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Consolidation Update

The Transitional Board of Trustees for the consolidation of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Central Bible College and Evangel University met early in November to work on board assignments with the Administration/Management Teams that have been appointed.  Pending approval from the Higher Learning Commission to consolidate the schools, teams of trustees and college personnel will manage Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Leadership, Fiscal Affairs, and Advancement as work of the consolidation moves ahead.


I reported to the trustees that the Higher Learning Commission has notified the presidents of the three schools of their scheduled on-site visit November 28-30, 2012.  The HLC will send an agenda for this meeting and outline those they wish to meet during that time.


Dr. Robert E. Cooley, consultant for the consolidation, provided training for the trustees on their responsibilities in the proposed participatory governance of the consolidated university.  "Effective universities are the direct result of an effective board," he noted and said the work of the board is to fulfill the mission of the university with economic sustainability.  Much of the two days was spent in outlining how a board fulfills its duties.


Members of the five trustee teams, along with their corresponding administrative/management teams met to adopt a team charter.  The charters will give direction to the tasks for the groups.  The teams also listed issues that will be addressed in the March 2013 meeting of the Board of Trustees.


Under the shared governance structure proposed for the consolidated university, the Board of Trustees' teams will work jointly with the administrative management groups and faculty to affect the programs of the school.


At this point, until we receive approval for consolidation from the HLC, the board can only plan because it has no authority.


Attention was given to the nature of an embedded seminary in the consolidated university.  It was noted that AGTS will continue its role as a graduate theological institution, accredited by the ATS.  The curriculum and academic programs of the School of Theology and Church Ministries will be under the administrative direction of the Dean of the School of Theology and the Associate Dean for undergraduate studies, who will work jointly with the University Provost and the Seminary President.


The Seminary President and the Provost, working with the School Dean and the Associate Dean will guide the faculty, who shall serve both the Seminary and the School of Theology and the Church Ministries.


The Board of Trustees meets again in March to consider issues that need to be addressed as we move ahead with the consolidation.



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