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Keeping You Connected

A big thanks!

Thank you AGTS alumni for your generous support of the Pentecostal Leaders Fund. Alumni have given over $43,000 in 2014. We appreciate your support in funding student scholarships.

There's still time to give!
Simply click the "Donate Online" button below. Gifts postmarked by Dec. 31 will receive 2014 giving receipts.


"I am exceedingly grateful for the grants and scholarships I have received for my education. They will enable me to return to my mission field without encumbering debt. The lessened financial burden helps me to focus more on my studies and has enriched my experience at AGTS!"  

--Mary Beth, AGTS student and future missionary to the Arab world.

Alumni Prayerthon
On February 9-10, AGTS students, faculty and staff will be calling alumni to pray for you. Please note there will be no fundraising involved--our sole purpose in calling is to pray for and encourage you.
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Connect with AGTS President Byron D. Klaus


Read the latest Prez Release: "Hillsides and Viral Photos"  

I must admit that the tragedies represented in Ferguson, New York City, and Cleveland pose, to even the most positive person, a significant barrier for gaining traction toward hopeful resolution. Try as I might, I know I have blind spots in understanding these tragic events as my African-American or law enforcement friends may see them. As much as I care about understanding the current tragic episodes where the wounds of mistrust between law enforcement and communities of color have been reopened, I am feeling increasingly helpless as to where to begin. Read the rest.


Dr. Klaus will be at the following events:

  • January 6-10 Attending the Fellowship of Evangelical Seminary Presidents, Scottsdale, Ariz.
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AGTS launches presidential search: Your input requested

Click to review the AGTS presidential profile.


We are pleased to announce the search for the next AGTS president and to invite your nominations for AGTS presidential candidates.

Dr. Byron Klaus has provided exceptional, Spirit-led leadership for AGTS and has provided guidance to the search process. While it is difficult to imagine who might possibly follow Dr. Klaus' leadership, we trust that just as God had called a Joshua to follow Moses, that He is already preparing the heart of the person He is calling to lead the seminary in this next season of equipping men and women to serve the church and the great commission with empowered ministry, biblical answers, and global impact. Learn more about the search and how to participate.



AGTS receives multi-year grant of $75,000 from
V. Eugene and Rosalie DeFreitas Charitable Foundation

The V. Eugene and Rosalie DeFreitas Charitable Foundation recently awarded AGTS a grant of $75,000. As the first installment of a 3-year disbursement, the Seminary received $25,000 in December. The funds will provide new scholarships for current students who are preparing or serving as missionaries in foreign countries. Read the rest.


What does a Spirit-empowered disciple look like?

The Discipleship Task Force was commissioned by the Empowered21 USA cabinet with the purpose of increasing Spirit-filled discipleship in the American church. As an integral member of the task force, AGTS Professor Mostert contributed to a video to help lay out the the vision for growing Spirit-filled disciples.



International Journal of Pentecostal Missiology, Volume 3

The latest International Journal of Pentecostal Missiology is available online now! Volume 3's theme is Spirit-filled women in missions. This collection of insightful papers includes Shellie Bowdoin powerful article, "Third Culture Kids: A Mother's Perspective." Here's a taste:

"The term third culture kid (TCK) refers to a person who has lived outside of his or her parents' culture for a significant portion of his or her developmental years. 'The TCK builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any. Although elements from each culture are assimilated into the TCK's life experience, the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar background.'

... The topic of TCKs is extremely salient to this writer who is a mother of two TCKs as both of her children have lived the majority of their lives overseas. As such, I am keenly aware that their lives bear the indelible mark of cross-cultural life. The various writings in the field of cross-cultural nomads suggest that the TCK life yields a number of benefits; however, it also presents TCKs with a number of possible hurdles that they must learn to navigate throughout the course of their lives ..." Read the rest of Shellie's article and the journal.


Life Changes? 
The Alumni Office is currently updating contact information prior to mailing 2014 Giving Receipts. Please send any name or address changes to

Refer a student

Do you know someone interested in attending AGTS? Use this online form or connect with Dr. Mario Guerreiro, AGTS director of Enrollment Management.
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Faculty News and Publications

Deborah Gill ('78/'79)
  • December 5: Received acceptance to present her paper, "Leaning into a Spirit-filled Life of Ceaseless Prayer through Lectio Divina," at Regent University's Holy Spirit and Christian Formation Conference, March 20-21, Virginia Beach, Va.


Mark Hausfeld ('83)

  • January 17-18: Speaking at the missions convention at Life Church, Fruitland Fla.

  • Presented his paper, "The Economic Substructure in the Parables of Jesus: Implications and Insights" at a fall colloquium on the New Testament and Economics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. His paper will be a chapter in a forthcoming book that consists of articles presented at the colloquium. Read about the conference.

  • In cooperation with Missio Alliance---an interdenominational network purposed to seeing the Church equipped for fuller participation in God's mission---wrote a bog post entitled "Economic Flourishing and Kingdom Impact," in which he discussed empowering lay ministry. Read his post.
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Books and Publications

Gary Black ('09) published a new book with Fortress Press, Exploring the Life and Calling, which is the first in a series called Foundations for Learning.

In this introductory volume, Black asserts that while the primary subjects of seminary and professional church work training may dominate the interests of students, students must engage in the principal pursuit of understanding, then applying, Christian theology. Black argues that the thread of theology must be distinctly woven through each of the other disciplines of biblical exegesis, ministerial leadership, spiritual formation, counseling, preaching and worship.

Exploring the Life and Calling is available here.

Resource Publications recently released Stephen Rosenberger's ('06) new book, The Relation Equation. Rosenberger designed his book to expose both the subversively held and overtly understood nuances of relationships in order to view them through the lens of a commonly accepted formula for equity. As an author, speaker, teacher and pastor, Rosenberger helps readers understand challenging, abstract concepts by connecting them to familiar paradigms. 

The Relation Equation is available here.
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Alumni News

Barbara Gilliam ('14) was voted the president of Women in Ministry at Southern California AG Women in Ministry in the Greater Los Angeles area.




David ('00) and Kelly Godzwa, missionaries to Mexico, are itinerating. They long to see the Yucatan peninsula full of churches that are diverse in class, status, education and language, but united in their love for the Lord and one another. They're looking forward to rejoining their partners in reaching communities, breaking bonds and transforming lives.   



David McCollough's ('98) thesis, Ritual Water, Ritual Spirit: An Analysis of the Timing, Mechanism, and Manifestation of Spirit Reception in Luke-Acts written for his Ph.D. in New Testament at London School of Theology was successfully examined by Max Turner and Glenn Balfour.  


Tony Raffa ('12) serves as the Executive secretary/treasurer for the Appalachian District, as well as the director/vice president of academic affairs at the Appalachian District School of Ministry. He previously served as the lead pastor at Parkersburg First, Parkersburg, W.Va.


Unhui Roedder ('05) was instrumental in organizing an outreach for 1,200 children and building a children's center in Nyakabuye, Rwanda. Read all about it.


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Upcoming Events

Christmas Break

December 24-January 2 (AGTS Building closed) 

New Student Orientation/Spring Semester Begins

January 5


Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

January 19 (AGTS Building closed)


Stanley M. Horton Lectureship, AGTS,
Seymour Chapel

February 3-5
Dr. Craig Keener ('85/'87) will speak on the topic "The Mind of the Spirit."

Alumni Prayerthon

February 9-10

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