Happy Holidays from El Nido Family Centers!


Whether you are a past supporter or just learning about El Nido Family Centers, we hope that you will consider contributing to our Annual Holiday Campaign.

When I think about the holidays
I think about family.


I think about the tens of thousands of Los Angeles families that El Nido has helped in our 88-year history.


I think about El Nido's extremely successful family-based approach.


I think about our dedicated El Nido staff like Guillermo Melara, who has been a counselor with the agency for 26 years, who helps families like the Ruiz's. With Guillermo's family counseling, their 12-year-old daughter went from an angry teenager, failing classes, and getting in fights with peers to a happy and positive young woman who once again has hope. "I feel like a different person because my parents are so much nicer to me. I feel better about myself and hopeful about my life."


We are asking you - our extended El Nido family, our friends, and our supporters - to help us continue to help families we serve this holiday season. While the economy has improved in some neighborhoods in Los Angeles, the communities where El Nido works continue to be severely under-resourced. The need is greater than ever.


What is more, local, state, and federal budgets continue to cut back funding in vital service areas. From our Early Head Start program to our supportive services for teen parents and their babies to our child abuse prevention and treatment program to our youth development and gang prevention programs, all have been impacted by these ongoing government budget cuts.

This holiday season please make a donation to El Nido Family Centers.  Please make an online donation by using the Donate Now button, or  visit our website at  If you would like additional information, please contact Nan Lee our Development Director at 818.830.3646 ext. 261 or email her at


Thank you for caring and sharing.  Your generosity will enable El Nido to deliver a message of hope to those families that need it most.  That will be the best holiday gift of all.


Warmest Holiday Wishes,


Liz Herrera, L.C.S.W. 


El Nido Family Centers, Executive Director

The best gift of all! 
Please help us deliver hope and opportunities to those families that need it most by forwarding this email to your friends, family and associates. 

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