Spring 2015 
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Spring 2015 Editor: Benjamin Jonasch
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Redesigned Website
Junicon's Innovation Process
Report on Pricing of Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Medical Equipment in Japan
Junicon's Growing Global Team
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In this issue of Information to Insight, we talk about Junicon's completely redesigned website, our Customer-Focused Innovation process, the first ever, comprehensive English Report on Medical Devices and Equipment Reimbursement in Japan and we also introduce new members of our global team. For more information, please contact us at info@junicon.net.



The Junicon Team

New Junicon Website Announcement


We are delighted to announce our newly designed website at www.junicon.net.


Designed with a fresh innovative appearance the website is easier to read and navigate, enabling our current and future clients to find what they need quickly.


We want to give you an opportunity to get to know us better. By browsing through our "Services", "Principals" and "Testimonials" sections, you will get a good idea of who we are, what we do as a company and what others are saying about us.


We invite you to visit and explore the new website so we can introduce you to our broad portfolio of research, consulting and support services for healthcare clients.


Enjoy discovering the new website and we hope that you find it easy to navigate and pleasant to use.


Junicon's Customer-Focused Innovation Process

During the last years Junicon has been building its own Innovation Consulting Practice that enables our clients to speed up their innovation timelines while being more tightly focused around customer needs. The Junicon Customer-Focused Innovation Process is based on a 4 step process. From the initial Reflection and Analysis to the final Validation we will support you to develop the solutions, products and services that meet your customers' changing needs.


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Our experienced global team of Innovation Experts has a diverse background (healthcare, science, engineering, psychology, market research) and is able to support our clients in the challenging and critically important field of innovation.

Our team will support you from A-Z, from the initial unmet need discovery to the final product development and validation. 


Contact us at innovation@junicon.net to learn more about how we can support you to innovate around your customer needs.


Junicon Co-Authored the First Ever, Comprehensive English Report on Medical Devices and Equipment Reimbursement in Japan

Last spring Junicon co-authored an 83-page report in English on the reimbursement of medical devices and equipment in Japan, together with our friend and medical reimbursement expert, Don Macarthur. The report is titled "Pricing of Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Medical Equipment in Japan" and can be purchased on sale from the site below until the end of March (and at a slightly higher price thereafter).


View and purchase the report here:



In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of the reimbursement process for newly approved medical devices and equipment in Japan, the report also provides a full list of novel devices and in vitro diagnostic tests newly listed in Japan between April 2008 and April 2014 - including their reimbursement approach and rate. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Don in preparing the report and we know that it will be a valuable resource for those wishing to understand how the reimbursement process works in Japan. 


Junicon Collaboration with the Hope International Development Agency

Hope is a non-profit organization focused on helping underprivileged children and marginalised communities around the world. Since 2011 Junicon has collaborated with Hope in a project that supports young people of indigenous groups to obtain a higher education at the Pamulaan Center, a university for indigenous groups in the Southern Philippines. After finishing their education at the Pamulaan Center, these young people return to their hometowns and become leaders in their community development. 



As part of our continued efforts to work with outreach programs that support improvements in health and education for children around the world, Junicon co-sponsored the 4th Annual Hope Charity Gala held by HOPE International at the Conrad Tokyo hotel on September 18 of last year. The theme of the event was "Cows and Wells" emphasizing HOPE's efforts to bring two vital resources - cows for labor and clean water - to rural communities in Cambodia to help families escape from extreme poverty. A very entertaining short-film called "SIM" was debuted at the event, showcasing some of HOPE's support programs in Cambodia. 


That film can be viewed here: http://vimeo.com/88348831 


Junicon shares in the belief that simple things that can be taken for granted - like access to uncontaminated water - can be an important catalyst for development and for helping families and children overcome a life of chronic poverty. This was the third time that Junicon sponsored HOPE's annual cocktail party and we look forward to more opportunities to support their efforts in the future. 


More info can be found under:

Junicon's Growing Global Team

Our growing business enables new roles for existing team members and opportunities to expand our team.
Heather Izumi 
Joins Junicon's US Office 


Heather joins Junicon with a background in strategy and development, health economics, and clinical publications and has expertise across the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device industries. 


She is happy to call Seattle, Washington her home where she lives with her fiancé and dog. Heather holds a PhD in Chemistry from Northwestern University and a BA in Chemistry from Colby College.

Miyana Yoshino         
Joins Junicon's Japan Office 


Miyana is originally from Tokyo and has been with Junicon Japan since January 2014. Prior to joining Junicon she worked as a sales and marketing associate for optical energy devices and as a research associate for topics related to renewable energy. She earned a degree in Political Science and Economics from a Japanese university and researched topics related to renewable energy policy while at university. 


Since joining Junicon she has leveraged her familiarity with regulatory processes in Japan in conducting desktop and primary research on healthcare market access topics including drug pricing and reimbursement, vaccine policy, rare disease funding, biosimilars, and more. Having grown up in Tokyo, one of the largest cities in the world, Miyana looks for opportunities to escape the city and surround herself in nature. In recent years, she has enjoyed horseback riding in Mongolia, trekking in Alaska, and roaming the beaches of the Philippines. She speaks English, Japanese, and Spanish fluently. 

Tetsuro Oda         
Joins Junicon's Japan Office 


Tetsuro is originally from Hamamatsu, a city south of Tokyo that is famous both for the easy-going nature of its people and its cutting-edge industrial innovation. He joined the Junicon Japan team in January 2014. Prior to joining Junicon he worked as researcher at a marketing research company based in Tokyo where he was part of a team dedicated to Human Centered Design. While there he conducted numerous studies to explore and examine how consumers use and interact with electronic devices such smartphones, PCs, TVs, cameras, and more. 


Tetsuro is passionate about informed product design - especially when it comes to medical devices - and he has spent the passed year becoming intimately familiar with interventional cardiology devices, surgical devices, diagnostic imaging devices, and more. During his free time you might find him enjoying his love for musical devices though - particularly his electric guitar - or discussing topics related to overseas aid and development with friends. He is fluent in Japanese and English. 

Yingzi Zhao         
Joins Junicon's Japan Office 


Yingzi is originally from Zhengzhou, an emerging megalopolis in China located between Beijing and Shanghai, but she spent part of her undergraduate studies in Nagoya, Japan and completed a graduate degree in Advanced Science & Biotech Engineering in Osaka, Japan. Yingzi has a passion for regenerative medicine and cellular therapy topics. As a graduate student her research focused on evaluating the quality of transplant materials used in regenerative medicine therapies.


Prior to joining Junicon Japan in June 2014 she worked as biomedical sales representative with the regenerative medicine / cell processing division of a well-known healthcare device company in Japan. Since joining Junicon she has coordinated and supported with studies in both Japan and China related to regenerative and cellular therapies, pharmaceuticals, and devices. Yingzi's interest in healthcare also includes health economics and she will be formally supporting one of the top health economists in Japan with research beginning in April 2015. She is fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese. 

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