Middle school basketball in action

Upper El at attention


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Toddler Room
Birch Room
Lower El
Upper El
Middle School
Next Week at Hilltop

Cultural Cooking 

MS Basketball Game - Putney Central 4-5 


Drum Circle 3:15-4:15

UE GAME vs. St. Mikes 
@ Austine 3:45

UE Poetry Performance 1:30-2:30

Creative Movement 

UE Basketball 

Winter Sports!

Fire & Stone 3:15-5:00

MS Basketball GAME vs. Dummerston @ Austine 4-5

Hilltop does Basketball!

The new gym has brought basketball (and much more) to Hilltop!  

The Middle School team is having a great season, with an excellent 7-2 record. The Middle School played BAMS twice this week, winning easily last Friday 44-29 and losing this past Wednesday, when a furious last-minute comeback fell just short, 32-29.  Come cheer the team on Friday, Feb. 6 vs the Greenwood School and Friday, Feb. 13 vs. the Dummerston School.  Both games are at 4:00.

The Middle School team members are:  Middle Schoolers Emmanuel Keppel, Luke Williams, Gus Williams, Izzy Snyder, Aidan Murphy, and Sophie Lurz; and Upper Ellers Alex Lier, Huxley Holcombe, Owen James.

The Upper El has two games before winter break, one this week and one the next.  Please look at the Hilltop online calendar if you would like to come to a game and support your school teams!

The Upper El team members are: Ernie Antonucci, Eliot Barrengos, Julia Fedoruk, Siri Harrison, Huxley Holcombe, Alex Lier, Talia Loevy-Reyes, Susannah Pennell, Solomon Ponzio, Emmett Smith, and Leila Young. 

Dates for your social calendar
Friday, March 6th

Support and celebrate the 2015 Alabama Odyssey with


Becky Tracy / Keith Murphy and friends 
Stomp The Arts Barn
7 to 9 pm 

Hilltop Middle School's Alabama Odyssey is a biennial encounter and exploration of civil rights and reality in one of the U.S.'s most culturally rich but economically depressed regions.

Tickets: $5, $20 cap per family; children under 6 free. Delicious gourmet snacks, refreshments, and crafts available. Cash or checks at door please.  

Saturday, April 4th

"Vintage Swing" Dance and Auction - Not too early to start thinking about the dress!

The Auction committee needs your help finding enviable items and or experiences. Have an uncle with a house in Tuscany? Know someone with a hot air balloon? Contact Amelia if you have ideas.

Proceeds of this event benefit the Financial Aid Fund at Hilltop.

Toddler Room

Kennedy has snack
Hattie scrubs a chair.

Mazin experiments with fingerprint stamping.

Enjoy the weekend.
Ellie & Hannah

Willow and Birch Rooms

This week, the older children from both Willow and Birch Rooms began a study of Line.  According to "Art for the Very Young", by Elizabeth Kelly and Joanne McConville, "Line is the most basic way of defining what we see and feel.  It is the foundation of all pictorial compositions.  Lines create shape, value, and motion.  All children begin to express themselves through line."  We will explore works by Pablo Picasso and Franz Kline to give the children an understanding of how artists use line in their art. 

Our first experience was with a fun project called Line Dropping.  Taking a handful of various widths of construction paper strips, we held the lines in our fists.  Then, we allowed the lines to freely fall and spread onto the paper as we opened our fists.  We tried several drops until we got a design we liked, then we glued that design in place.  Most of the children enjoyed the experience.  A few children did not like the abstractness of their compositions and chose to "place" lines instead.  Check out the display board near our classroom for the children's "Lining Things Up" work.

The olders have also been enjoying the snow together. On Tuesday, we forged a path through the woods to search for signs of winter wildlife.  We were excited to find rabbit and bird tracks as well as markings left on a tree from a woodpecker.

Thank you for joining us for Moving Up Night!  We enjoyed sharing our excitement about the 3rd year in Children's House.  

-Cheryl, Serina, Jonathan, Rebecca and Mariam

Aiden works on his lines.

Lucas gets ready to glue his lines.

Snowshoeing through the woods.

Lower El

Children in Group A may share next Monday, February 9th, since we had a snow day this week.

This week in Lower El:

- We studied the "glued sounds" of ing, ang, ong, ung, ink, ank, onk, and unk.  
- Opinion letters about favorite books were polished and shared with the class.  We have been discussing "juicy story words," such as "main character" and "setting," as well as transition words like "because" and "for example."  
- LE continued practicing their detective skills with word problems, distinguishing between the meaning of "How many altogether?" and "How many more?" 
- The fundamental tenses are being practiced and discussed.  "The Hadeon Eon" is certainly in the past, while "When I am ten" is still in the future for many students. 

- Different types of maps: weather, topographical, physical, resource, and others are being studied by the Olders in preparation of their atlas project, which will be formally introduced soon.  

Have a good weekend.
-Kerstin and Patrick

Upper El


The Upper El is rapidly gearing up for the annual Poetry Performance on Wednesday, February 11, at 1:30. On display will be the books each student has made, inspired by a poem of their choosing. A taste of things to come:



  Living silver light

                         Shines onto snow,

               Making it sparkle with fallen stars


          Those who have tumbled from the sky yet refuse to stop glowing


Trees become black silouettes in night


A deep blue dome covers the silent scene


The moon at its highest in the cold, serene, winter night


                          Emeline Stewart





Smears of pastel

Orange, pink, red

Lining the horizon

With an eerie glow   


With its warning

Of night

This streak of color

On the normally blue sky


Talia Loevy-Reyes


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Middle School 


Despite the propensity towards Monday snow days, we had a busy and fulfilling week.  The health curriculum continued on Tuesday with Dr. Aida Avdic continuing her classes on anatomy, physiology, puberty, sexual development, and birth control.  Aida will be back for one more class early in March.  In addition, Anna from the Women's Freedom Center facilitated a class exploring media (specifically popular music) and gender attitudes and identity.  Anna will be back next week.


If you venture downtown for Gallery Walk tonight or any time this month stop by Amy's Bakery and take in the middle school's new show.  It is a combination of student poetry and visual art and is stunning!  We want to thank Leslie Myette, former parent and curator for Amy's Bakery, and Amy of Amy's Bakery (another former parent) for hosting us.


Today we talked about the story of the Little Rock Nine and followed that with student presentations as part of the 'Science of Race' curriculum.  Scientific Voices was the topic of today's presentations.  We heard about Linnaeus and classification, pre-Darwin polygenesis, the concept and practice of Eugenics.  The presentations continue next week as we strive to decipher scientific attitudes that have had a profound effect on our relationship and understanding of race.


Tonight a group of middle school students and staff are serving dinner at the Overflow Shelter as part of Hilltop's commitment to helping those less fortunate than us.  When the middle school travels to Boston every other year on our "River of Spirit Odyssey", students often comment on the large number of homeless people they observe on the streets.  We think it is a valuable experience for all of us to recognize our own homeless population and to attempt what Atticus Finch implores us to do: to step into someone else's shoes.



Have a lovely weekend,


Paul, Finn, and Nora




Community News
Living Memorial Park Snow Sports - a.k.a. T-bar at the Park - is open for business! LMPSS is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that runs and maintains the ski area at the park. Only $5 for an all day ticket, night skiing included. Free lessons on Thursday evenings - just bring your own equipment. 
Check out their website or Facebook page for hours and more information.  

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