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 Society for Pentecostal Studies 
 2016  Annual Meeting
  • Registration opened at on October 1.
  • Special discounts for membership and registration are available for students.
  • For more information, contact Dr. Lois Olena
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 Where in the World is Dr. Hausfeld?       
  • October 2, presenting
    Islam in America seminar, 2-4 p.m. at Seymour Chapel at AGTS, Springfield, Missouri 
  • October 5, Speaking for Oklahoma District Minister's Retreat, Branson, Missouri
  • October 15, preaching at EU Chapel, 10:00 a.m.
  • October 17-18Muslim Awareness Seminar, Community Presbyterian Church, Lombard, Illinois
  • October 19-25Teaching AGTS "Intercultural Urban Ministries" Course, New Life Covenant Church, Chicago, Illinois 
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 From the Office of the Registrar

 Spring 2016 Course Registration
  • Registration for spring 2016 is open on the student portal from November 2- December 11. 
 Priority Spring 2016 Course Registration
 for U.S. Veterans
  • Students who are U.S. veterans may register for classes one business-day early: Friday, October 30. This ensures that veterans get into limited-seating classes.
 Graduation Application Deadlines  
  • Complete and submit the 2015-16 AGTS Graduation Application to the AGTS Registrar's Office by October 30 if you are planning to graduate in December 2015.
  • Complete and submit the application to the AGTS Registrar's Office
    by January 30, 2016, if you are planning to graduate in the spring or summer 2016 semester.
  • Students graduating this fall or next spring (and those approved to graduate next summer) will all participate in the May 2016 Commencement Service.
 FERPA Notification
  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. See the AGTS Student Handbook for guidelines.
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 Business Office News

 Deferred Payment Dates 
  • Accounts not paid in full on or before the first day of the semester incur a "Deferred Payment Fee" of $50.
  • Deferred payments (1/3 of term charges remaining after institutional aid is factored) must be made on or before the following dates: 
    • October 15
    • November 15
 Student Account  Balances 
  • Please log into the EU Student Portal and check your student account balance frequently. 
  • All scholarships, grants, and tuition discounts for the fall 2014 term should post to student accounts on or before September 29.
  • If you are expecting a student loan or financial aid award for the fall and it does not appear on your October statement, or if the amount shown seems incorrect, please notify the AGTS Business Office at  417-268-1039 or 417-268-1035. You may also email Ryan Winters, Coordinator of Business.
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 Financial Aid News
  • Financial Aid Tip:
    Have you taken a look at your financial 
    Dollar Signhealth lately? Check out the student loan debt you have accumulated, so that you can have a good action plan in place after your graduation.
  • Student Loans Database is a great resource to find all of your loans, interest rates, and institutions where you received aid. Then you can use this information to estimate your cost of repayment. Once you have the dollar figure in front of you, remember that you are worth the investment.
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 From the Office of the Dean of Faculty

 Attention Fall Graduates
  • Friday, October 30
    • Comprehensive examination date
    • Deadline to apply for graduation
 The Write Place
  • The Write Place is a free tutoring service available to all Evangel and AGTS students.
  • Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • All appointments can be scheduled through The Write Place Online in Course Commons.

  • If you would like to schedule a last minute appointment, feel free to check the schedule or to drop by The Write Place (located in Trask 202).
  • There is no need to register or enroll in the course. If you are currently enrolled as a student at Evangel or AGTS, you are enrolled in The Write Place Online.

 Spring 2016 Practicums 
  • Students must *apply for/**register online for class credit BEFORE doing a practicum; credit will not be given for those requesting credit or registering after completing practicums.
    • *MAIS students: contact Dr. Paul Lewis, Practicum Instructor (, 417-268-1069).
    • **If you have any questions in preparation for registering for a practicum, contact Dr. Randy Walls, Director of Continuing Education ( or 417-268-1045).
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Faculty News

  James Hernando 
  • October 19-23: Will be traveling to Rivas, Nicaragua over Fall Break with a team from three states (AL, IN, MO). Dr. Hernando's part of the team will be teaching basic principles of biblical interpretation to rural pastors. He will be working with missionaries Ken and Kendra Doutt, of Engage Ministries.They raised the $6000 dollars for the books and the money to travel and attend the seminar. Pastors who attend the meetings will receive a reference tool library of 8 books. 
  • The Hernandos are eagerly awaiting the birth of two granddaughters:  October (son Danny, and wife Caylin) and January (son Eric and wife Aimee).
 Paul Lewis 
  • September 17-20: Attending the Evangelical Missiological Society's annual conference, Duncanville, Texas
  • September 24-27: Attended/served in the AGTS booth at Missio Nexus' annual conference, Orlando, Florida
  • October 29-Nov. 1: Will be attending the Christian Business Faculty Association Conference, Virgini
    Beach, Virginia
  • Editing and publishing the Encounter Journal, an online journal at AGTS. Next edition due for release in October.
 Johan Mostert 
  • September 3-9: Participated in an international consultation with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) in London, England, on Whole Life Discipleship. The 13 invited participants (representing Romania, Netherlands, Trinidad, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Kenya) were all CRU staff members. Dr. Mostert was the only "outsider." The consultation wrestled with the theological challenge of incorporating issues of social justice and service to the poor with their traditional evangelistic approach. Mostert
  • September 16: Launched Discipleship Dynamics, with Dr. Charlie Self, in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with a luncheon for key leaders in the region.
  • September 23-26: Presented a paper on "Discipleship as Applied Ethics in the Context of Faith, Work, and Economics (FWE)" and displayed Discipleship Dynamics at the American Association of Christian Counselors Convention, with Dr. Melody Palm and Dr. Geoff Sutton, Nashville, Tennessee
  • October 22-25: Will speak at a pastoral conference, Fall Discipleship Conference 2015 for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador (PAONL) in Lewisporte, NL, Canada, on "Discipleship and Pastoral Ministry."
 DeLonn Rance
  • October 6-11:Preaching the National Missions Convention for the Assemblies of God of Eucador, Rio Bamba, Ecuador.
  • October 29-31: Preaching the National Youth Convention of the AG of Italy, which has been dedicated to missions, Rome, Italy.
 Charles Self
  • September 16: Launched Discipleship Dynamics, with Dr. Johan Mostert, in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with a luncheon for key leaders in the region.
  • September 26: Facilitated a Faculty In-Service Day for AGTS and STCM Faculty, in Springfield, Missouri, with Dr. Scott Rae (Biola University, Philosophy Department Chair, Talbot School of Theology); presentation focus: Integrating faith, work and economics into our curricula and syllabi as part of our commitment to whole life discipleship.
 Faculty Publications

 Roger Cotton
  • Book published by Global University for use in graduate course, "Studying the Old Testament: Principles and Techniques"  
Johan Mostert
  • Book published by Global University for use 
  • in undergraduate courses in their Intercultural Studies Division, "Cross Cultural Counseling: An Independent-Study Textbook" 

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 Library Highlights

 The Ritualized Revelation       Shalom, the Spirit, and
 of the Messianic Age              Pentecostal Conversion
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