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Kern Family Foundation awards grant to AGTS

Springfield, Missouri---July 26, 2013---The Kern Family Foundation, Inc., in Waukesha, Wisconsin, recently awarded a grant of $199,432 to the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) to support the integration of the theology of work and economics into educational programs.

"We are deeply grateful to the Kern Family Foundation for their continued investment in the seminary which makes this life changing project possible," said AGTS President Byron D. Klaus.


The proposal focuses on articulating evidences/outcomes of discipleship that integrate spiritual, personal, relational, vocational and economics/work dimensions of whole-life discipleship. Web-based assessments and discipleship resources will be created and organized so that believers can celebrate progress, receive help and multiply their influence in fulfilling the Great Commission. These new outcomes will be tested in four leading churches to continue to refine leadership training. The team is working closely with Rev. Alton Garrison, assistant general superintendent of the AG, and other AG national office leaders and broader Pentecostal/Charismatic networks committed to 21st century discipleship.


The co-investigators providing leadership for this grant project are Dr. Charlie Self, professor of Church history, and Dr. Johan Mostert, professor of community psychology. Other team members include:

  • Dr. Byron Klaus, president;
  • Dr. Steve Lim, professor of leadership and ministry;
  • Dr. Deborah Gill, professor of biblical studies and exposition;
  • Dr. Melody Palm, director of counseling programs;
  • Dr. Jay Taylor, director of spiritual formation and student services; and
  • Dr. Randy Walls, director of continuing education. 

The team is leading focus groups across the nation for the purpose of

  • Creating new discipleship curricula at all levels;
  • Designing related apps for smart phones and tablets;
  • Infusing whole-life discipleship into current courses and syllabi where possible;
  • Continuing to publish outstanding student papers;
  • Convening events that equip pastors, church administrators and other leaders; and
  • Resourcing faculty.

As a result of this grant, the team is preparing to publish its second book and many more articles on whole-life discipleship. It is continuing to seek publishing venues for the best student work on the topic. Through greater partnership with national church ministries devoted to spiritual growth, they expect to provide the Church with new tools that will foster growth and accountability among constituents.


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