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Which of Your Customers Have Ponds in Need of Aeration?
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The first half of the year was a busy one for companies in our industry.  How could we help you be more efficient and productive? What new products or services should we be adding to our offering?

Please share your ideas with your Silver Creek Supply representative or simply hit "reply" to this e-mail newsletter to let us know your thoughts. 

Get Serious About Productivity with NEW Fast Fittings from Blazing  
Speed up your installations with innovative tool-free design

fast fittings
Now there's a complete family of clampless fast fittings from Blazing Products to help you get things done faster.

These fittings require no tools, clamps, or other materials.

They slip into the pipe quickly and easily and then lock in place with a patented lock ring technology. Double O-ring seals prevent leaks and provide a secure fit.


Educate Your Team on Solvent Cementing with FREE Training Guides
Free materials from Christy's - makers of Red Hot Blue Glue

Solvent cementing is easy, if you follow the right steps.  

Christy's has developed new how-to videos and guides that can help you educate your employees on the right ways to join PVC pipe and fittings.

Materials are available in both English and Spanish and include a wealth of knowledge for the professional contractor.

Check out the how-to guides here.

Watch the videos here


Which of Your Customers Have Ponds in Need of Aeration?
Earn extra profits by adding pond aerators to your offering

With the start of the summer algae season comes thoughts of caring for ponds or lakes.

Whether the application is a commercial retention pond or a golf course water hazard, this is the perfect time to plan for installation of a new Kasco fountain aerator

Aeration is a key tool of water quality management and improved health. Aeration and water movement can have great affects on ponds and lakes, eliminating algae and providing a healthy environment for fish.   

Preventing a major algae bloom or fish health issue is exponentially easier if aeration and water mixing is started before a major problem has already invaded the pond.  Spring is also the time when the fish spawn and eggs hatch. Extra oxygen will help this process and keep survival rates higher.

Ask your Silver Creek Supply representative to recommend Kasco aeration solutions for your customer's sites.  They can help you select the right unit and share informative brochures that explain the latest features. 
SmartBox from Munro Prevents Pump "Meltdowns"
Prevent pumping without water, option to eliminate "dead heading"

smart box needed Run a centrifugal pump without water in the case and suffer the consequences. The pump overheats, causing damage, melted components and even fire. 
Now there's a solution that monitors the pump and keeps it from running when water is not present.
This clever device measures water pressure in the pump volute.  If the pump is energized and there is no pressure, there must be a problem!
The SmartBOX monitors this pressure through the use of a pressure sensor located on the discharge side of a pump. At the beginning, or anytime during a zone cycle, if water is not available the pressure will drop within the pump and the pressure sensor will signal a time delay to begin counting. If pressure has not recovered over the timer cycle, the pump shuts down to save itself before damage occurs. The resetting of the pressure sensor is automatic. Since the sensor measures lack of pressure, as long as the pump is able to rebuild and maintain pressure, the pump will be allowed to run normally.


Protect your clients' pump investments, learn about SmartBOX.       


Contractor Tip: Atlantic's On-Line Pond Calculators   


atlantic Atlantic Water Gardens offers a excellent web calculator to help you determine what products you will need to build a water garden for your customer.

The web calculator will help you select correct sizes and types for your pump, liner, skimmer and other key components.  You'll have a customized bill-of-materials in seconds... no mistakes!


Visit this page to try the calculator and also check out Atlantic's other web resources.

Don't Miss Our Upcoming Customer Appreciation Events
Enjoy delicious food, see the latest product innovations 
lunch!Hunter Demo Days & Customer BBQ
Hailey Branch Thursday, June 7th 11:00am - 1:00pm (lunch)

Customer Appreciation Days with Blazing Products
featuring Burritos, Burgers & Brats

Bring your team by anytime between 7:30am - 1:00pm.  We'll have both breakfast and lunch available. 

Nampa,  June 6th, Wednesday
Boise, June 7th Thursday
Jackson Hole  June 19th Tuesday 
Hailey  June 21, Thursday  


Hunter Deal!
Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to Our Guided Steelhead Fishing Trip When You Buy Hunter Pro-Sprays

pros 4 Purchase a case of Hunter 4" Pro-Spray pop-up bodies for $49.00  (50 heads per case), and receive a chance to win a FREE ticket to our guided steelhead fishing trip.

Offer open to all contractors with a valid 2012 contracting license.
Offer expires June 30, 2012.  Ask us for full details.
$20 Off
$20 Off Your Purchase of $100 or More in Blazing Products


Choose from many time-saving and labor-saving products from Blazing including tools, saddles, fast fittings, wire connectors and more.


$100 or more purchase must be on a single invoice. 


Blazing Products  


Offer Expires: June 30, 2012  Mention coupon when ordering to receive discount.