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Keeping You Connected



In a thought-provoking AGTS chapel service on October 3, Marc Turnage ('96 EU grad), executive director of the Center for Holy Land Studies, shared how the archeology of first century Galilee informs the way we perceive and study Jesus. Watch it here! 


Interested in understanding the Bible better within its historical and physical setting? The Center provides unparalleled opportunities and resources for you to encounter your faith where it began. Learn more here.

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President Byron Klaus with AG General Superintendent (Ethiopia)
Yonnes Atefaine
Connect with AGTS President Byron D. Klaus


Catch up on the latest Prez Release: "Hopeful but Stuck"

This time of year confronts me with an enduring dilemma. You may catch my drift when I say I am a life-long Chicago Cubs fan at the end of another miserable season! George Will's recent book, entitled A Nice Place on the North Side: Wrigley Field at 100
, was a birthday present from my sister. Only the wit and philosophical side of a commentator like George Will could begin to analyze the curse on my team. Will has famously said, "The Cubs haven't just had a bad year, they've had a bad century." Read the rest.

Check out this must-watch interview with President Klaus on the future of the church


A Conversation with Byron Klaus
A Conversation with Byron Klaus

Dr. Klaus will be at the following events:

  • October 27-28: Board Meeting Forum for Theological Education, Atlanta, Ga.
  • November 2-7: AG Executive Leadership Conference, Sarasota, Fla.
  • November 12-14: Seminary Board of Advisors/ University Board of Trustees meeting, Springfield, Mo.
  • November 30: Preaching at Grace AG, New Whiteland, Ind.
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What's next for Evangel University? Q & A with President Carol Taylor



Shortly after her October 10 inauguration as the fourth president of Evangel University, Carol Taylor sat down with the Springfield News-Leader and answered some questions regarding the future of the university and its embedded seminary. Read the interview here.






2014 Day of Renewal

On September 23, the AGTS community set the day aside to seek God. Fasting from work and classes, we purposefully set our hearts, minds and bodies on a path toward God during three no-frill services that included worship, preaching and prayer. Special guest Jennifer Gale ('99), vice president of student life at the University of Valley Forge, spoke powerfully and poignantly about a believer's need for true soul rest. Click here to watch the services. 


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We're looking for pictures of you in your current ministry context. Send your highest resolution photos to by November 5, and we might just make you famous! 


Refer a Student

Do you know someone interested in attending AGTS? Use this 
online form or connect with Dr. Mario Guerreiro, AGTS director of Enrollment Management.
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Faculty Publications

Dr. Beth Grant's ('79) new book, Courageous Compassion: Confronting Social Injustice God's Way, was published and released by My Healthy Church in August 2014. It is available in digital and print editions through My Healthy Church and Amazon. A Spanish edition will be available in November.



Dr. James Hernando's ('78) insightful article, "Spiritually Blind?" appeared in the October 12, 2014 issue of the Pentecostal Evangel. Read it here.



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Faculty News

As part of the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment initiative, Johan Mostert and Charles Self have posted several insightful blog entries that reflect whole-life discipleship in a variety of topics from marathoning to personal tragedy. Led by Mostert and Self, the Discipleship Dynamics Assessment is a biblical, comprehensive tool offering individuals and churches a clear understanding of their current discipleship maturity in 5 Dimensions and up to 40 Outcomes that touch on all facets of the Christian life. Click here to learn more.

Deborah Gill ('78,'79) 
  • November: Visiting sites where people came to know Christ intimately through the power of the Holy Spirit in history and today---United Kingdom, Europe and Scandinavia. Among them are ancient Celtic Christian sites and a contemporary Pentecostal monastery in Sweden. 
  • November 5-7: Attending the Missio Alliance Steering Team Meeting, Chicago, Ill.
  • November 18: Attending the Oikonomia Network Advisory Board Meeting, San Diego, Calif.
  • November 19: Speaking to the Silicon Valley Republican Women and The Values Advocacy Coalition on the topic, "Our Response to Global Jihad," Los Gatos, Calif.
  • November 23: Preaching at New Hope International Church, Sunnyvale, Calif.
  • November 30: Preaching at Family Christian Center AG,
    Dixon, Calif.
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Alumni News




John Battaglia ('89,'05) is assuming the role of Missouri state minister for Capitol Commission, a ministry to state legislators.

Debra Brown ('07) is now the Department of Behavioral Sciences chair, director of the social work program and associate professor at the University of Valley Forge. Get the details here.

Rochelle Cathcart ('07) married Barrett Scheuermann on August 8, 2014. She serves as the director and assistant professor of Intercultural Studies at Lincoln Christian University, Ill.

Adjunct professor Larry Dean Cooper ('80,'04) was awarded the School of the Ozarks Meritorious Award for Distinguished Community Service. He also serves on the consolidated Evangel University Alumni Board. Click here to read more.


Craig Keener ('85,'87) has published the following articles:
  • "First-Person Claims in Some Ancient Historians and Acts." Pages 9-23 in Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism 10, 2014.
  • "Luke-Acts and the Historical Jesus." Pages 600-623 in Jesus Research: New Methodologies and Perceptions. The Second Princeton-Prague Symposium on Jesus Research. Ed. James Charlesworth with Brian Rhea and Petr Pokorny. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2014.
  • "A Review of MacArthur's Strange Fire." Pages 35-58 in Strangers to Fire: When Tradition Trumps Scripture. Edited by Robert W. Graves. Foreword by J. Lee Grady. Woodstock, Ga.: The Foundation for Pentecostal Scholarship, 2014.
  • "Are Spiritual Gifts for Today?" Pages 135-62 in Strangers to Fire: When Tradition Trumps Scripture. Edited by Robert W. Graves. Foreword by J. Lee Grady. Woodstock, Ga.: The Foundation for Pentecostal Scholarship, 2014.
  • (Editor): But These Are Written ... Essays on Johannine Literature in Honor of Professor Benny C. Aker. Edited by Craig S. Keener, Jeremy S. Crenshaw, and Jordan Daniel May. Eugene, Ore.: Pickwick Publications, 2014.
  • (Author): "One Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Days: A Charismatic-Prophetic Empowerment Reading of Time and God's People in the Book of Revelation." Pages 235-46 in But These Are Written ... Essays on Johannine Literature in Honor of Professor Benny C. Aker. Edited by Craig S. Keener, Jeremy S. Crenshaw, and Jordan Daniel May. Eugene, Ore.: Pickwick Publications, 2014.


Christy D. McDougall, ('09) has been blogging about her experiences from her unique perspective as a single female missionary who is itinerating. She hopes to soon have enough support to begin her first term teaching at the Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium. Read Christy's blog here.



John Miller ('01,'14) is making plans to plant a church in San Diego, Calif.


Joel and Rachel Triska (both '08) reflect on the challenges and rewards of pastoring together in the September 2014 issue of Christianity Today's Leadership Journal. Read the full article, "Sharing the Stage."



Leah Wilson ('08) was recently interviewed by the Pentecostal Evangel about the challenges and triumphs of being a counselor to college students. Check it out here.


Peggy Wobbema ('94,'07) retired from Cox Hospital after serving 21 years as a hospital chaplain. She began a full-time pastorate in Mellette, S.D. on October 1.

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