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Muse News - April 2013

Are you ready for a new kind of leadership?  Do you want to kick your leadership skills up a few notches?  Do you want to be the Midas of leadership and have everything you touch turn to gold?  Well, welcome to our community.  Thanks for choosing to invest in yourself and expand your gifts.  If you know like-minded people who are also interested in constantly learning and growing,

The Leadership Muse brought the new year in as Amazon's #1 Hot New Book in Leadership.   Get your copy today at bookstores, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  It is now available on iTUNES!  Have one already?  How about giving the gift of inspiration to a friend.   

Tell a friend that the Kindle Edition is available for only $7.99!  Hardcover and paperback editions also available. 

Leadership in the News
One of the most important factors in success can be who you are associated with.  Read this blog from Joel at Addicted2Success to learn more >>.

As a leader, helping people to find their purpose can be more profitable than focusing on just the bottom line.  Contributor to Forbes Magazine Barbara Armstrong explains why.  Read here >>

Blogtalk Radio - Ask the Muse


Rebekah Carpenter, President of AV Productions and known nationally as a keynote speaker, leadership development trainer, and performing artist, is our guest on this episode.  


Do you want to be everything you are meant to be, physically, emotionally, and spiritually?  Would you like to get clues to discovering your unique gifts, passions, and abilities?  


Join us and listen on demand as we receive insight to following your destiny of focus and clarity from the author of Awakening: 12 Tools to Unlock Ultimate Potential and Purpose.


You may hear the episode on demand here.


Leadership Providence

Providence is defined as the foresight or the manifestation of divine care.  Using this definition, leadership providence is the leader's ability to have an articulated vision and to consistently produce magnificent outcomes that move towards a stated purpose.  It gives the leader the capacity to string together a series of leadership moments and connect these dots laying out a path of success.


How do we know when leadership providence is working in our leadership journey?   It's easy to see it in fiction or myth.


Read more to find out how >>>

Please  this to your colleagues who value personal leadership growth.  I welcome your feedback at  Did you miss some back issues of this newsletter?  Check them out here.  


"This is the source of our confidence -- the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny."

- President Barack Obama




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