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 May 29, 2015


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Next Week at Hilltop
Official Vaccination Info
SummerFun Soccer Camp
Tiny House
Toddler Room
Middle School
Community News
Next Week at Hilltop

NO Cultural Cooking this week- rescheduled for 6/8

Ultimate Game @ 
Keene Waldorf 3:45-5


Last Bagel Day! 
(No bagels on 6/10, MS in Upland)

Upper El Farm & Wilderness Trip

Fire & Stone 3:30-5

Ultimate Parents' Game 

All School Gathering 8:45 

Circus Arts 

Lower El Springfield Museum Trip

Upper El returns from Farm & Wilderness Trip

Strolling of the Heifers!

Official Vaccination Information

We have recently received the official vaccination report for 2014-15 based on the vaccination data that we provided back in December 2014. We have given immunization information to the Vermont Department of Health every year for the past three years, since the state immunization program was initiated. 

The Immunization Program has placed 2014-15 school immunization rates for all schools on the Health Department webpage. This program includes all students from K-12th grade. The state-wide vaccination rate for Kindergarten is 87.7% and 89.9% for 7th graders. Our school rate for fully immunized students is 93.6%.

We encourage you to check out the information here

The Vermont legislature passed a measure this session eliminating the philosophical exemption to state immunization requirements. Effective July 1, 2016, parents may not opt out of immunizing their children based on personal beliefs. Instead, children must have all required vaccinations to enroll in school, unless either the medical or religious exemption applies.  

Vermont's immunization schedule for children, as provided by the Department of Health, may be found here. For additional questions or information about vaccinating your child(ren), please contact your pediatrician.  Alternatively, you may refer to the Vermont DOH website or call the department's Immunization Designee for the Brattleboro area, Megan Lynde (RN), at 802.251.2105.

End of Year Events

The end of the school year brings high emotions and the opportunity for closure and transitioning events. At Hilltop Montessori School, the students and teachers have traditional and evolving ceremonies that each program shares within their classroom community. Thursday, June 11th is the final day of school for Toddlers through Upper Elementary (Middle School has school the morning of the 12th and then graduation in the evening). Each program will have their own internal celebration of transitions and then in the afternoon of the 11th, the whole school community will come together for Hilltop's Field Day and the Bead Ceremony. 

Thursday, June 11th 
Field Day 1 p.m. - A celebration with Peace Buddies running around having fun together - sack races, obstacle courses, balloon toss and more! (No naps for the CH!) Parent volunteers and observers welcome.

Bead Ceremony 2 p.m. - A ceremony  acknowledging and including all students moving on to the next stage or program. Parents are welcome to observe this annual ceremony for the whole community, which takes place on the grass by the pond. 

Friday, June 12th 
Graduation 6 p.m. - The Hilltop Montessori School has a formal, public graduation for the 8th grade graduates. 

SummerFun Update!


Many camps are full, some have a bit more room, and a couple are at risk of being cancelled due to low enrollment!


If your camper is interested in any - or all! - of the following camps, please sign up by WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3 so that we know the programs can go forward!

Land Art, 9-12 year olds
Week 2 (June 29-July 3)

Improvisational Cartooning, 9-12 year olds 
Week 1 (June 22-26) - with celebrated illustrator John Gurney!

Soccer, 9-12 year olds
Week 3 (July 6-10) 

Ultimate Frisbee, 9-12 year olds
Week 5 (July 20-24)

Spread the word!

Find out more about SummerFun on our website
Vintage Swing Gala & Auction

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that helped to make this evening a resounding success! And to all the talented parents who donated art work and services to the auction.

The Party Planners: Alix Fedoruk, Rebecca Fontaine, Stephanie Nichols, Kristin Cassidy, Mel Kahn, Leland Smith, Tara Davis, Jennifer Griffith, Rita Ramirez, Karen Blumberg, Jen Betit-Engel, Stacy Hiler - You are all WONDERFUL!

Thanks also to Board members who lended hands the evening of: Patrick Keppel, Mark Loevy-Reyes, Rich Wolfe, Adam Hubbard.

Jazzberry Jam jammin' - They rocked the HOUSE.

Josh shows us some moves...

Rachel & David tear up the dance floor

Jay teaches some moves

Board members, Robyn and Mark dressed the part!

Words just don't do this justice.

Paul and Susan cut a rug

Tiny House 
It's a sign.

Show your support for the Tiny House project. 
Stop by the Brattleboro Common this evening at Morningside Shelter's 
(now Groundworks Collective) 
Camp for a Common Cause

The Tiny House will also be parked on Main Street in front of People's Bank on Friday, June 5th for Gallery Walk AND on the Common after the Heifer Stroll parade on Saturday, June 6th. 

$7880 worth of tickets have been sold, but we had a few steep expenses. Please share the link below with friends and family. We will be giving Groundworks Collective 20% of our proceeds.


Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day Pictures
Thanks to all who joined us for last week's Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day!

Toddler Room

Paisleigh polishes a wooden bowl

Mazin and Asha care for the 
Birch room baby
Isaac sorts rings on dowels

Cooper paints at the easel

Kennedy uses a lacing work

The toddler room continues to be a growing, lively, and joyful place. We are awed by the growth of these children. They understand routines, are talking to each other to work out problems (!), and they are helpful, caring, creative, and funny. How lucky are we!

Enjoy the weekend.
Ellie & Hannah


Willow Room

Dear HMS Families,

With the end of the school year fast approaching and the beautiful weather outside, our classroom has been a peaceful buzz of excitement and energy.


We have had a very full past week! Children greatly enjoyed visits from Grandparents and Special Friends day. We were also happy to share, "Light a Candle for Peace" during all school gathering. Mazin from the Toddler Room visited the Willow Room for Moving-up Day, as well. Willow friends gave him a warm welcome, with a few "lessons" and guidance. We look forward to the next two weeks, including the Bead Ceremony and field day! Enjoy the wonderful weather, and see you soon!

Warm Regards, 

Jonathan, Rebecca and Mariam

Max makes a seed book

Mazin visits the Willow Room for Moving Up Day

Graham's father helps Graham with our Hammering work
Lydia shows her special friend a lesson using the Bells

Birch Room

Over the past few weeks the children have been exploring gardening in the Birch Room. Garden themed works and books have filled our classroom and the Olders have spent time in the greenhouse, as well. This week, all the children had the opportunity to start green bean seedlings to take home. Afterward, many children worked on follow-up activities, such as making nomenclature books about the parts of a seed.

Have a great weekend!

-Cheryl and Serina

The children look on as Cheryl demonstrates how to plant a seed

Cheryl gives a lesson on the parts of a seed

Matai gets his hands dirty planting a seed!

Finn works on a nomenclature book

Lower El

Many thanks to the parents who were able to drive our olders to the Pinnacle hike on Thursday! And now that we're on the subject - we are also looking for drivers to the Springfield Museum of Science for our trip next Friday, June 5. Thank you to those who have already come forward.

We are practicing letter-writing in Writer's Workshop this week, learning the names of the parts of an informal, or friendly, letter. Our first ones are going out to Don, our friendly and patient host who led us through the Brattleboro post office a couple weeks ago.  

Have a great weekend.
Kerstin and Patrick


Upper El

The sixth grade dissected pig hearts this week. They were amazed at the difference in the size of the muscle tissue of the different ventricles, and at the anatomy of the valves.


On moving up day, we had a wonderful hike up to the Pinnacle with the UE class of next year. Many thanks to the parents who were able to drive! The soon to be sixth grade jumped into the role of coordinating rides and planning games, and the rain held off until we returned. Meanwhile, the current sixths enjoyed a morning with the middle school.


This is a good weekend for the students to gather what they need for next week's three-day trip, on Wednesday through Friday. It is important that the students pack their own bags, so that they know what they have and where it is. Tom brought in his backpack and demonstrated proper packing technique. The packing list is going home this afternoon with the students, and was emailed to parents earlier.



Middle School 


The eighth graders are making the final push to graduation. They are currently involved in their apprenticeships. For six mornings each eighth grader is working in a business, school, or non-profit of their choice. Today, one student attended a house closing with his law firm mentor, another helped a veterinarian remove tumors from a dog, another played a round of golf with financial movers and shakers, and another student assisted in an art class at Academy School. This is just a sampling of the fascinating endeavors the eighth graders have embarked upon.


Along with their apprenticeship responsibilities, the eighth graders are drafting their final graduation speeches, planning that special evening, and studying for their final math exam.


While all this is going on we are in the midst of Moving Up Days. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings the sixth grade joined the seventh and began the process of building a new community. We went Upland and had fun with an observational exercise. We also welcomed some of the new members of the class who are joining us from other schools.


It has been a week of polarities - celebrating those that are leaving and building what will soon be.


Hilltop MS Southern VT Montessori Golf Champs

Next year's Middle Schoolers are introduced to Upland

Next year's Middle Schoolers are introduced to Upland

Next year's Middle Schoolers are introduced to pond play


Community News


CPR and Pediatric Frist Aid Training session at Hilltop

Saturday, July 11th, 9AM-3:30PM

Rescue, Inc. will be offering a CPR and Pediatric First Aid course for parents. The course is $40 per person. If you are interested in attending, please contact Kathryn Einig (Willow Room parent.)


"And They Lynched Him on a Tree" is a film of interviews with the white and black performers of the William Grant Still ballad of the same name. The ballad, composed in 1940, tells the story of a convicted black man who was lynched by a white mob for whom justice was too slow. The white chorus sings the part of the lynchers and the black chorus sings the parts of those lynched. Embodying the lyrics through singing brings the experience of the story (and our shared history) home in a very visceral way and forms the foundation from which the interviews were drawn.
In the time between when the performance of the piece was first conceived a year ago by Cailin Manson, the choral director, and the time it was performed (Martin Luther King day this year) the endless news of police shootings colored much of what was said in the interviews.
It has a dramatic arc, interspersed with rehearsal clips and final performance and has much to give us hope that further dialog might be possible. (51 minutes)


GoFundMe Campaign for Mariam a success!

"Thank you all for your incredible response and generosity of donations to support Mariam! We have achieved (and have even gone over) our goal in less than one month which is absolutely astounding! Thank you for being such a wonderful, supportive community! I feel fortunate to have the privilege of being part of this community! Thank you all!" -Stephanie Betit-Hancock (Addy's mom)

"I really appreciate the support and I'm very lucky to live in this community."

African Library Project has reached its funding goal!
Thanks to all of you who have contributed books and/or funds to this great project!


Hilltop Montessori School