Autumn 2012  
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Autumn 2012 Editor: Stephen Young

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Global Reach
Market Sizing
Junicon's Innovation Process
Junicon's Growing Global Team
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In this issue of Information to Insight, we talk about Junicon's Innovation Process, our global reach and the challenge of Healthcare Market Sizing. For more information, please contact us at info@junicon.net.



The Junicon Team

Junicon Global Reach


Junicon has been an international entity since our founding, and our global reach has always been something that allows us to provide insight for our clients around the world.  As Junicon has grown, we have expanded our international focus to the point where we can research and interview in 10 different languages: Cantonese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese & Spanish.


Junicon has been able to utilize our local knowledge and language competencies to perform research on behalf of our clients directly in over thirty countries around the world. Additionally, Junicon has over the years developed relationships with trusted research partners, enabling us to expand our global reach to almost fifty countries worldwide. 


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Market Sizing

The evolution of the healthcare market is fast-paced. Emerging technologies and trends reveal new opportunities for firms to grow. New markets emerge allowing innovators to expand towards fresh horizons while current markets are built on shifting sands, pulled in unfamiliar directions by mergers, acquisitions, new differentiators and changing regulatory frameworks.

A key challenge for firms involved in healthcare is to accurately chart the spaces they occupy today or wish to navigate in the future.  Understanding market size, potential, competitive structure and trends is important in any industry, but one that can prove particularly challenging in the healthcare space.

Consider the following:

  • Healthcare is often a distinct subset of an overall market - an overall look at the temporary staffing market does not provide much insight into the market for per diem nursing or locum tenens physicians
  • In markets such as Healthcare IT, new technologies grow spaces and bleed into adjacent (e.g. revenue cycle management incorporates and encompasses other markets such as billing, practice management, eligibility, A&R, EDI etc.)
  • Markets are often gated by clinical discoveries, new evidence, safety fears, expiring patents, etc. Any of these can quickly dethrone incumbents, crown insurgents and redraw boundaries
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Junicon's Customer-Focused Innovation Process


Since 2009 Junicon has been building its own Innovation Consulting Practice that enables our clients to speed up their innovation timelines while being more tightly focused around customer needs. The Junicon Customer-Focused Innovation Process is based on a 4 step process. From the initial Reflection and Analysis to the final Validation we will support you to develop the solutions, products and services that meet your customers' changing needs.


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Our experienced global team of Innovation Experts has a diverse background (healthcare, science, engineering, psychology, market research) and is able to support our clients in the challenging and critically important field of innovation.


Our team will support you from A-Z, from the initial unmet need discovery to the final product development and validation. Contact us at innovation@junicon.net to learn more about how we can support you to innovate around your customer needs.


Junicon's Growing Global Team

Our growing business enables new roles for existing team members and opportunities to expand our team.
Leonel Buchet  AaronPic
Joins Junicon's Barcelona Office 


Leonel Buchet has been working in market research and consulting since 2008. He has 2 years experience working as Executive Manager for TV content markets. Prior to that, Leo was involved in a Brazilian government-run trade-show targeting African countries. After completing a Master of International Commerce at the Sorbonne University of Paris in 2009, he joined Apex-Brazil for a three-month "in the field" operation that took him to Africa to collaborate with associated agencies, and NGOs. Leo then joined Discop, a company that specializes in media sales in emerging marketplaces. Appointed Executive Manager, he was trusted with the supervision of the African office in Dakar, Senegal in order to develop strategic partnerships with broadcasters, research organizations, and conference organizers. In this position, he created innovative tools for benchmarking and key player identification through a consolidated network of trusted contacts. Leo joined Junicon in October 2011 as an analyst and is based in Barcelona. He speaks fluent French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English.


Jessi Skarda  AaronPic
Joins Junicon's San Francisco Office 


Jessi is from Wyoming and has a background in public health. Jessi has multiple years' experience in public health research and working in healthcare settings where she was involved in community education and outreach.  Jessi obtained a Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of Arizona.  She has been working with Junicon since 2011.


Thania Brinks  AaronPic
Joins Junicon's San Francisco Office 


Thania Brinks is originally from Mexico but has lived in the US most of her life. She has a BS from the University of Arizona where she studied microbiology. She has been working with Junicon since 2011 and has ambitions of eventually returning to school to study for a PhD in genetics and infectious disease. When not working, Thania is a keen amateur photographer.


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