Don Maness (Honeywell), CEO Jose Rivera and Alan Womack (Honeywell)
at the Honeywell Channel Partner Conference

Message from CEO

Improving web presence, enhancing program offerings

Welcome to a new look and feel for the CSIA monthly newsletter. Have you also noticed the new layout and functionality of our Connected Community website? By these examples, CSIA is working to simplify our web presence and improve ease of use through mobile devices. And there's more to come!

Executive Conference

How did we rate? Conference attendees give high marks

Content is king, as they say. That was the clear message CSIA received as part of the evaluation process following the 2015 Executive Conference where attendees rated the speakers and presentations as some of the best ever offered. 

Global/LATAM Initiative

Focus on Mexico to develop a successful model for Latin America

With support from our partners, CSIA has been organizing events in Latin America and participated in several conferences and trade shows. Presentations have also been made at partner events around the region, introducing CSIA to a brand new audience.

Peer Groups

Peer Groups extend Best Practice sharing beyond the Conference

At the 2015 Executive Conference we generated interest in peer groups through a panel discussion on the subject. To facilitate the formation of peer groups we have also created a Peer Group Interest Community on the Connected Community website. Download a Peer Group Guideline document there.

Best Practices & Benchmarks

New revision of Best Practices and Benchmark Manual 

should be ready by CSIA 2016 Executive Conference

The BP&B committee is deep into the review and development of revision 5 of the Best Practices and Benchmark Manual to provide current, relevant and practical best practices for our businesses. We have gathered input from members through a survey on revisions needed as well as new content needed.

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The Exchange

The Exchange: Metrics show rapid growth
The most frequent question I get about the Exchange is, How are you ensuring end-user client visits? The Exchange advertises with Google AdWords and on end user sites including Automation World, Process Engineering, Plant Engineering, Water & Wastes Digest, and Flow Control. Referral traffic from Google has been phenomenal, increasing dramatically every month for the last six months! Google is noticing and people are coming!
Want a deal? Now is the time
When you upgrade to a Gold Profile or Integrator Package by July 31, 2015 your profile you won't need to renew until December, 2016. That means you get up to 6 months free! Included in your upgrade is a one-on-one training session to help you get the most out of your subscription! If you've already upgraded this year,contact us and we will take care of you.
Our newest Exchange subscribers. Join them!

Connected Community now mobile friendly!    

If you've been on the CSIA Connected Community recently, you'll notice our brand-new look and feel. We're excited about this new framework!


Reminder: Your input needed for CSIA member survey 

With the onboarding of CEO, Jose Rivera, it's the perfect time to review CSIA's strategic plan. To ensure your needs and perspectives are taken in to account, please set aside a few minutes to complete this member survey. This is your opportunity to tell us how we've been doing, but more importantly, the Board of Directors and staff want to know what you would like from CSIA in the future.

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The importance of understanding your business for insurance purposes  

Recently a CSIA member, not insured via our program, suffered a very substantial uninsured loss. This loss involved a large explosion resulting in substantial property damage. The cause of the incident was deemed to be faulty software. 


Management help where it's needed most

When we technically-minded engineers get to management positions, the first thing we learn is that most of our time is still spent solving problems, but the catch is that the problems are with people.  


Bottom-line automation: 
Making the financial case for investments in automation
Thursday, July 23 - 11 a.m. EST
Dr. Peter Martin, Schneider Electric Company

Management help where it's needed most
Wednesday, August 26 - 11 a.m. EST
Anthony Valasek, PREMIER System Integrators

Industrial IP Advantage - The Bridge to IoT Value
Tuesday, July 21 Webinar - 11 am EST
Cisco, Panduit and Rockwell Automation

For Partners

Technical webinars are unique opportunity for partner members

Last fall, we launched the first of our Partner Technical Webinars, a unique program in which CSIA partner members are invited to host online programs in partnership with CSIA. It's been a huge success! These webinars are a unique opportunity for partners to educate integrators about technical topics of interest to them. 

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Sponsor Articles

5 questions to ask your automation manufacturer 

What's it like to work with the manufacturers you rely on? Before your next project, ask yourself (or them) these 5 questions: 

Why future-proofing takes more than technology

In today's rapidly changing world, many industrial companies and organizations are trying to future-proof their operations. Naturally, companies turn to system integrators to help build new systems, or to expand or update their existing systems, in order to maintain their competitive edge. Certainly, getting up-to-date technology is a major part of becoming future-proof. Companies need SCADA solutions that bring modern IT technologies to the plant floor. 

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Solutions from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has significant information available to implement cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). This applies to system integrators internal operations as well as delivered systems.  

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Industry Events

ARC's 13th India Forum 

Thursday, July 9 - Friday, July 10, 2015 

Bangalore, India

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