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Issue No. 39
May 2013
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Welcome to Your May Newsletter!

Photo of daffodils It appears that spring has finally arrived in Maine! I hope you have all had a chance to enjoy this wonderful weather.

A bit a sad news - Kyle Allen has left the Maine Senior College Network Office.  We wish her well on the next part of her life's journey and thank her for the work that she has done for the network. Please bear with us as we adjust to Kyle's absence. In the meantime, Fran Myers will be your contact for anything MSCN related.  You can reach her by email at or by phone at 207-228-8256.

Maine's Senior Colleges have been very active this spring, and the May newsletter is full of news about recent and upcoming courses and events. Read all about them!



Kali Lightfoot

Executive Director

Maine Senior College Network    


MSCN 2013 Photo Competition:
Maine . . . Rivers, Lakes, & Oceans

Photo of Cousins River, Yarmouth, ME
The Cousins River
Here's your chance to be known as a prize-winning photographer! The theme of this year's MSCN photo contest is "Maine . . . Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans."

If you are a member of a Maine Senior College you are eligible to enter. One entry per person, please, and the submitted photo must be previously unpublished. If you wish to enter a photo that includes an identifiable image of a person, they must be willing to sign a photo release and agree to have their image appear in the MSCN newsletter online.

Photos may be submitted in digital format as .jpg files or as photo prints. If you submit a photo print and wish to have it returned to you, you must enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Please email your digital entry as an attachment to Fran Myers, or mail your photo print to:

        Fran Myers
        Maine Senior College Network
        University of Southern Maine
        PO Box 9300
        Portland, ME 04104-9300

Be sure to tell us at which Maine Senior College you are a member. Entries will be accepted through May 31, 2013. The winning photo will be published in the MSCN newsletter, along with kudos to the winning photographer. We have already received some great photos, and we're looking forward to receiving more!

Micmac Tribal Elder to be L-A's May Lunch & Learn Speaker
Photo of Rev. Catherine Sabine
Rev. Catherine Sabine
Rev. Catherine Sabine M. Ed., L.M., C.H., Commissioned Healer and National Spiritualist Teacher, will be the featured speaker at USM's Lewiston/Auburn Senior College "Food for Thought" 11:30 luncheon on Friday, May 10. She will speak about the conflicts of being a Micmac Indian child living in a white community where there was an ongoing effort to assimilate Native Americans. Read more about Rev. Sabine and her upcoming presentation.
Lewiston/Auburn Senior College presents the monthly 11:30 luncheon program in the Function Room 170 at USM LAC.The cost, which includes lunch, is $7 with advance reservation or $8 at the door. Reservations must be made by noon on May 9 by calling 753-6510. Any late callers will be considered "at the door."

-submitted by Rachel Morin for Lewiston/Auburn Senior College
Good Mind: Good Mood
Photo of Western Mountains Senior College
Left to right:: Ellen Crocker, Janet Willie, and Lynn Arizzi. (Photo by Barb Dion)
Is your glass half empty or half full? The latest Western Mountains Senior College "To Your Health" offering, "Good Mind: Good Mood," answered that question in a fun, insightful way. Three presenters, Lynn Arizzi, Janet Willie, and Ellen Crocker, spoke on three topics: "Music Makes the Soul Soar," "Staying Positive: Maintaining Connections Through Movement," and "Homework for Old Age: What's the Assignment Now?" Read all about this enlightening program.

-submitted by Barb Dion for Western Mountains Senior College
Gold LEAF Members Tour the Holocaust & Human Rights Center
Photo of the Holocaust & Human Rights Ctr, Augusta, ME
The Holocaust & Human Rights Center
at the University of Maine at Augusta
On a late winter day, a group of Gold LEAFers took a trip to Augusta to visit the Holocaust and Human Rights Center (HHRC). The idea for this learning experience began with Gold LEAF book discussions during past semesters, when books on the Holocaust sparked a desire for more knowledge. From there came the course, "Seeds of Sarah," which included the visit to the Holocaust and Human Rights Center.

The HHRC is housed on the campus of the University of Maine at Augusta in the Michael Klahr Center, a building of unique architecture that was donated by a widow in memory of her husband who had been a Holocaust survivor, in order to keep this memory from fading. The HHRC provides an opportunity for and a place where the public can learn about the Holocaust.Learn more about this informative visit.

-submitted by Colleen Serrada for Gold LEAF Institute
Supreme Court Class a Phenomenon for PVSC
Photo of Sol Goldman teaching a class on the US Supreme Court at Penobscot Valley Senior College
Sol Goldman explains the intricacies of a
4th Amendment case. (Photo by Bill Sullivan)
Penobscot Valley Senior College's class on the Supreme Court, offered every spring in the biggest room available, is the hottest ticket in town. This year PVSC raised the maximum number of students for the class to 60. Within two weeks after the catalog came out the class was full and had a waiting list. The teacher with such a large and loyal following is Sol Goldman. He knows how to make the complexities of constitutional law clear and relevant, smoothing the way with a keen sense of humor. Everyone in the class soon realizes how important Supreme Court cases are in setting the direction of our country. Who knew that nine aging, black-robed justices could provide such drama?

-submitted by Christina Diebold for Penobscot Valley Senior College
Sunrise Senior College & Local Schools Team Up For Women's History Month
Photo of the book Born For Liberty
The book, Born for Liberty by Sara Evans was used in a class presented to area high schools by Sunrise Senior College members.
In the fall semester 2012, longtime activist Beth Schwenk offered a Sunrise Senior College (SSC) course called "Her-story," using the book Born for Liberty by Sara Evans as the class text. The premise of the course, and hence the title, was that women have had enough of history and are eager to learn the story of women in the United States. 

Her-story class members were determined to keep the story of women alive and bring women's history to a younger generation. Class members, of course all over 50 years old, also wondered what issues young women and men saw facing them today. A few class members made arrangements to meet with students at two local high schools, Washington Academy and Machias Memorial High School. In celebration of March's Women's History Month, the goal was to bring to the younger students the stories of SSC members and in return hear high school students' stories. Read the full story!

-submitted by Gail Peters for Sunrise Senior College
Acadia Senior College Holds Members' Annual Art Show
Photo from Acadia Senior College's 2013 Member's Art Party
All ready for the
Acadia Senior College's annual Members' Art Show and party!
(Photo by Jude Lamb)

Every year Acadia Senior College (ASC) throws a big party to show appreciation of members and to open the annual Members' Art Show. No one was disappointed as Acadia welcomed 115 ASC members and friends to the Northeast Harbor Library on April 11th. The Membership and Volunteers Committee know how to plan a party, and ASC has many talented folks who are willing to display their creations. ASC also invites its "site partners" to this event, and presents them with certificates of appreciation for allowing ASC to use their spaces for its classrooms. A great time was had by all!

-submitted by Jude Lamb for Acadia Senior College
Notes From Here and There . . .

Norlands Living History Center in Livermore offers interactive programs that explore life as it was in 18th and 19th century Maine. Learn about upcoming programs.

Did you know that this May marks the 50th anniversary of celebrating Older American's Month? Read more about it. 

This website provides information on every state that offers tuition waivers to senior citizens.
The Poet's Corner


Feeling the warm sunshine on my face
Listening to the rhythmic creak of my rocking
Eyes closed and smiling
Memories flood my carefree and untroubled
Nana--her warm blue eyes twinkling
Mom--never idle
Sisters and brother--I can hear their voices
My children and now grandchildren unique and
Oh how these years fly by!

Childhood memories--they are warming my
My best friend Diane--forever true and still is
Penny candy--we shared
Pets-cats-rats,rabbits, birds--oh the stories I
     could tell
The ocean--sights and sounds so soothing
Beaches--hot white sand and warm sun

I used to wonder what was going through my
     mother's mind when she sat in this same
     rocking chair--in the sun smiling
Now I know

My younger years are gone forever
Sweet warm memories remain
I open my eyes to my little grandson looking at
Great big blue eyes and he asked
"Grandma why are you smiling?"
I look at his smiling face and tell him he will
     someday know

- by Karen Mills, Western Mountains Senior College
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Supreme Court Class a Phenomenon for PVS
Sunrise Senior College & Local Schools Team Up
Acadia Senior College Holds Members' Annual Art Show
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