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Day of Renewal 
with guest speaker, Jeff Hartensveld
Tuesday, September 22 
  • Service times: 9:30 am, 1:30 pm, 6:00 pm, in the Seymour Chapel
  • No Classes: Offices Closed
  • Childcare available for 6 pm service
  • Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend 2 of the 3 services
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Alumni Phonathon
September 14 - 15
5:00 - 10:00 pm
Room 116

Sign-up today to be part of the
2015 Alumni Phonathon!!!
  • Join students and faculty as we call alumni to raise funds for student scholarships.
  • Receive 15% of every dollar you raise 
  • Win a $300 scholarship
  • Free dinner
  • Over $1,500 of giveaways and prizes
Sign-up today outside the
Development Office
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 People from AGTS Honored at 
General Council 2015

Dr. H. Glynn Hall
Distinguished Administrator

 Dr. Douglas Oss
Distinguished Educator

Dr. James Railey
Educator - 35 Years  

   Dr. Deborah Gill 
      Educator - 25 Years 

    Dr. David Bundrick
    Administrator - 30 Years

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 Where in the World is Dr. Hausfeld? 
  • September 7-11: Teaching at Continental Theological Seminary, Brussels, Belgium 
  • September 17: Speaking at Trinity Christian Center, Zion, IL
  • September 18-20: Presenting a paper at the Evangelical Missions Society, Dallas, TX
  • September 24-26: Attending the Missio Nexus Conference, Orlando, FL
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 Academic News
 Greater Springfield Professors of Bible
  • All EU and AGTS students and alumni are invited to participate in this meeting, Tuesday, October 6, 3:30-8:00 pm at the EU Crusader Dining Hall (side rooms).
  • Topic of discussion: Old Testament Archaeology and the New Testament and a plenary session with Dr. Wave Nunnally entitled, "What's New in Biblical Geography?"
 Attention Fall 2015 Graduates
  • Deadline to apply for fall graduation: October 31
  • Comprehensive exam date: November 16
 Attention Spring and Summer
 2016 Graduates
  • Deadline to apply for spring or summer graduation: January 30
 Spring Practicums
  • Global Missions Track:
    • Designed for students interested in cross-cultural ministry
    • Fits most AGTS degree programs
    • Contact Paul Lewis about a GMT foreign or domestic practicum
    • Must finalize Spring 2016 practicum in Intercultural Ministry I: August 27-September 4
  • All Other Spring Practicums:
    • Must be approved and processed: September 21-25 or October 5-9
    • Pick up application forms from Randy Walls or Nikki Reeves.
    • Make appointment to see the appropriate practicum professor. 
 Fall Final Exams Week
  • Monday-Friday, December 7-11
 Emergency Contact Info
  • Evangel University Public Safety Office:
    417-865-2815, ext. 7000
 Student Counseling Available
  • Must be currently enrolled as a student at AGTS
  • To arrange appointments, contact Mrs. Lori Kettelkamp at Evangel's Health Services
    (417-865-2815, ext. 7222).
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From the Office of the Registrar

Fall Semester
  • Tuesday, September 8 is the last day to drop or add classes. To drop or add, use the Drop/Add Form found at Registrar's Forms. See the AGTS Catalog for refund policy terms if you are dropping a class. 
  • Complete and sign the form, obtain the required signatures, and submit it to the Registrar's Office no later than September 8. 

Free Audit for Spouses 
  • Spouses of full-time seminarians (9 hours minimum) may audit one class this fall free of charge (by September 8). 
  • If your spouse wants to audit a class for free, see the Audit for Spouse form found at Registrar's Forms
  • Complete and sign and see Connie Cross in the Registrar's Office no later than September 8. 

Student E-mail
  • It is your responsibility to check your AGTS student e-mail account on a regular basis.
  • If you would like information on how to forward e-mail sent to your AGTS e-mail account to your personal e-mail account, please e-mail for instructions. 

Graduation Application Deadlines
  • Are you planning to complete all degree requirements by or before August 1, 2016?
  • Complete and submit the 2015-16 AGTS Graduation Application to the AGTS Registrar's Office by October 30 if you are planning to graduate in December 2015.
  • Complete and submit the application to the AGTS Registrar's Office by January 30, 2016, if you are planning to graduate in the spring or summer 2016 semester. 
  • Students graduating this fall or next spring (and those approved to graduate next summer) will all participate in the May 2016 Commencement Service.
Student Records
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Financial Aid News

AGTS and Evangel Welcome New Financial Aid Counselor,
Samantha Jones

Contact Samantha by email at or by phone at ext. 7512
  • If you are expecting a refund, per your award letter, excess funds will be processed approximately six weeks after the last add/drop date of the semester, or approximately early October.
  • Financial Aid Tip: Good financial planning plays a critical role in the investment of education while establishing realistic goals for debt management for the future. Please call or email to schedule an appointment. I'd be happy to sit down with you to discuss your financial plans!
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Business Office News

Deferred Payment Dates 
  • Accounts not paid in full on or be fore the first day of the semester will incur a "Deferred Payment Fee" of $50. 
  • Deferred payments
    (1/3 of term charges remaining after institutional aid is factored) must be made on or before the following dates: 
    • August 24
    • October 15 
    • November 15
Late Payment Fee
  • Any student account with a debit balance that does not receive payment during a given month will be charged a $25 late payment fee.
Student Refund Checks
  • Students whose accounts reflect a credit balance after all charges and financial aid has posted will be notified by email when their "refund" checks are available for pick-up. Checks are expected to be available October 5-15.
If you have any questions concerning your student account balance and payment options, please contact Ryan Winters at or 417-268-1035

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 News From the Library
 Fall Hours
  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 9:30 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
    • Any exceptions to this schedule over the course of the semester will be posted in advance.
  • Library will be CLOSED on Labor Day, Sept. 7 
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 Faculty News

 James Hernando
  • Summer 2015: Completed university online certification course; developed MATS online course - BNT 530, New Testament Introduction, being offered Fall 2015
 Paul LewisLewis__Paul__smaller edition
  • July 31: Spoke at the Assemblies of God (USA) World Missions: A History of Business as Mission (BAM)." This presentation was made at a BAM consultation by the Assemblies of God World Missions, Orlando, FL.
 DeLonn Rance 
  • August 12-17: Preached and presented workshops at GPM to 150 potential Argentine missionaries, Argentina.
  • September 5-12: Joining in ministry and teaching with wife, Valerie Rance, who will be teaching "Relational Dynamics in Ministry" at CINCEL, San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • September 12-18: Will speak at the Ministerial Educators Summit in the Dominican Republic.
  • Sept. 18-20:  Will attend the Evangelical Missiological Society, Dallas, TX
  • Sept. 23-26: Will attend the Missio Nexus conference, Orlando, FL 
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