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January 5, 2013 


Dear Friends,


We wish you all a happy and spiritually profitable New Year 2013!  This year promises to be both exciting and challenging for the Websters on several fronts.

Young Québec Leadership for the Church!

As you know, we have been praying for God to supply the The Ouellette Family leadership necessary for us to be away for extended deputation ministry.  We are thrilled to announce that God has provided new pastoral leadership in Simon Ouellette.  Simon, who is one of our former Bible Institute students, has been helping to establish a new church near Montréal with another of our former students.  We praise God for the vision that He is giving Simon and wife Elyse for ministry in Québec City and for our church.  We ask you to pray with us for wisdom in the whole process and that God would be glorified through this transition. 

On the Road Again!

Simon can assume leadership of the church as early as May.  Though it will be difficult for us to concentrate fully on deputation until then, we will continue doing what we can.  Our current support level stands at less than 60%.  It is estimated that due to the many economic challenges currently facing American churches, deputation could last for at least two years.  We have prayed over many different scenarios, but have come to the conclusion that for the beginning, we will be based out of Quebec City and make trips of one or two months duration.  We believe this to be best for our daughter Catherine's health situation, but also to facilitate a healthier transition in the leadership of the church.  One very serious need that we have is for a newer vehicle.  At nearly 290,000 kilometers the odometer on our van is quickly approaching the 200,000 mile mark, and at this point, we simply do not have another option.  However, we enter this chapter of our lives with the same assurance that guided us when we began our original deputation travels nearly 30 years ago: God pays for what He orders! (1Th 5:24)  "Brethren, pray for us." (1Th 5:25)

Thirty Years and Counting!
30th Anniversary Gifts

On December 26, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  Our folks surprised us with anniversary gifts at a Christmas fellowship that we hosted in our home on December 23rd.  It was attended by individuals who are representative of the "fruit that abounds to your account" over our 27-year ministry in French-speaking Québec.  There were believers from both Sept-Îles and Québec City.  The former chief of the Indian Reservation in Sept-Îles was also in the area and stopped by with his wife.


When God put the two of us together as young college and graduate students at Bob Jones University, we knew that it was to serve Him.  And that, of course, has not changed!  We also knew that God was putting us together for ministry in the French language.  We still believe this to be true.
Bible Institute?
Lennoxville Bible Institute

So then, trusting God to provide the financial and prayer support necessary to continue serving in Québec, we look forward to the next chapter of that service.  You remember that we were very involved in the Bible Institute in Lennoxville where Mike served on the board and as academic dean.  In fact, the need for leadership training for our churches has been a part of the discussion and a burden on our hearts ever since our arrival in Québec in 1986! The Institute in Lennoxville had to close due to lack of human resources.  An effort was made by two of our former students to continue the vision, but they too have faced the same realities.  The desire of our hearts is to provide full time leadership to this united vision.  We will share more details in the days to come.  Thank you for your continued prayer for God's clear direction and provision!

Yours for French-speaking Canadians,
The Websters

The Webster Family

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"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also." (2Ti 2:2 AV)