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Issue No. 44
December 2013
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Welcome to Your December Newsletter!
Well it's that time of year again!  I was looking for a winter image for the newsletter and came across this one.  Townspeople and businesses in Bethel, Maine created "Olympia" the snow-woman, named after Maine senator Olympia Snowe, which is 122 feet, one inch high. It set a new Guinness world record, breaking a snowman also made in Bethel in 1999. It took more than a month to build, had a 100-foot scarf, 27-foot evergreen trees for arms, and the eyelashes were made of old skis donated from nearby ski resort Sunday River.  It's amazing what people can do when they work together!

Enjoy this month's newsletter and have a great holiday season!



Kali Lightfoot

Executive Director

Maine Senior College Network    


2014 Poet Laureate Contest 

Who Will Be MSCN's Next
Poet Laureate?
Do you write poetry or would you like to give it a try? Are you a member of a Maine Senior College? If so, you could become the next MSCN Poet Laureate! It's easy to enter -- simply  email a poem you have written to Fran Myers at the MSCN office. Or mail a printout of your poem to:

Fran Myers
Maine Senior College Network
University of Southern Maine
P.O. Box 9300
Portland, ME 04104

Be sure to include:
1. Your name
2. Address
3. Telephone number
4. Email address
5 Name of your senior college

Each Maine Senior College member may enter one poem.  The poem must be previously unpublished with the exception of having been published in the MSCN e-newsletter.
The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2013. The winning poem will be published in the MSCN e-newsletter, and the new MSCN Poet Laureate will receive an Amazon Kindle e-book reader. We're looking forward to reading poetry from members across the state!

Visual Memoirs at SAGE

They came to class with giant tote bags and wheeled carts, massive plastic bins, bulging plastic bags and overflowing storage boxes.  They carried glue guns, scissors, rocks, fabric, paper, cabinet cards, Girl Scout badges, baby shoes, tintypes, World War II medals, games pieces, canning equipment, and just about anything else they could load up for the four week SAGE class at UMPI in Presque Isle. 
Adelma O'Bar, of Caswell, made a box assemblage about canning, which she does all summer long and even into the fall every year.  She volunteers at a food pantry 3 - 4 days a week and cans any leftover fruits or vegetables.

Called Visual Memoirs, this class was a rather unique offering at SAGE, as Marliee Morgan said, "not much lecture but lots of hands on".  The course was created by Pam Crawford, a new SAGE member who had taken a written memoirs class at SAGE last spring.  A self-taught artist and recently retired teacher, she realized then that many people who do not wish to write memoirs might well enjoy creating a 3-D memoir instead, using collected memorabilia to do so.
Crawford provided examples of visual memoir pieces she had created in the past: art quilts, jewelry, assemblages, fabric books, altered books, and even an altered tambourine.  Students were encouraged to determine how they might best depict the memories they wanted to share via art and to develop a piece over the duration of the class.
Submitted by - Pam Crawford for SAGE
Belfast Launches New Website

Senior College at Belfast has a brand new website. Take a moment to visit and look out for the link to our fabulous updated "E-news" newsletter. We hope to have online registration by August, 2014!

Submitted by - Sara Shute for Belfast Senior College
Tri-County Mental Health Talks to Senior College about "Holiday Blues"


We all know someone who is dealing with depression.  Severe depression is debilitating, but there are levels of depression, and even a mild case such as being down in the dumps can take its toll.  This was the focus of To Your Health's latest offering, "How to Keep the Holidays Happy - Managing the Holiday Blues." The expert presenters were Torrey Harrison, LCSW, and Stephanie LeBlanc, LCSW, both from Tri-County Mental Health.
Torrey Harrison and Stephanie LeBlanc from Tri-County Mental Health shared tips on how to manage the holiday blues.
The symptoms of depression, whether minor or severe, include: feelings of sadness or unhappiness, changes in appetite (eating too much or not enough), loss of interest or pleasure, lack of energy, oversleeping or insomnia, and irritability, frustration, agitation.  Harrison and LeBlanc said that one in ten Americans are impacted by depression, either personally or through a loved one, they also told us that 80% of people struggling with depression do not seek help.



Submitted by  - Kathleen DeVore for Western Mountains

Winter Warmups Program For Sunrise Begins


When the SSC semester programs are finished, the Special Programs Committee fills in the time between semesters with their winter and summer programs.  All are free to the membership, and this winter, all four programs will be open to the public.


Offerings include:

Sunday, December 8th,as the Machiasport Historical Society invites SSC members and the public to their open house celebration for the holiday season.  


To kick off the New Year 2014, the program on January 11th will focus on "Making a Difference:  Giving Back to Your Community". 
Tim Caverly, past supervisor of the Maine Waterways, and author of several books, including "The Allagash Haunting Trilogy," will speak to our group on January 25th on the topic, "Allagash Tails and Tales."

And, finally, Betty Duzen will again thrill us with another impression of a US President's wife, as she does every year, during Presidents Day weekend, on February 16th.
For more details on all these programs click here! 


Submitted by - Joan Miller for Sunrise
Penobscot Valley Hosts Leonard's Mills Forest and Logging Museum

PVSC members were treated to a wealth of information about forests in Maine: the history of logging in Maine, the economic impact of forests, the process of counting trees, and the current status of Maine's forests.  Robert Frank Jr., a member of the Board of Directors at Leonard's Mills, cited many interesting facts and statistics about forests in Maine:

89% of the land in Maine is trees as compared to 2% in Kansas. 
There is twice the volume of wood in Maine today as compared to the 1950's. 
Efficiencies have contributed to the job decline in logging-Before 1960 the average logger produced 9 cords of wood/week and now the average is 76 cords/week/logger. 
*The first sawmill built in Bangor was in 1772. 
*By 1880 the S. D. Warren paper mill in Westbrook, Maine, was the largest in the world.
Pictured above are Sherry Davis and Robert Frank. Robert is holding a log of Colorado Spruce that he cut in early September.Two months later the equivalent of 4 lb. and 12 ounces of water, the amount of water in the jar held by Sherry, evaporated from the log illustrating the importance of drying wood before attempting to burn it.
Sherry Davis talked about the history of Leonard's Mills.   Incorporated in 1960, the museum has grown and now includes 75 structures.  The museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing artifacts, documents, tools, equipment and stories related to the history of the Maine woods, especially the pioneer and lumbering periods.  Efforts are underway at Leonard's Mills to restore a Lombard Steam Log Hauler, built in 1910.  Thanks to the help of more than 150 individuals, donors and the University of Maine Mechanical Engineering students, the restoration project nears the goal to be operational.  Sherry said the museum would again offer horse drawn sled rides this winter, which have been a big hit with families. Beginning on January 12, 2014, sled rides will take place between 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM every Sunday through March 2---weather permitting.  


Please visit the website or like them on Facebook. 


Submitted by - Helen Genco for Penobscot Valley 
South Coast Offers First
 Photography Course
The course was billed as Basic Photography, but under the guidance of a the 2008 Maine Professional Photographer Associate (MPPA) of the Year  and one of only 6 Certified Members of the Professional Photographers of America in Maine, Bob Akers offered students so much more.

Starting with week one of the six week course, we explored all the workings of our diverse cameras and then many of us were brought up to date on the ins and outs of digital vs. film. Over the following weeks we went from understanding the workings of our cameras through to using Adobe Photoshop. Working through the course with Bob was truly a great experience for us.  But don't take my word for it. Click here to see what students said about the course.

Submitted by -  Maureen Simmons for South Coast

Franco-American Collection Topic of "Food For Thought"   

James Myall, Coordinator of the Franco-American Collection at USM Lewiston Auburn College,  will be the presenter at the USM LAC Senior College "Food
for Thought" 11:30 luncheon on Friday, December 13.  (Photo by Rachel Morin)

 Myall, will present a brief history of the Franco-American Collection which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.  The Collection began as a high
school project at St. Dominic High School and grew to become part of a community cultural heritage organization before it was given to USM when the
Lewiston-Auburn College opened in 1988.  Myall will give an overview of the Collection, its holdings, and how it is used by students, academics and members of the public.  He will also highlight some of his favorite photos
and artifacts from the Collection.
Myall taught a class on French North America this fall semester. He holds an M.A. in Ancient History and Archaeology and is proficient in French.  He works with local organizations including the Museum L/A, the Franco Center and the Androscoggin Historical Society. In addition to managing the Collection and teaching classes at Senior College,he also teaches at USM LAC in the Arts and Humanities.  

Senior College, now in its 15th year, presents the monthly 11:30 luncheon program in the Function    Room 170 at USM LAC. The cost, which includes
lunch, is $7 with advance reservation or $8 at the door. Reservations must be made by noon on December 12 by calling 753-6510. Any late callers will be
considered "at the door."   


submitted by - Rachel Morin for Lewiston-Auburn 
Belfast Spends a Day Touring 


Fifty-one members from Belfast Senior College took a docent-led tour of the new Lunder Wing the Colby College Museum of Art. There was more in the gorgeous new wing than we could possibly take in, but we did see Chinese art objects as well as paintings by John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, James McNeil Whistler bronzes by Remington and Daniel Chester French. We were able to get a real overview of the galleries and get our bearings for future visits when we will have more time to browse. More visits are planned as believe it or not, admission to this state-of-the-art museum is free! 
  Distillery at Sweetgrass Winery

Our afternoon stop in Union was the cozy and beautiful Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery, where the real fun began!  It's location is beautifully rural and the interior is warm and inviting. We were given a brief history and overview of the business and how the couple that started came to do so. Everyone received a complimentary tasting glass and a chance to taste six different fruity wines, ports, and spirits.  They source all of their ingredients in Maine and distribute only in Maine.  Apparently, it gets complicated once you cross the border. If you're passing anywhere near Union, this should be on your itinerary. We boarded our bus after passing sobriety tests and arrived back in Belfast smarter and more relaxed than we were when we set out.  A perfect day!

Submitted by - David Ruberti for Belfast 
Ken Burns' "The War " 8 Week Class At South Coast

This eight week course in World War II focusing on Ken Burns' epic documentary "The War" has so far been an engaging and sometimes emotional experience for all participants.In addition to viewing the film, the conversation following each showing (there are seven parts, one shown each week) has proven to be fascinating as memories and thoughts evoked by the segment are shared.Each class member brings his or her own experience.One class member is a veteran of the war, and was on his way to Japan when peace was declared.He ended up as a part of the occupation forces.Another has reawakened the pain of losing his other brother to injuries sustained in the war.A third member, now 85 years old, is trying to trace the path of her longtime partner who was a part of the 5thArmy's invasion of Hitler's forces in Italy.All the stories are testimony of the trauma of the most important event of the twentieth century.

Submitted by - Maureen Simmons for South Coast
Save the Date !
 Maine Summit on Aging

Speaker of the House Mark Eves and the Maine Council on Aging Invite You to Attend

8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Augusta Civic Center North Wing  


The rapid aging of Maine's population and workforce has significant implications for Maine's economic growth and is challenging state leaders to find innovative ways to attract and retain workers, create new housing and transportation opportunities for older adults, and deliver supports and services to keep people healthy and thriving in their homes and communities. Participating in Lifelong Learning, attending Senior College, and engaging in creative pursuits are important components of thriving in Maine. 

Our state has the opportunity to be a national leader in developing strategies to solve these challenges.  This Summit on Aging will build on the vision and ideas generated by business, higher education, philanthropic and policy leaders at the Speaker's Round Table Discussions on Aging held this fall.  Ideas generated at both events will be used to create a short-range plan to be implemented in the coming months and years.  We need your participation and bright ideas to help Maine lead in the creation of an Aging Friendly Maine made up of Aging Friendly Communities.

Open to the public.  Registration fee is $20.00; scholarships available.  Anyone who is interested in the future of Maine's economy should attend, including leaders in business, finance, industry, public policy, higher education, health care, housing development, philanthropy, social services, public safety and local and state governance.

To register go to summit registration.  For more information contact Jessica Maurer .
The Poet's Corner

My 70th Birthday


I crossed a frontier without a passport

no questions were asked nor visa required.

Into a country of old men I passed;

my destination clear enough,

although the path remained obscured.

He travels quickest who travels alone,

perhaps not the best idea

under the circumstances. 

by Jonathan Lepoff , Augusta 
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Snow woman - By Chris Darling [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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South Coast Offers First Photography Course
Franco-American Collection Topic of "Food For Thought"
Belfast Spends a Day Touring
Ken Burns' "The War "
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