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Keeping You Connected

Congratulations to AGTS Graduating Class of 2015!


We welcome you to the Alumni Association! You are joining alums who stand shoulder-to-shoulder in ministry worldwide in over 125 countries and every state in the U.S. We invite you to:

Please help us keep you connected to the community-at-large by notifying us whenever you move, change jobs, or have news to share.  Just e-mail to update your information. We look forward to hearing from you!



Leave a note or photo for retiring AGTS president Byron D. Klaus


Klaus service


As a means of honoring Dr. Klaus, please visit this page to leave him a message, offer a prayer of blessing, share a favorite memory of him and/or share a photo. All messages and photos will be compiled into a special memory book and presented to President Klaus.
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Connect with AGTS President Byron D. Klaus

Check out the latest Prez Release: "Tsunamis of Evil Are Nothing New"


I recently heard a phrase used to describe our current global experience that caught my attention. The statement was made that we live in a tsunami of evil that leaves hopelessness in its wake. It is hard to avoid some version of that tsunami regardless of the part of the globe in which you find yourself.


By nature, I am somewhat of a cynic. I can easily see dark shadows even where good vibes predominate. But because I am prone to pessimism, I have disciplined myself to regard alternative perspectives on the issue or event that is, all too often, seen only through my cynical lenses. One of the alternatives to the tsunamic of evil motif is to acknowledge that we are not the first to face such tsunamis; other eras of human history have also had such dark episodes. Insurmountable, overwhelming, and unjust human structures, which strangle the life from people with an oversized reach, are not new. Read the rest.  



Want young leaders to take part in denominational life? Invite them. Read President Klaus' insightful bog post on Intrust magazine's website



"As a seminary president, I go to a lot of denominational meetings. Usually the average age is somewhere north of "mature," but recently I attended a church meeting in the Midwest and was pleasantly surprised at the number of younger pastoral leaders - and even seminarians - who were present. So I asked around. What was drawing younger leaders to a denominational gathering?" Read the rest.


Following the Prez... 


Dr. Klaus will be at the following events:

  • June 18-20: Speaking at a plenary session for Open Bible Missionary Summit, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • June 22-23: Attending ATS on Global Partnerships, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • June 28-July 3: Teaching at Michigan District AG Summer Camp Meeting, Lost Valley, Mich.
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Alumni of the Year 2015



Daisuke and Yoriko Yabuki, Class of 2009 and 1999

Daisuke and Yoriko serve as the International Ministry Pastors at Central Assembly of God in Springfield, Mo. They are the first supported missionaries sent by the Assemblies of God of Japan to serve in the United States.


At Central Assembly they minister to Japanese people, their American families, and international friends and teach conversational English classes. They partner with the Office of Ethnic Relations at the Assemblies of God National Leadership and Resource Center to host Japanese conferences and have recently formed the first Japanese fellowship in Assemblies of God USA, of which Daisuke is the president and Yoriko is the vice president.

Graduation highlights available


Missed the live stream? Want to relive the moment? No matter your reason, you can watch or listen to the 2015 Commencement, Intercultural Doctoral Studies Investiture and Doctoral Celebration in their entirety online



Golf Tournament



The 8th Annual AGTS Golf Tournament was held on April 30th at the Rivercut Golf Course. Thanks to all our golfers, sponsors and donors who made the golf tournament a huge success. Some of our alumni golfers are pictured above.


Graduation Event Photos


Looking for some great grad shots? Pictures from the 2015 graduation events will be uploaded to the AGTS Facebook photo albums over the next two weeks. Check out our Facebook page and pick your favorites!

Learning from Kids and Their Marshmallows: Don't miss professor Mostert's blog entry on self-discipline

Self-discipline is a skill that must be learned early. It is listed by Paul as one of the fruit that the Holy Spirit is trying to develop in our lives (Galatians 5:25-6). When self-discipline is underdeveloped it results in an entire host of social and psychological problems.

Not only is a lack of self-discipline related to overt behavioral problems like sexual acting out and interpersonal violence, it also affects our cognitive and emotional worlds. When you are unable to control your impulses you find it difficult to delay gratification.

At school children who cannot focus on the difficult tasks of reading, mathematic problem solving and studying for an examination will fail to make the grades that they are intellectually capable of attaining. Teenagers who pass through puberty and into adolescence will find it difficult to harness their sexual urges. Read more.


Refer a student
Do you know someone interested in attending AGTS? Use this online form or connect with Brett Jacques, AGTS Enrollment Representative.
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Alumni News


Troy Jones ('15) launched his new website based on his DMin research. Troy is the pastor of New Life Church located in the Pacific Northwest. New Life has grown over the last 10 years to a congregation of nearly 4000 people meeting on three campuses throughout the region.


Recalibrate is more than an academic theory. It's an intentional practice that has transformed the culture of New Life Church.


Troy received his doctorate, "Relaunching and Revitalization of Established Churches," which contends that to reach the 21st century for the Kingdom, churches must develop new, innovative ways to infuse vision, culture and momentum into established churches. This led to the launch of Recalibrate Network and his upcoming book, Recalibrate or Resign.



Linda Seiler ('14) traveled to Baguio, Philippines to speak at the Asia Institute of Youth Studies at the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary.  This is a strategic opportunity, as the conference is comprised of 110 pastors/national leaders from 15+ nations in Asia Pacific. These pastors primarily minister to university and high school students. 

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Send us your news!

Do you have family or ministry news you want to share?  Send your recent news and photos to and we may publish it in the next newsletter, Rapport magazine, or in our "Alumni Spotlight" website feature.

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Upcoming Events

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May 25 (AGTS building closed)


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May 29


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June 1


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Summer Institute for Islamic Studies

June 29-July 10

Relate and minister to Muslims no matter your context. 


AGTS Alumni Reception at General Council

August 5


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August 25


Labor Day

September 1 (AGTS building closed)

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