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Avoid the Algae Nightmare
Fastest Growing Spray for Professionals
Get Ready for Spring Electrical Repairs
Remember to Sell "the Extras"
Contractor Tip: It Pays to Compare
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Avoid the Algae Nightmare - Install Aeration Now
Which of your customers have ponds that will need aeration?

 algae monster!Now is the right time to install pond aerators to ensure effective water management all season long.

We often hear from customers:
"How can I get rid of scum that is ruining the look of my pond and that smells terrible?"

Proactive installation of aerators will inhibit algae and scum before they have a chance to form.  Installation of new aerators can be a welcome aesthetic enhancement as well.

Aeration is proven effective at: 
  • Preventing fish kills.
  • Inhibiting growth of algae and scum.
  • Aiding in the decompositon of organic material in the pond bottom.
  • Controlling foul odors. 
Algae season is right around the corner. Remember the important benefits of Kasco fountains and aerators for pond and lake management needs.

Fastest Growing Spray Family for Professionals
The K-Rain Pro-S heavy-duty spray

pro-s Presenting a rugged contractor-friendly spray from K-Rain, the  Pro-S

The result of precision engineering and extensive in-the-field testing by professional contractors around the world, the Pro-S offers outstanding performance and is a direct replacement for the Rain Bird 1800 Series.   It is also a great substitute for the Hunter Pro-Spray.

The Pro-S line includes spray bodies in 4", 6" and 12".   All are compatible with all standard female-threaded nozzles.

It is distinguished by its brawny construction:  rugged body and cap, co-molded cartridge seal and the heaviest-duty retraction spring in its class.  

Familiarize yourself with these important features and benefits:

Pressure activated, co-molded wiper seal. The co-molded seal ensures reliable performance even under low pressure situations.  It is co-molded with two different materials that are microbe resistant which eliminates shrinkage that can cause stick-ups. It is also treated with UV inhibitors for longer life.  The cartridge design allows for easy removal and cleaning.  
Heaviest duty spring.   Even stronger than Rain Bird and Hunter for positive retraction every time.

Extra-thick, heavy-duty body cap.  Resists stress cracking and UV degradation that often cause premature failure in other brands.  Stands up to maintenance equipment.


Get Ready for Spring Electrical Repairs with Add-A-Zone
Solve common electrical repair nightmares quickly and easily

Broken zone wires?   Need to add a new zone without adding new wiring? 


Add-A-Zone is the proven way to independently control two
zone valves with only one pair of field wires.   


Unlike other "switching" units, the Add-A-Zone behaves just like the valves are fully independent. A patented unit installed at the controller allows use of two separate zones, while sending the signal through only one field wire. 


Solve these problems: 
  • Divide existing zones stations with a new valve to correct pressure problems.   Permits the addition of an additional valve to systems that have an open station on the controller. 
  • Work around broken field wires and maintain full system functionality.
  • The added valve can be a master valve.
How-to Guide: Installing an Add-A-Zone - The Source/Rco Parts  
How-to Guide: Installing an Add-A-Zone 

Remember to Sell "the Extras"
Sell your customer on the whole package and increase your profits.

Next time you take your family out for dinner at one of those fancy steakhouses, bring extra cash.   
Most are using suggestive selling to sell add-ons to the basic steak like vegetables and even hollandaise sauce.  Of course, the "sides" are the most profitable part of the sale. 
Many contractors stop selling when they get the order for the steak.   They forget to follow through, and get the order for all the "trimmings" that add profit and increase customer satisfaction.     
These contractors are breaking one of the most important rules of marketing: sell as much as you can, as often as you can, to the customer you already know. 

Increased profitability comes with developing a menu of add-on items.  Popular add-on categories for a landscape contractor include lighting, ponds and water gardens, retaining walls, specimen plantings, seasonal color and more.   In developing your list of options, educate yourself about what new offerings are becoming popular in your area.    

Selling more to the same customer makes sense for your operations.  Your crew is already mobilized; you have your equipment on the site.   It's pretty easy to drop in some wire for landscape lights in the irrigation trench or dig an extra hole for a simple water feature.  Spending MORE time at a job site might actually benefit your bottom line. 
So develop your company's menu of options and increase your dollars on every job.  Then treat your employees to one of those fancy steak dinners with the extra profit!

Contractor Tip: It Pays to Compare - Check Out Our Dripline Comparison Tool  

Click here for our Dripperline Comparison Resource on the Silver Creek web site.


Quickly compare flow rates, max run lengths, opening pressure, check valve height and more.    


One more way we help you make the right choices! 

Don't Miss These Upcoming Lunch and Learn Events
Enjoy a delicious lunch, see the latest product innovations 
Hunter Demo Days & Customer BBQ

May 4th  Hailey Branch 10am-2pm, lunch served 11:30am-1pm

May 15th Idaho Falls, Tautphaus Park Shelter #1 on Picnic Way, 10am-2pm, lunch served 11:30am-1pm


Kasco Marine - Pond Aeration & Health Lunch-n-Learn 

May 17th  Boise Branch 2nd Floor, 12 - 1pm, lunch provided 


K-Rain "Live Water Lunch" Demos & Lunch 

May 21 Idaho Falls, Freeman Park Shelter # 2, 11am-1:30pm    

May 22 Jackson, Baux Park 10 E Snow King Ave, 11am-1:30pm

May 23rd Ketchum, Rotary Park 900 3rd Ave N., 11am-1:30pm  May 24th Boise Branch, 11am-1:30pm  


Hunter Contest
Enter to Win a Guided Fishing Trip
When You Buy Hunter Drip Line

pld Purchase Hunter PLD during the month of May for your chance to qualify for one of 5 spots on a guided steelhead fishing trip on the Salmon River this October. 

One entry per 500' purchased. Contest open to all contractors with a valid 2012 contracting license.
Drawing will be based on all purchases in May 2012.

Your Chance to Win A $20 Starbucks Gift Card is Right Here!

Congratulations to Aaron with RHE Landscaping, last month's Starbucks drawing winner!!
Landscape Lighting

Special Offers on Sollos LED Lighting and Halco Replacement Lamps


10% Off All Halco (in-stock) LED retrofit bulbs 


15% Off  Sollos full lighting system  (min. $500.00)




Offer Expires: May 31, 2012  Mention coupon when ordering to receive special pricing.