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TopOctober 2013
Awards to Faculty Members


Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education Awards Hernando


Dr. James Hernando Distinguished Educator's Award



  • Dr. Roger Cotton
  • Educator Award
  • (for 25 years of service)

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  • Thurday, October 3, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and their family members are invited to a night of FREE family fun at Incredible Pizza.
  • Each participant will receive a free pizza buffet, a $5 game card, and one free ticket to an attaction. 
  • RSVP required by October 2: Sign up sheet available in the Student Lounge. 
  • You won't want to miss this evening of free family fun with the AGTS community!

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Second Hogan Lecture  

  • Dr. Joseph Dimitrov will speak on the topic, "The Spirit of the Lord or the Lord of the Spirit: European Pentecostal Theological Implications Seen through Luke's Theological Scheme of the Jordan Baptism Event."
  • Thursday, October 10, at 2:00 p.m., in the chapel

Center for Islamic Studies Colloquium 


Wednesday, October 30 at 1 p.m.

  • Mark Renfroe, AGWM missionary, will speak on the topic, "Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa."
  • Mark Renfroe is the area director of the Middle East and North Africa. He leads about 100 personnel to "Feed the poor, educate the marginal, provide hope to the hopless and bring the healing power of Jesus into the lives of everyone they meet."

Public Safety


 Safe Walk Program
  • EU Public Safety provides 24-hour escort service to your car.           
  • To request an escort, call 417-865-2815, extension 7000.

New Policy in the Library


  • The Board of AdministraFod and Drinktion approved a new policy regarding food and drinks in the library: "AGTS requests that Library Patrons use care in the consumption of food and beverages. Users will be responsible for costs related to any damages to the library collection or facilities resulting from spills or other mishaps." 
  • The prohibition of food and beverages (with the exception of bottled water) in the chapel still stands.
Where in the World is
Dr. Klaus? 
  • October 28-29: Fund for Theological Education Board Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
  • November 3-6: Executive Leadership Meetings, Newport Beach, California.

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Academic News  


Free 2014 Writing Tool 

  • Using "" willimprove your writing and enhance your grades!
  • AGTS has renewed its license for this online program for checking the quality of writing-including grammar, style, and plagiarism.
  • We are providing this service free of charge to all students and faculty.
  • Instructions for use are available on the Student Portal.   

Attention Fall Graduatescap

  • Monday, November 18--date for comprehensive examinations

Fall Study Week

  • Monday-Friday, October 21-25   

Spring 2014 Practicums

  • Students must apply and register for class credit BEFORE doing a practicum; credit will not be given for those requesting credit after completing practicums.
  • Pick up practicum forms from Randy Walls or Nikki Reeves; if doing a counseling practicum, acquire form from Jami Pool.

  • October 7-11: Schedule appointment with practicum professor.

  • Counseling practicum applicants must complete the required application and present proof of malpractice insurance before approval.

  • For further information, contact Janice Brueggemann, 417-268-1070.

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Registration NoticeDrop add

  • Registration for the 2014 Spring semester is scheduled for the week of November 4-8. 

New Email or Local Address?

 Student Records

 Graduation Information (May 2014) 


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Business Office News 

New Building Hours

  • All students, faculty, and staff will  have access to the AGTS building during the following hours:
    • Monday-Saturday: 6:00 a.m. til midnight
    • Sunday: Closed

Deferred Payment Schedule

  • Deferred payments for the fall semester are August 26, October 15, and November 15.
  • Past due accounts are subject to a $25 per month late fee.

Financial Registration for Fall 2013 

  • Financial Registration will be completed on Evangel University's website. On thDollar Signe home page, select "Students" at the top of the screen, then log into the Student Portal, completing each item on the AGTS checklist.
    • Student loans, discounts, and scholarships will continue to be processed through AGTS.
  • Please note: Payments on student accounts will still be remitted to "AGTS" not Evangel University for the 2013-2014 academic year.

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Financial Aid NewsBullock_Amanda


Need assistance with Financial  Aid Questions?
  • Contact Amanda Teel by email or call  

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Library News 

Fall AGTS Library Hours library

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m.- 9:30 p.m.
  • Saturday:10 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Exceptions to these hours will be posted in advance. 

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Faculty News


James Hernando


October 19-26: Co-leading a missionary trip to Nicaragua. He will teach basic principles of biblical interpretation at Martin Luther University and in a pastors' seminar in Managua. His wife, Moira, will lead their church team to do benevolence ministry, working with the AG Engage ministry.


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Johan Mostert


August: Was the plenary speaker for the international conference for Word for the World (WFTW) in Pretoria, South Africa. WFTW is the only international Bible translation association that was started outside the West. They concentrate on empowering indigenous workers to manage the translation process in their own nations.


He also ministered to the international leaders on issues on "Whole Life Discipleship."


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DeLonn Rance


August 24-30: Presented a paper at the Pentecostal World Missions Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and participated in the Pentecostal World Missions Forum and the Pentecostal World Conference

September 9-13: Facilitated a course at CINCEL in San Jose, Costa Rica

September 19-21: Participated in the Missio Nexus Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas


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Charlie Self


October 7-9: Keynote speaker for Acton at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia


October 21-23: Speaking and consulting at Trinity Bible College for the Kern Family Foundation in Ellendale, North Dakota


October 24-26: Presenting Kern Grant leadership training at The Oaks Assembly of God in Dallas, Texas

October 28-29: Participating in the Missio Alliance Steering Committee in Alexandria, Virginia


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Ava Oleson


September 11-14:

Spoke on the topic The Art of Leadership:Insuring Long-term Sustained Impact. The workshop focused on five leadership competencies: 1)Connectivity, 2)Engaging, 3) Positive Framing, 4) Self Clarity,and 5)Finding One's voice.


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