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Welcome to Your August 2016 Newsletter!
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I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine around the state. Tobogganing into the sea on a hot day in August looks like daring fun! If anyone is hurling themselves into the sea, please send pictures especially as the MSCN newsletter is looking for articles and photos for future issues! 

In this month's news, you will see that Lewiston-Auburn Senior College has sent in a recent outdoor adventure report (where it appears no one got wet) visiting Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge.

This month we also have an open thank you message from the Gold LEAF Institute. They recently drew upon the collective knowledge and experience of the Maine Senior College Network's board members via "Ask MSCN." One Senior College board can ask a question of the other sixteen Senior College boards using Ask MSCN. Somehow, Board Presidents and Board Chairs find the time to either reply themselves or forward the question on to another knowledgeable board member. This allows the Senior Colleges to share their creative problem-solving approaches and provide valuable encouragement to each other. 

Finally, a big thank you to all the Senior College Board members who have recently finished their board terms. And welcome to all new Board members taking up positions on behalf of your Senior Colleges. Without you, we would not have Senior Colleges in Maine! 

ThanksGold LEAF Institute:

This newsletter piece begins with a big THANK YOU to the many senior college representatives who responded to the Gold LEAF request for information on staffing issues.  Anne Cardale was so helpful in sending along our few, but important, questions;  little did the Gold LEAF Institute (GLI) Board guess that such helpful insights and info would come our way.  Thanks for taking the time, and doesn't this point out the need for one of those awesome conferences at which we share these sorts of details?
Now for a progress report:  The stars have shined brightly on us and five members have stepped forward to join our board, filling out positions left by those who served willingly for quite some time but need now to step back.  In addition to the new board members, a few others have simply exchanged "hats" and remain on the board in different roles.  They bring the added advantage of having a longer historical sense of things and also a fuller understanding of how the various committees work.

During our spell of time (most of May and half of June) with a vacancy in our office management, we took inspiration from the many of you out there who run your LLIs with only volunteer help.  Thus, we managed to do the same, and this during our busiest time of the year, with membership renewals and course registrations steadily arriving at our door.  

Now, with a great sigh of relief, we are happy to let the other senior colleges know that our office is once again well staffed and that somehow we didn't drive away our board in the meantime.  In fact, at a July potluck meeting at the home of our president Mary Viruleg and her husband Andy, retiring board members were praised and thanked for their service.  With only one board position yet to fill, we lean back to enjoy the riches of Maine's seniors, always willing to pitch in where needed.  

Submitted by Eileen Kreutz, MSCN Liaison, Gold LEAF Institute

LASCoutdoorsLewiston-Auburn Senior College Outdoor Adventure Group at Umbagog

On Monday, July 25th, 11 members of the L-A Senior College Outdoor Adventure Club spent three hours on a Pontoon Boat Cruise through the Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge. According to the website, in 1972, "the Secretary of the Interior designated part of the wetlands at Harpers Meadow as a Floating Island National Natural Landmark." Then in 1992, "the refuge was officially established with the primary purpose of protecting wetlands and wetland-associated wildlife and to protect migratory birds."
Lake Umbagog at Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge

The refuge is located along the New Hampshire/Maine border. Lake Umbagog is more than seven miles in length and covers over 7,000 acres. With an average depth of only 15 feet, Pontoon Boats are able to get close to the shoreline and navigate through the bogs and marshlands. The refuge is home to many different species and provides the perfect breeding
ground for birds, and waterfowl.
LA Senior College Outdoor Adventure Group at the Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge :
 Left to Right: Joanne Sabourin, Barbara Oliver, Mary Jane Beardsley, Sue Tymoczko, Adriann Tucker, Cindy Boyd, Patricia Hall, Charlotte and Les Bosworth. Kneeling: Claire Bruno and Pat Vampatella

A special treat was seeing the young moose swimming across the Androscoggin River right in front of the boat.
Mother Nature provided the group with a perfect day to be out on the lake with our picnic lunches. Aside from the magnificent scenery, added treats included loon sightings, bald eagles, and a young moose swimming across the Androscoggin River right in front of the boat.

Eric, the boat's captain and guide from Northern Waters Outfitters, entertained the group with a running narrative on the history of the region, its geological features, and conservation measures for the Magalloway, Rapid and Androscoggin Rivers. All in all, a wonderful adventure!!

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