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Muse News - January 2013

Are you ready for a new kind of leadership?  Do you want to kick your leadership skills up a few notches?  Do you want to be the Midas of leadership and have everything you touch turn to gold?  Well, welcome to our community.  Thanks for choosing to invest in yourself and expand your gifts.  If you know like-minded people who are also interested in constantly learning and growing,

The Leadership Muse brought the new year in as Amazon's #1 Hot New Book in Leadership.   Get your copy today at bookstores, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  It is now available on iTUNES!  Have one already?  How about giving the gift of inspiration to a friend.   

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Leadership in the News
Mike Myatt talks about how to tell the difference between real leaders and wannabes in Why You're Not a LeaderRead more >> 


Idit Harel Caperton talks about the digital divide and its effect on young girls in Let's Give Girls a Second Chance to Succeed in STEMRead more >>
January 30: Blogtalk Radio - Ask the Muse
Author Linda Cureton will be discussing her latest book on BlogTalk Radio Ask the Leadership Muse.

The next show is Light Up Your Leadership available on demand.

Leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Theresa, or Walt Disney were visionary leaders who left a mark on society.  These leaders helped others see into the future - to see a better place, a happier tomorrow, a different possibility. 


Often the future seems dark and murky.  But leaders have the ability to shed light on the shadows of uncertainty.  In this show, we will talk about how to improve your leadership walk and try lighting up your leadership vision.



Lighted Up Leadership
One of the biggest visionaries of modern times is Walt Disney. He had a vision for "... the happiest place in the world" where horses could jump and there would be no chipped paint. This would be a beautiful place where visitors could ride to the moon or ride on horses being conveyed by their imagination augmented by his technology and artistic genius.
Many have said that it was unfortunate that Disney died before he could see his vision of Disneyland completed - but he truly "saw" that magical place and was able to inspire others to see his vision.
Please  this to your colleagues who value personal leadership growth.  I welcome your feedback at  Did you miss some back issues of this newsletter?  Check them out here.  



"Where there is no vision the people perish."

-- Proverbs 29:18




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