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March 23, 2015


As El Nido celebrates our 90th year, we have embraced a number of new projects focused on health and nutrition to help improve our young clients' and their families' wellbeing. These include our Pacoima Community Garden and wholesome cooking classes, our South LA Tiny Tot Playscape Garden, and our Compton Health Fair held at the end of last year. 

The Health Fair was the first of its kind for teen parents in the community and was well received by the over 250 teen parents and their family members who attended. 

Generously sponsored by Best Start First 5 LA and Health Net, the day was filled with vital medical screenings, health and medical insurance information, and engaging family activities. USC's Dental Mobile Clinic provided free dental screenings for young children (some of whom had never visited a dentist before). In addition, information on reproductive healthcare from Planned Parenthood, neighborhood afterschool programs, and breastfeeding support was provided. Read More

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For the last nine years, Citi has generously given its time and resources to El Nido clients through "Taking Charge" classes in Pacoima. Multiple workshops are held throughout the year and are incorporated into the overall parenting curriculum. Per Liz Herrera, El Nido Executive Director, nearly 200 teen and adult parents participated during this past year and all gained valuable financial advice, including about budgeting, credit management, and saving for college and retirement. 

"I enjoyed the financial literacy classes because they helped me teach my children the importance of savings and I feel happy that I was able to open an account for them," explained a participant in Citi's "Taking Charge: Financial Capability" program. 

Citi has made a strong commitment to educating individuals and families and strengthening local communities. El Nido clients have benefitted greatly by learning how to manage their finances better. 

Citi has provided $155,000 in support for the "Taking Charge: Financial Capability" program since 2006, and local Citi employees help by providing financial education. 

"We are pleased to partner with El Nido to provide financial education and support residents in Pacoima and the surrounding communities on their path from ambition to achievement," said Kathy Scott, Citibank Area Director for San Fernando Valley and a board member of El Nido. 

"My previous experiences with banks discouraged me from opening an account, but Citibank helped us to trust in using their services," noted an El Nido parent. 

El Nido thanks Citi, our financial partner in the San Fernando Valley, for helping our clients on the road to financial success. Learn more about Citi  

Evelyn Batres, ENFC Alumni

On this special ENFC Spotlight we want to highlight one of our extraordinary alumni, Evelyn Batres. Evelyn became a parent at the age of 17; however, with the support of her parents and El Nido Family Centers, she has been able to juggle motherhood, school and work. Evelyn has received an astonishing 4 scholarships from El Nido Family Centers. She is currently a student at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Evelyn also worked for the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) program at Los Angeles Valley College. She is a young teen mother who is exemplifying growth and perseverance. Evelyn has an impressive GPA of 3.8. She was a ENFC client, and continues to be involved with El Nido. Learn more about the Alumni

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