions. 
A good audit will examine the system equipment (sprinklers, emitters, controls, pressure regulators, pump, etc.) plus it will include measurable performance testing of the system's overall efficiency.  The auditor supplies the property owner with detailed results and recommendations on how to achieve greater water efficiency.  
It's a worthwhile investment that can lead to significant savings.   In the years ahead, water audits are likely to be commonplace throughout our industry.   Get familiar with the process, get certified and get ahead of the competition!

Search on-line for a list of Certified Professionals in our region on the Irrigation Association's website.   


Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association BBQ & Golf Tournament     


Mark your calendar and plan to attend the INLA BBQ & Golf Event July 20th  8am - 2pm
Falcon Crest Golf Course in Kuna, ID. 

Contact Ann Bates at abates@inlagrow.com for more information.  

Click here to download golf registration form

Hunter Deal!
Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to Our Guided Steelhead Fishing Trip When You Buy A Hunter Solar Sync

solar The Hunter Solar Sync is the easiest way to upgrade your customers to "smart" irrigation control.  Learn about it here.

Offer open to all contractors with a valid 2012 contracting license.

Congratulations Webb Landscaping, winner of the May Steelhead drawing!
Offer expires July 31, 2012.  Ask us for full details.
10% Off
10% Off All In-Stock Drainage Products from NDS and ADS


solar Choose from catch basins, channel drain, grates, fittings, downspout adaptors and much more from the two leading brands.   Limited to stock on-hand. 





Offer Expires: July 31, 2012  Mention coupon when ordering to receive discount.