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April 3, 2014

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Dear Greater Kansas City Post Members,


I am thrilled to finally be writing this message to you all.  It is such a true honor to be able to serve you this year as your Post President.  When I got involved in the Greater Kansas City Post 12 years ago, I never imagined how fullfilling and flat out fun it would be.  I have enjoyed working with the members of this Post to the fullest, and I genuinely believe in the mission of the Society of American Military Engineers.  I have to say, we could not have been set up better for 2014 than we were by having Matt Metcalf as our Post President last year.  Matt has been a friend and my mentor since I joined the work force, so serving with him last year and now stepping in after him as Post President has a very special meaning to me.

Earlier today we had a Board of Directors meeting and had the pleasure of being joined by a former Board member, former Post President, and SAME Fellow, Tom Poer of HNTB.  Tom mentioned to me how much he missed those meetings, and I know exactly what he meant.  Our Post is unique. We click. We make things happen and have a good time doing it.  That is especially evident right now as I also am writing our Top Post submission.  Yep, we are in the running!  I was notified this week that the Greater Kansas City Post is in the running for 2013 Top Post, and we now have to write up another sort of streamer submission.  Doing that just puts in black and white, on paper, all of the amazing things we do.  Every member of this Post should be proud.

We are two and half months into the year and have had two quality lunch meetings, an annual social event with the new class at the Command General Staff College, participated in Future Cities and Science Pioneers in the K-12 realm, have an open Scholarship and Engineering Camp application process, participated in Engineers Week, started up a new student chapter at Kansas State University (GO CATS!), held a student chapter meeting at our UMKC Student Chapter, started an honorary Deployed Field Chapter in support of our deployed Board member Jason Davis...and those are just a few!  And depending on the exact timing of when you open this newsletter, I can also say we either are planning or have executed a successful Industry Day.
I look forward to meeting a lot more of our members this upcoming year and with all of the quality events we have planned to facilitate that, it shouldn't be a problem.  I encourage you all to stay updated on your Post through our website and this newsletter.  Jason Sweet from Stantec is a true rock star in managing the website, and it really is the best resource there is for us to deliver our message and information about events. Also, SCS
Engineers has stepped up and taken on our 2014 newsletter production.  Deborah English and Nicole Brownell are spearheading this effort and I think this first newsletter is a great success for the team.  A lot goes into the newsletters but that's a reflection of how important we believe it is to spread our GKCP message. Please contact Deborah if you have any ideas or input for any of our newsletters.

Thank you in advance for a FANTASTIC 2014!
Stay classy Greater Kansas City Post!   

Ann Ewy

2014 Post President
Greater Kansas City Post
Annual Sponsors for 2014
There is still time to sign up to be an Annual Sponsor!  
Contact Amy McCurdy for details.   
Burns & McDonnell 
J. E. Dunn 
Poole Fire Protection 
Ecology and Environmental 
SM Wilson 
Yaeger Architects 
Coastal Environmental 
News from the Post
Climbing the STEM Ladder
by Hillary Weber, P.G. &  Merrill Watt, P.E.

Final rung achieved!

Our Greater Kansas City (GKC) Post, SAME has been hard at work supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) initiatives for students of all ages.  Often referred to as the STEM Ladder, our post has strategically supported programs targeted at increasing student exposure to STEM programs in middle and high school and providing STEM-focused learning opportunities and career training support for high school, college and graduate students.  Encouraging students to pursue STEM coursework studies, and ultimately helping qualified candidates complete their training to fill the up to 2 million National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) projected future STEM jobs in America, is the focus of the STEM initiative.


The six rungs or programs that our post supports to establish a full STEM ladder are:

  • Middle School - Future Cities Competition
  • High School - Science Pioneers / Science Fair
  • High School - Science and Engineering Camps
  • College/Graduate School - STEM Scholarships
  • College/Graduate School - SAME Student Chapters
  • Post-Graduate - Training with Industry Internships

We began our climb up the ladder with the middle school rung in January 2014. The Post's new Team Work prize was offered as a Special Award in the Future Cities competition.  (See "Tomorrow's Transit...Today" later in the Newsletter for details.)


Our climb continues this spring with our second rung, Post support of Science Pioneers/Science Fair for High School Students.  Post representatives will judge submissions in the fields of Earth and Space Science, Environmental Science and Renewable Energy, Engineering.  A special award of $100 and a post coin will be awarded to the top presenters in each category and to the sponsor teacher.


Focusing on those students who are actively considering secondary education in STEM fields, our third rung is tuition and travel support for attendance at one of the military sponsored science and engineering camps.  The post is currently accepting applications from 10th, 11th and 12th grade students to one of three military summer camps.  The camps this year are being held at the following locations:

  • U.S. Army Camp - Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Camp - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • U.S. Marine Corps Camp - Camp LeJune, North Carolina

Camp applications are due to the post March 21st.  The selection of GKC SAME student representatives to the camps will be made in Late March, all three camps are all scheduled for one week and will be held in early- to mid-June.


Supporting undergraduate and graduate students pursuing STEM track degrees from an ABT accredited curriculum is the fourth rung on our ladder.  The application window for GKC SAME Scholarships has just closed and the selection committee will convene to select awardees in late March.  Announcement of awardees will be made at an upcoming SAME meeting.


As the fifth rung of the STEM ladder, the Post is sponsoring the establishment and expansion of three Student Chapters at UMKC, KSU and, coming soon, KU.  The goal for each Student Chapter is to help set expectations for students as they look to transition from university to their first professional position.  As our youngest official society members our student chapter members are encouraged to network through the society by attending Post sponsored events.


Ongoing Post-Graduate and Career Growth is the final step in our STEM support ladder.  The Post sponsors the Command and General Staff College (CGSC) Engineer officer student Training With Industry (TWI) internship program, which offers executive level business practices exchange with private sector sustaining member company leaders. TWI internships are also offered with the United States Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District via leadership panel discussions and tailored individual mentoring for CGSC officer students. These private sector and district sponsored opportunities occur from April through May and help broaden the experience of the officer students today and into their future as an Army Engineer.


Many thanks to all volunteers who help the GKC Post provide a complete ladder of growth opportunities for students of all ages in the STEM field.


SM Wilson
Greater Kansas City Post Establishes Student Chapter at Kansas State University
by Jason Sweet, GISP, PMP  

Members of the Greater Kansas City Post traveled to Manhattan, KS on January 28 to hold a Kick Off Event for a new student chapter of the Society at Kansas State University.  The event was well attended by 22 students from several Departments representing three different colleges at the university.  President Ann Ewy presented the history of SAME and an overview of the Greater Kansas City Post.  Past President Matt Metcalf then shared some pointers on what to expect in industry, as well as some do's and don'ts for new grads both in the job hunt and once the job is landed. 


The Post's goals for the student chapters are to help set expectations for students as they search for jobs, to facilitate networking with Iidustry professionals, and to build a pipeline of new Young Members for the Post who already have an appreciation for the Society.  In order to accomplish those goals, plans are underway for students to attend the 2014 Industry Day in Kansas City.  In general, the objectives of the Society's relations with universities include:


Link students with architecture, engineering and construction professionals.

  • Advance the scientific and engineering education.
  • Assist in the professional development of student members.
  • Respond to the needs of student members.
  • Jointly achieve the Society's goals and objectives as prescribed in its strategic plan.
Post Leaders Workshop

by Rob Rastorfer, Vice President


SAME national hosted its bi-annual Post Leaders workshop for post officers, board of directors and young members in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 30-31, 2014.  Our GKC post has always been an ardent supporter of this program and sent to this workshop myself and Chad Webber, President of UMKC student chapter.  This workshop was organized by the SAME Executive Director, Dr. Bob Wolff, and HQ Staff to provide Post Leaders with information on best practices and the SAME Strategic Plan and Goals, and also to learn and collaborate with other post leaders about new ideas and initiatives within the SAME community.   A few of the presentations centered around the new SAME Post Operations Manual, national programs and initiatives, developing effective post programs, ethics, STEM and students.  The presentations provided significant insight on how our national leadership views certain areas of concern, and how we can focus better as a post on these initiatives.  We also had some time to share thoughts and ideas about our posts in small working teams.  We were encouraged to bring forth our challenges but, more importantly, partner closely to develop solutions for success.  These sessions demonstrated that our post is not alone and has significant backing and guidance from our national leadership and also other posts.  


The end of the workshop involved individual post presentations on effective programs.  Of course, I bragged about all the amazing activities we do as a post, the fantastic involvement of our members, and the growing participation and list of our annual sponsors.  I then boastfully claimed the top post honor for the GKC post for 2013, which hopefully soon will be realized. 


For those considering top leadership for the GKC Post, I encourage you to also consider the attendance at this workshop to assist with the transition from post volunteer to post leader in SAME. 


Student Leadership Workshop 

by Chad Webber


The 2014 SAME Student Leaders Workshop hosted in Las Vegas, NV was an extraordinary experience. I was accompanied by both students and professionals from across the nation who all shared a common passion for SAME.  The care and support the professional members displayed towards the students throughout the workshop was truly inspiring. Some of the main events at the workshop included keynote speeches from National Leaders such as SAME National President RADM Gary Engle, student presentations on program ideas and recruitment of members, a tour of Nellis Air Force Base, and Military Engineering 101 by Dr. Robert Wolff. Throughout all of these events and presentations I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about SAME's mission as a whole, but also its goal to provide networking and mentoring opportunities to its student members. The UMKC  SAME student chapter has also greatly benefited new program ideas presented by other student chapters. I would like to thank the Greater Kansas City Post for giving me the opportunity to attend this workshop and learn so much from it.



Yaeger Architecture 
Giving Back
Future Cities: Tomorrow's Transit ... Today

by Merrill Watt, P.E


Superconducting levitation, quantum locking, Xygen engines, geothermal


Ms. Dani Lotton-Barker's students at Southwest Middle School in Lawrence, Kansas didn't wait, and they were rewarded with the Post's new Team Work Prize.


Through the study and application of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) these students participated in the Great Plains Region Future Cities competitions hosted by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). In the Future Cities Competition, students use SimCity software to design a future city of at least 50,000 residents. Ms. Lotton-Barker's seventh and eighth graders formed three organizations: Future City Libban-Eft, Future City NY REYKJAVIK, and Future City VOLTA.   They were among 62 Future City entries from Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.


All three future cities proved to be strong competitors and distinguished themselves, their school, and community through team work. Future City organization Libban-Eft won first place and the Post's new Team Work Prize. They placed fourth amid a field of 1337 teams in the national competition in Washington, D.C. 




Each organization was composed of three groups: the student-scholar group; teachers, mentors, and parents group; principal and USD 497 Board members leaders and resources group. They engaged the theme topic via: research, design of the virtual city, writing the city narrative, constructing a 3-D model, creating and delivering a presentation of 7 minutes or less.   


Future City Libban-Eft ( life again) features.

Year 2176. Canada, Vancouver area. 

Sixteen (16) scholars, eighth (8) grade.

Presentation setting: IOC summer games competition search for a host city. 

Presenters: Dr. Hamilton , IOC Summer Games Site Selection Leader: Eli Bork.   

                 Mayor Smith, Lebban-Eft: Anna Bial. 

                 Transportation Engineer, Libban-Eft: Madelyn Johnson


 Multi-modal transportation systems:

Megaport: Seaport & Airport. Accommodates submarines, surface ships, seaplanes, and quadracopters.

Nonstop train (NST): long distance intercity and intracity. Roll-on, roll-off passenger boarding cars.

Small scale transport: pedal powered bikes with a solar-power option. Walking via paths and trails.  

Plexus: Underground tubes throughout the city with different capacity passenger Modules. Each Module has a ceramic outer shell. Using quantum levitation, charged super conducting materials create a strong electromagnetic field that locks the Mods in-place above the tracks. Propulsion, braking and direction control is provided by air cannons. Nano-turbines coat every Mod to harness wind energy from moving Mods. The captured energy is then streamed into the city power grid. 

Intermodal: Transportation Hubs are located every two miles throughout the city and in compact urban cells. This allows interconnections among transportation modes that serve residential, commercial and industrial zones. 

Finance source: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.




 Ms. Lotton -Barker credits her para-professional teachers Ms. Sandy Bush and Ms. Ceri Goulter for their dedicated contributions. Also, Ms. Lotton-Barker expressed thanks to Mr. Chris Storm P.E., volunteer mentor, and the community for their strong support.     


Nationally, more than 35,000 students take part in the Future City Competition at one of 37 regional competitions. The winner of the national competition receives a trip to U.S. Space Camp and an award of $7,500 for their school's STEM program.

SAME Members Select Winners at Science Pioneers Science Fair

by Amy McCurdy, P.E.  


For a sixth year in a row, members of the Greater Kansas City SAME Post helped judge the Science Pioneers Science Fair at Union Station in Kansas City. Amy McCurdy and Merrill Watt volunteered to judge 29 eligible team and individual projects and award SAME Society Coin, Certificate of Excellence, and a $100 check. Teachers of the winning projects also received a Certificate of Excellence for their efforts in inspiring and helping the students with their projects.  The awards are given to outstanding senior level (9th - 12th grades) science fair projects in three categories:

  • Earth/Space Science
  • Environmental and Renewable Energy
  • Engineering

Judges had a difficult decision as the projects showed intensive research, experimentation and data collection by students. In order to help with the process, judges read through reports presented by the students and studied the project presentation boards created by the students. Once this action was complete, the judges gathered to compare notes and vote for their favorites. It took about three hours to select the three winners.


About 800 people attended the presentation at the Awards Ceremony for the 63rd Annual Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair at the Sheraton Crown Center on March 15th.


This year's winners of the SAME Special Awards were:



Student: Madison Nasteff

School: Liberty High School

Project: A Low Cost Parallel Parking Guidance System Using Ultrasonics

Sponsors: Rebecca Groebe


Environmental and Renewable Energy

Students: Kathryn Lundgren

School: Barstow

Project: Simple, Inexpensive Water Filtration for Third World Countries

Sponsor: Caroline Kill


Earth/Space Science

Student: Megan Keil

School: Olathe North

Project: The Effects of Phosphorous on Macro invertebrate Species

Sponsor: Marsha Skozek

first place and the Post's new Team Work Prize. They placed fourth amid a field of 1337 teams in the national competition in Washington, D.C. 






Events In Review
January Post Luncheon
by Ann Ewy

We were very fortunate to have a US Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District presentation at our January lunch meeting to offer perspectives that not all of us hear so directly most of the time.  Steve Iverson, Deputy District Engineer for the Kansas City District, spoke to the group about the evolution of USACE in terms of both their business and how they do business.  The title of the presentation, "2014:  A USACE Odyssey" showed similarities to the 1968 cult classic "2001:  A Space Odyssey."  There were parallels between the 1968 movie and the critical junction that the District is at in its evolution. Steve discussed transformation versus evolution in terms of our business and how we are adjusting.  Steve also spoke in detail about the Military Missions Strategic direction.


Thank you to the large number of folks that braved the bitter cold temperatures to kick off our 2014 Post programs.  There are some great programs lined up this year thanks to our Programs Chair, Clif Rope of Terracon, and we look forward to seeing you all at a meeting soon!


Presentation Slides


Ecology & Environment 

The GKC Post once again participated in the E-week festivities and lunch at the Marriott Hotel in downtown on February 20th.  This event celebrates engineers and our contributions to society by bringing together professional engineers, numerous engineering societies, professors, students, and politicians for this singular event.  Many awards were presented, and the keynote speaker was Tom Roberts, Assistant Dean, College of Engineering, Kansas State University.  Our post had our booth manned before the lunch telling others about who we are and what SAME stands for.  Many thanks to Melissa Kelly-Secretary, Ann Ewy-President, Tim Barnes, Kim Pemberton and Tom Poer. 




CGSC Social

by LTC Kevin Casey


The Command and General Staff College (CGSC), the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) - Kansas City Post, and the United States Army Engineer School (USACE) welcomed the incoming class14-02 Engineer student officers to the Kansas City area early in 2014.  This was the forth joint event to welcome new CGSC Engineer student officers, and each year SAME-KC raises the bar of excellence for this event. 


CGSC, SAME-KC, and USACE coordinated a joint education program focused on re-familiarizing the incoming CGSC Army Engineer students-officers with current Engineer Regimental information and to better prepare them for their year of development at CGSC and future assignments. During Engineer week, the lessons and discussion was focused on multiple tactical related topics including engineer systems update, JTF engineer capabilities, NTC lessons learned, infrastructure development, MDMP for engineers, and offensive and defensive engineer planning.  In addition to the tactical related topics, the student officers were made aware of potential Kansas City area professional development opportunities and USACE operations and future opportunities for field grade officers.   The student officers also had an opportunity to meet with multiple Engineer leaders such as MG Semonite (deputy commander of engineers) and BG Funkhouser (USACE Commandant), USACE-Kansas City District Leaders COL Sexton and Chris Prinslow, and local engineer leaders from local firms such as Black & Veatch, HTNB, JE Dunn, Burns & McDonnell.  During the course of their year at CGSC, selected student officers will also get the chance to exchange ideas with SAME partner engineering firms during the elective period. This Training with Industry Elective will help broaden the student officer's view of engineer operations by learning more about best practices in the engineering industry.


One of the many highlights for the week was the SAME-KC sponsored Engineer social at a local Leavenworth restaurant.   This event introduced the new and current Engineer CGSC students to multiple engineer leaders in both the military and the Kansas City community.  This event provided a solid social venue to interact and share experiences.






March Luncheon

by Clif Rope



March 11, 2014 - Californos

Topic:  "Natural Resource Inventory for the Greater KC Area:  New GIS Tools to Facilitate Green Infrastructure Planning"


Presented by:

Tom Jacobs, Director, Environmental Programs at Mid-America Regional Council

Save the Dates!


2014 Industry Day, Kansas City, MO 
The annual GKC Industry Day Education & Training Workshop has been scheduled for March 31st through April 2nd, 2014 at UMKC.  For more information, see the GKC Post wesbite
April 3, 2014 Fort Riley Field Chapter SAME Luncheon
Presentation of de Fleury Awards and presentation by Mr. Jeff Williamson, Ft. Riley Director of Public Works.  For more information, see the GKC Post wesbite. 
April 11, 2014 Joint Meeting SAME, MSPE & KSPE Luncheon 
Sam Mellinger, KC STAR Sports Columnist will provide his perspectives on the Royals, the NFL Draft and the (recently concluded) college basketball season. The event will be held at Manny's Mexican Restaurant, Southwest Blvd, KCMO.
GKC Post Member Spotlight


Name, Title and Employer

Matthew Turner, PMP, LEED AP, NCIDQ, Project Manager, Yaeger Architecture, Inc. 


What is your position with Greater Kansas City Post?

I am the Post Treasurer and serve as the Post's Point of Contact for the SAME Architectural Practice Committee.


What is your "day job"?

I serve Yaeger Architecture, Inc. as a project manager and business development lead on Federal sector pursuits. Most recently, I have been working with the Kansas City District USACE on several regional Department of Defense renovation and historic adaptive design projects. In addition to our work regionally, I constantly have an eye out for strategic teaming opportunities that would expand Yaeger's reach. Current Federal projects on Yaeger's boards include; management and design for a new Veterinary Clinic at Fairchild AFB, WA and design support on an Army Reserve Center in West Palm Beach, FL.


How did you become involved with SAME ?

Jerry Adams, SAME Fellow / Mentor / Co-worker at Yaeger Architecture, invited me to the Greater Kansas City Post Sporting Clays event 5 years ago.  I have been hooked ever since!


What role has SAME played in your professional life?

My active participation in SAME has presented multiple opportunities to develop my leadership and management skills. Local, regional and national events for SAME each offer an abundance of interactive training programs. I do not believe I would be the manager I am today without those opportunities.   

What SAME accomplishment are you most proud of?

Being nominated, and subsequently elected, to serve as an officer of the Post last December. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly and I am honored by the opportunity.


What would you like to see the Greater Kansas City Post accomplish in the near future?

I am excited to see the SAME Post continue to expand the opportunities for professional accreditation outside of the realm of engineering. Over the past years, the Post has taken great strides to expand credentialing support to Project Management Professionals and LEED Accredited Professionals.  


What benefits do you see for our community through SAME's work?

Outside of SAME's prime mission of enhancing the public / private relationship in the AEC community, SAME benefits our local community through the organizations, education, and mentoring of secondary / higher education students along with the professional development of young member and seasoned professionals. Additional outreach by the Greater Kansas City Post includes the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering, Ronald McDonald House and increasing support for the Wounded Warriors Program.  


What would you say to an individual thinking about getting involved with Greater Kansas City Post? 

What are you waiting for?! Give me call and I'll show you around, 913-742-8030.  

2013 Lab Data   

New Members   

From the GKC Post 
Sustaining Memberships

Robert Lutz, EA Engineering, Science and Technology

Lindsey Roberts McKenzie, SEH

David yates, CH2M Hill

Josh Miller, Bay West

Rick Van Allen, Bay West

Emily Wilson, EMR

Todd Dudley, Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp.

Wes Denton, Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp.

Simmie Clincy, Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp.

Katie Schultz, Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp.

Michael Huffstetler, LEO A DALY

Paul Waters, LEO A DALY


Individual Memberships

Jack butler, Surveying and Mapping, Inc.

Ryan Elam, BHC Rhodes

Zachary White, USACE

John Finley Jr., Zieson Construction Co.

Rustin Simon, Zieson Construction, Co.

Mohamoud Ali,  UMKC

Cristobal Arias, Zieson Construction Co.

Paige Wixson, Zieson Construction Co.

Noel Gardner, Zieson Construction Co.

LTC Storm Reynolds, USACE

Annual Sponsors
We're active members of the communities we serve. That's why at Stantec, we always design with community in mind. 


The Stantec community unites more than 13,000 employees working in over 200 locations. We collaborate across disciplines and industries to bring buildings, energy and resource, and infrastructure projects to life. Our work-professional consulting in planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics-begins at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. 

Since 1954, our local strength, knowledge, and relationships, coupled with our world-class expertise, have allowed us to go anywhere to meet our clients' needs in more creative and personalized ways. With a long-term commitment to the people and places we serve, Stantec has the unique ability to connect to projects on a personal level and advance the quality of life in communities across the globe.


Our Overland Park office takes pride in projects that help shape our landscape, protect our citizens and ensure our infrastructure remains safe.  We focus on water resources, floodplain mapping, hydraulic modeling and geographic information systems.  In addition to these unique skills, we also have an eye on future opportunities to improve the community we work and play in. 


We believe in sustaining our exceptional quality of life, enhanced by our most precious asset-the people that comprise Stantec's Kansas City office. 


A Cleaner Future, One Site at a Time. Insight is committed to delivering time and cost-effective solutions to support our clients with their goal of creating cleaner and more sustainable environments. In the process, we continue to foster a legacy of responsibility and remain firmly committed to our core values of integrity, honesty and leadership. We also understand that collaboration drives ingenuity. To continually deliver innovative solutions to our clients, Insight focuses on creating a vibrant and dynamic culture that empowers employees and promotes rich engagement across the organization. Only when our people thrive can our business thrive. 


As a Federal contractor with over 30 years of experience, Insight specializes in Remedial Action Implementation and Construction and has multiple contract mechanisms with USACE, NAVFAC, and AFCEC.


With recent IDIQ contract awards from USACE Kansas City, Omaha, and Seattle Districts, Insight has started a Midwestern and Northwestern focused growth initiative opening offices in Boise, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Seattle in the last two years.  Examples of current DoD environmental task orders include the following:


  • In-situ Groundwater Remediation and PCB-Contaminated Soil Removal Action, Scott AFB, IL
  • Front Range Fence to Fence PBR, 6 bases, CO, WY, MT
  • Desert Vista Housing Demolition and Abatement, Mountain Home AFB, ID
  • In-situ Groundwater Remediation and PAH-Contaminated Soil Removal Action, Former Lowry AFB, Titan 1 Missile Site, Complex 1C, Arapahoe County, CO
  • Mercury Contaminated Soil Removal and In-Situ Stabilization, Hunters Point Shipyard, CA

At Insight, we strive to continually improve and enhance our services and solutions to support our Federal clients.




Established in 1914, HNTB has served the U.S. government and military with distinction. We offer the services of more than 3,500 professionals skilled in a comprehensive range of engineering, planning, architectural, technology, construction management, and program management services. HNTB has been a leader in critical infrastructure for a century and with more than 60 offices nationwide, can leverage extensive talent to deliver local solutions for roads, bridges, aviation, water resources, rail, and maritime facilities.


HNTB's decades-long history with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in civil works planning and design of flood risk management projects, levees, floodwalls, streambank stabilization, channel improvements, and ecosystem restoration has helped us to become a leader in delivering infrastructure to the nation. In the Kansas City area, we are proud of our sustained involvement in such projects as Turkey Creek, the Blue River, Dodson, and KC Levees. Our professionals have also worked on some of the most challenging projects nationally, including the world's largest interior stormwater pump station, the New Orleans West Closure Complex, and USACE's largest inland ecosystem restoration project, Tres Rios in Arizona.


In partnership with numerous military agencies over the years, HNTB's history has shown that we can deliver measurable advantages. For example, training flexibility at bases throughout the country has been greatly improved through proprietary TrueViz� OnTarget technology. HNTB's innovative application of Building Information Modeling (BIM), not only for design and construction, but as a valuable facility management tool, is another example of how we have delivered value to military clients.


The cornerstone of HNTB's success has been 4for4 performance: quality work, on time, on budget, and to our clients' satisfaction. As an employee-owned company, we take success very seriously and look forward to the next 100 years and beyond.


JE Dunn Construction Long Standing Partnership with USACE


JE Dunn Construction has 90 years of experience with Federal clients throughout the United States.  With over 2,000 employees, JE Dunn is ranked as a national top Contractor by ENR, providing Design-Build, Early Contractor Involvement, General Construction and Cost Estimating services to agencies throughout the country. 


JE Dunn has been a partner to the military for over 80 years having completed numerous projects at Fort Leavenworth and Fort Leonardwood.  Most recently, the company has been involved in a national Medical Facilities Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) for the USACE AFMS where JE Dunn managed the design and construction of military healthcare projects throughout the Country, including Lackland AFB, Offutt AFB, Dover AFB, Columbus AFB, Eglin AFB, Fort Bliss, Keesler AFB, and San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) with HWA Architects. 


In contrast to new military medical facilities, JE Dunn has restored several historic structures at Fort Leavenworth.  Laser scanning existing building conditions has become a hallmark in Dunn's ability to document, design and renovate historic structures into state of the art classrooms and offices.  The company recently converted the historic Building 465 from an abandoned disciplinary barracks and hospital into a modern classroom facility with state-of-the-art audio visual systems.  The transformation was so notable that the KC District USACE, JE Dunn and GWH Architects won a top military design build honor:  the National Chief of Engineers Award of Excellence.  In addition the Design Build Institute of America and the Kansas Preservation Alliance noted the Design Build team's efforts.



In Every Issue...

TME Editorial Calendar


The editorial calendar for The Military Engineer (TME) can be found here. Each issue has a main theme and a special report. Deadlines for content also are included.

Treasurer's Report:  For January and February 2014



Total Income:$53,390.61
Total Expenses:$3,615.51
Net Income:$49,775.10




Ann Ewy

President ('13)


Rob Rastorfer

Vice President ('13)


Melissa Kelley

Secretary ('13-'14)


Matt Turner

Treasurer ('12-'14)

Yaeger Architecture

Matt Metcalf

Immediate Past President ('12)


Scott Perkins

Director ('12-'14)

Quantum Spatial

Rex Ostrander

Director ('12-'14)


Steve Iverson

Director ('12-'14)


Kim Pemberton

Director ('13-'15)

Trekk Design

Bill Yord

Director ('13-'15)

RIC Infrastructure

Kevin Casey

Director ('13-'15)

US Army

Amy McCurdy

Director ('14-'16)

McCurdy Engineers

Jason Davis

Director ('14-'16)

Affinis Corp

Jason Sweet

Director ('14-'16)





Mark Loes

Education & Mentoring

LTC Kevin Casey

College Outreach

Neeli Langdon & Jason Sweet

PE Refresher Course

Andy Mashek


Bill Yord

K-12 Outreach

Hillary Weber


Jackie Hacker


Chris Prinslow


Clif Rope

Small Business

Amy McCurdy

Strategic Planning

Rob Rastorfer

Young Members

Melissa Kelley


Scott Perkins


Jason Sweet

Council of Fellows

Jerry Adams

E&M Endowment

Jerry Adams

Fort Riley Field Chapter

Rex Ostrander

Whiteman AFB Field Chapter

Christopher Prinslow


Dave Howe

Joint Engineering Council (JEC)

Rich McCollum

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Jason Sweet, GISP, PMP, CFM
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