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February, 2014 
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Welcome to MGSMessenger a newsletter from Morris Graduate School of Management and especially created for the RMU graduate community. Did you know the start of the spring quarter is almost here?  The first day of classes is February 18 and you still have time to register.  If you are looking to begin, continue or complete that graduate degree - or complete a second master's - now is the time.  Ten weeks from now you will be that much closer to graduation!

And don't forget to let us know what is happening with you, your career and your life.  You can reach us at MGSM Alumni Notes

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Calendar of Events

The Chicago Shorts Festival
Area college students are invited to participate in the Chicago Shorts Festival, sponsored by Robert Morris University, DePaul and Columbia. Starting February 15 to March 15, submit your short films and try for the cash prizes. View the winning films on April 14 at the Gene Siskel Theater. For more information, click here: CHICAGOSHORTS

Start of the Spring Quarter
February 18

The Escape
March 1 at RMU's Chicago campus

RMU Career Fair
April 4 at the Conrad Hilton

RMU Culinary Symposium
The 7th Annual Symposium takes place at the Chicago campus on April 11. Check out the RMU website to RSVP for this tasty event!

Spring Showcase
The RMU Department of Performing Arts will present its spring concert at the Arlington Heights campus on April 26.  Watch the RMU website for more details.

Prof. Faisal Akkawi, faculty member at RMU and
The Escape conference presenter.

The Escape:  Learning By Doing

The Morris Graduate School of Management and Northwestern University are bringing the future to you with its first conference, The Escape, a one-day Big Data workshop co-hosted by industry leaders such as IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, Cloudera and SAP.

The Escape: Learning By Doing event welcomes students, IT professionals and solution providers to participate March 1 at Robert Morris University's main campus in downtown Chicago.

Attendees will engage with industry innovators who will demonstrate the latest tools and techniques used to disseminate data. The Escape will feature hands-on demonstrations, keynote speakers, open forums, think tanks and case studies.

For those changing careers, The Escape will provide an introduction to Big Data and the information economy's shift to analytics. For IT professionals and students already in the analytics world, The Escape will offer a rare opportunity to use, apply and compare the latest tools.

Space is limited. To learn more about the conference and to register, visit:  


ICenter: Taking Internships to a New Level

Robert Morris University has been a leader in providing experiential learning to its students for decades. Since 2010, the University has taken these opportunities to a new level through the creation of the ICenter. The ICenter allows students to work as consultants with real clients in an authentic work environment. In ICenter Projects, students can take initiative, make decisions and be accountable for results in a creative and supportive environment while working on projects with students from several different campuses and programs.

Take, for example, a recent project for Underwriters Laboratories. MGSM students in the Masters of Information Sciences and Masters of Business Administration collaborated to identify and substantiate new, highly valued design, data and product services that Underwriters Laboratories can offer its clients. Another recent project involved a team of students from additional programs, including the Master of Management in Healthcare Administration. Students developed potential solutions for the United Health System Consortium (UHC) that established an effective comparative cost basis for delivering a continuum of care in selected areas of medical practice.


Participating in an ICenter project is undoubtedly beneficial for all MGSM students. According to Bill Waas, faculty adviser for the ICenter, "There is no greater learning experience for a student than hands-on experiential training.  The ICenter provides the opportunity for students to take their education and apply it to real world challenges."


Meet Carlos Santiago 

Carlos Santiago grew up among the color, vibrancy and brightness that is Puerto Rico. It isn't surprising that he was drawing, coloring and painting from an early age. He attended the only university on the island that specializes in visual arts, Escuela de Artes Plasticas in Old San Juan. After six years in the Army with a two year deployment, he moved to Chicago and attended Robert Morris University's Institute of Art and Design. He is currently a student in the Morris Graduate School of Management, working on a master's degree in Design and Media.


Read more about Carlos... 

Save on tuition...
Did you know that graduates of MGSM may be eligible for grants or scholarships toward the completion of an additional concentration?  As alumni of Robert Morris University, this is a special benefit you can take advantage of as soon as the next quarter begins.  For more information, contact Kathleen Meller, 312-935-6036. The RMU Corporate Relations team has partnered with several organizations to provide a reduction in tuition.  Are you employed at one of our partnering companies? Check it out at
MGSM Students:  Looking to Study Abroad?

This summer, Robert Morris University is offering a two-week program in London for graduate students.  Here are the specifics: 





Graduate Students Only

Weeks: 2

Dates: July 4 - July 21, 2014

Courses: MGT 598

Cost: $4,800 + Tuition

Number of students to be accepted: 10




 Read more about the requirements for the Study Abroad program...


Current MGSM students, we look forward to seeing you on campus. Future students, we're here to help you plan your graduate program. Alumni, we invite you to share your experiences and advice with future and current graduate students. And to everyone, we hope to have you participate in the MGSM events and activities that will enlarge your professional circle of contacts.


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