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October 13, 2014

The Week in Review

Last Monday Colorado Concern joined with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and 14 organizations across the state to sponsor a United States Senate and Gubernatorial Debate. 


Sitting Senator Mark Udall and challenger Representative Cory Gardner, and Governor John Hickenlooper and former Representative Bob Beauprez squared off on a series of business-related issues before a sold-out house of Colorado's business leadership.  Manu Raju of Politico, a multi-media political outlet based in Washington, D.C., moderated the event.


Key issues in the Senate debate focused on national energy policy, the Keystone XL Pipeline, carbon taxes and climate change, immigration reform and what components are necessary to move a comprehensive package through Congress; the Affordable Care Act and its benefits and/or impacts, the Obama Administration's use of Executive Orders to move policy forward and tax reform.


Governor Hickenlooper and Congressman Beauprez sparred over the role of regulation and what level is appropriate, the depth and breadth of the state's economic recovery, where they stand on Common Core standards in K-12 education, the level of funding Colorado receives back from the federal government, energy development and their approach to the ballot measures withdrawn in August, immigration reform and the role of the state, increasing the minimum wage and Amendment 64's impacts on Colorado. 


A link to a video feed of the debate is available here:  Senator Mark Udall/Congressman Cory Gardner and Governor John Hickenlooper/Congressman Bob Beauprez.


Later in the week I had an opportunity to join with other members of Vital for Colorado, a statewide organization of business and civic leaders who support reasonable energy development, for an editorial board meeting with the leadership of The Durango Herald.  Our focus was on the economic impact of energy development in our state, and the need for certainty in rules and regulations.  The trip to southwest Colorado was timed in coordination with the second meeting of the Governor's Oil and Gas Task Force, which is tasked with seeking common ground between energy development and local control of land use.


The candidates for both offices will meet again this week in an energy focused debate.  Click here for the invite, and here to register.


Meanwhile, remember to watch for your ballot as soon as this week.  This is Colorado's first all-mail election.  The sooner you complete the ballot and return it to your county clerk the quicker the deluge of direct mail and robocalls to your home phone will end.  I wish I could tell you the onslaught of television advertising would end, but you'll have to wait for November 5 for that!


Happy fall, 



Colorado Concern Upcoming Events


Below is information on upcoming Colorado Concern events. 

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Tuesday, October 28: Membership Networking Lunch Co-Hosted by Ted Brown and Larry Mizel
11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Colorado Concern, 140 East 19th Avenue, Suite 400

Tuesday, November 18: Membership Networking Breakfast with Guest Speaker Governor John Hickenlooper, Hosted by Rick Sapkin
7:30 to 9:00 a.m., The Brown Palace, 321 17th Street

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