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Spring Backflow Preventer Start-Up
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Early episodes of warm weather have given everyone spring fever! 

As you're making your final preparations for spring, it's a great time to check in with Silver Creek on the latest products and ideas to make this a great season.  

See you soon!  

Spring Backflow Preventer Start-Up Made Easy with the Wilkins 300 Series

Springtime brings irrigation systems start-up. The service line leading to the backflow should be flushed to prevent debris fouling, thereby eliminating clean-out costs.  The Blow-Out/Flush feature of Wilkins 300 Series Backflow Preventers is specifically designed to provide easy start-up flushing - just remove the pressure vessel and install the BOF, turn on the water to flush, and then reinstall the perfectly clean pressure vessel.  No down time and no headaches!   


The Wilkins 300 Series is available in " - 2" sizes on Model 350 Double Checks and Model 375 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventers.



A Safe, Easy Way to Add Service and Value to Your Business 

Fertigation - fertilizing through the sprinkler system - is just like irrigation itself. It looks a lot harder than is really is.


Applying Pro Products' LiquidLife fertilizers through the improved ProFeeder is an easy way to deliver valuable nutrients to the landscape. The ProFeeder spoon feeds fertilizer to the soil and plants, making it virtually impossible to over-feed the landscape. LiquidLife fertilizers also deliver valuable essential micronutrients and organic compounds which improve soil productivity. Healthy soil is the first line of defense against pests and disease.


The ProFeeder installs directly on the irrigation mainline, fits inside a standard valve box and draws LiquidLife fertilizer directly from the bottle. No bulky tanks are needed for most applications and refilling the system is as easy as changing bottles!


The ProFeeder and LiquidLife Fertilizers - Safe, Simple, Effective. A perfect way to add value to your customers' sprinkler systems.


For more information, contact your Silver Creek representative, or visit www.Americanhydro.com.


Contractor Tips of the Month:  Working in Dark Places & Battery Controls
Use these tips on your next service visit  


Tip #1: When you find yourself without a flashlight trying to see supply line valves and/or drain valves down those dark, black widow infested risers, you can use the suns reflection off of the faceplate of your watch or any other bright object.  Just tip your watch to reflect the light down the riser. 

Tip #2: Don't forget to stock up on 9 Volt batteries for the annual change out for battery operated controllers during "spring start-up".


Hailey Branch Lunch & Learn Series
Get the knowledge you need to GROW your business

Our Lunch-N-Learn series continues in March to provide information on services you can use to expand your business.  

Mark your calendar to attend at our upcoming dates.  The events start at 9:30AM and includes lunch.  Click here for a full schedule.

Register with Travis McBride tmcbride@silvercreeksupply.com 

Blazing Products Burrito Breakfasts
Grab breakfast and a great deal on fittings

Mark your calendar for our upcoming Burrito Breakfasts with Blazing which will be held mornings from 7:30AM to 9:30AM at these dates and locations:

Nampa        March 15 
Boise          March 21 
Hailey         April 10 
Pocatello     April 11 
Idaho Falls  April 12 
Jackson      April 13

During each event take advantage of our "Buy 4 get 1 free" offer on Blazing Fast Fittings.   See you there! 

K-Rain's Rotor Flow Adjustment
Revolutionizes Distance Control

See the latest in rotor technology, available only at Silver Creek

Now you can control sprinkler distance without distorting the spray pattern or creating uneven watering.

K-Rain's  SuperPro incorporates a flow regulating valve that can be partially closed to reduce sprinkler distance by up to 75%.  

Plus the rotor includes other advanced features like the easiest to use arc adjustment, arc memory and non-stripable drive.   

It offers the most features of any rotor on the market today.   Ask to see one next time you're in our store.
See how the patented flow regulator changes the radius (distance)  
See how the patented flow regulator changes the radius (distance)

Pre-Emergent Weed Control in Turf and Landscape

Spring is the time whent urf and landscape pre-emergent applications are performed.  


By applying a pre-emergent herbicide into lawns, landscape beds, or bare ground areas you prevent many unsightly weeds from germinating and virtually eliminate many long, labor intensive hours of spraying or digging weeds after they've established.


In turf, we apply pre-emergent herbicides to control crabgrass. Barricade and Dimension are the two industry standards for crabgrass pre-emergent control. Both products at highest labeled rates will give anywhere from 4-6 months of control, depending on certain conditions. Crabgrass germinates when soil temperatures have reached 60 degrees for a straight week at a 2" depth. With this in mind, one must monitor temperatures to get their pre-emergents in place before the 60 degree mark is reached. Here in Southern Idaho, that time could be anywhere from late March through early May, depending on the year. Dimension also has the ability to kill already germinated crabgrass up to the two leaf stage. So if the window has been missed to apply a product before the 60 degree mark, one could still apply Dimension and kill off any existing immature crabgrass and prevent any other crabgrass seeds from germinating. Both products also control a number of other broadleaf and grassy weeds as well. Both Barricade and Dimension come in both sprayable and granular forms, the granular Barricade being a Fertilizer + Barricade.


In landscape beds, weed invasion is a major problem that homeowners and landscape maintenance crews have to deal with throughout the year. Once again, pre-emergent herbicides can help to eliminate many hours spent weeding or spot spraying these beds to kill off existing weeds. Weeds are considerably more prominent in bedding areas than in turf due to the lack of competition and also higher surface temperatures due to direct exposure from sunlight. Usually in landscape beds, two pre-emergent applications, once in March-April and again in Sept-Oct., will give control throughout the entire year. There are a number of different granular and sprayable products to choose from depending on the application. Maturity of the landscape beds, types of plant materials, existing weed fabric, types of covering (rock, bark, mulch), surrounding turf, are all things to consider when determining what products to use in these beds. Some different granular products labeled for landscape beds are: Barricade, Dimension, Snapshot, Freehand, Treflan and Casoron. Some different sprayable products include: Barricade, Dimension, Gallery, Sureguard, Surflan, and Pendimethalin. All pre-emergent products will need to be watered in within a few weeks either by rain or sprinkler irrigation to form its barrier. As with any chemical, always read the label to determine specific rates, concerns with existing vegetation, and general safety precautions and consult with a licensed dealer on any other questions or concerns.


Costs of pre-emergents are definitely a concern when it comes to bidding jobs in today's tough economy. Some people consider these applications as easy ones to eliminate when cutting costs. It doesn't take a long time to regret a decision like this. It has been proven time and time, again, that pre-emergent herbicides will save money in both labor and materials over a year's time. Check with your local sales representative to determine what product might work best in your situation this year.



Pat Sherer

Simplot Partners - Caldwell, ID


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