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October 2013
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MMM Ad-Hoc Committee
CGSC Industry's Internship Program
USAFA Engineering & Construction Camp
PE Refresher Course
SEMA SAVE Coalition
Annual Readiness Exercise
Ft. Riley Field Chapter
KSU Chapter
Urban Water Institute Collaboration
JEC Holds Roundtable
2014 Officers
Events In Review
VP Dinner Awards
Giving Back - Community Service Event
Member Spotlight - Merrill Watt
New Members
Member Longevity Pins
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Upcoming Events


7th Annual Sporting Clay Challenge

Oct. 3 at Powder Creek Shooting Park


Monthly Post Luncheon Meeting

Oct. 8 at Manny's in Kansas City, MO.


Texoma & Missouri River Joint Engineering Training Symposium 

Oct. 9-11 in Oklahoma City, Okla.


SAME 2013 Small Business Conference 

Nov. 19-21 at the Downtown Kansas City Convention Center

*Volunteers Needed* 


Matt Metcalf

Dear Greater Kansas City Post Members,


The Post has completed another very busy quarter and I would once again like to thank our dedicated team of volunteers!  The following is a snapshot of some of the notable accomplishments over the past few months: the GKC Post hosted the Engineer Social for the new Command and General Staff College Engineer Class 14-01 on July 25th, and we were honored to have MG Semonite and BG DeLuca attend the event, Amy McCurdy hosted a Small Business Workshop at Burns & McDonnell on August 19th, Melissa Kelley and Kyle Marlay hosted a Young Members/Fellows event on August 29th, Ann Ewy hosted the Annual VP Dinner and Awards Ceremony on September 18th, and Clif Rope hosted several outstanding luncheons that featured presentations on Missouri River degradation, Combat Engineering, and the new Kansas City Performing Arts Center.


The Greater Kansas City Post membership continues to serve at the National, Regional and Post levels and I would like to recognize a few of our members for key appointments in the Society:

  • Amy Lines, Kleinfelder, was appointed to the National Board of Direction.
  • Jackie Hacker, HDR, was appointed as Assistant Regional Vice President for the Missouri River Region.
  • Larry Meyers, Kansas City District USACE, was appointed as the Fellows Representative for the Missouri River Region.
  • Ann Ewy, Kansas City District USACE, was selected by the SAME Academy of Fellows to attend the Emerging Leaders Alliance Conference that will be held in Reston, VA in November.

I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors voted unanimously in August to rename the Post's endowment to the Merrill W. Watt Education and Mentoring Endowment.   Merrill has been instrumental in developing the endowment and growing it by over $500,000 in less than six years.    In addition, Merrill has consistently demonstrated superior service to the Post and is an outstanding mentor for the Post's leadership.   Merrill is a Fellow in the Society and was awarded the Society's Walter O. Bachus Gold Medal in 2007.


Finally, on behalf of the entire Greater Kansas City Post I would like to extend a warm welcome to Colonel Andrew Sexton who assumed command of the Kansas City District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on July 19.   We look forward to working with you!


Upcoming Events:

Although there are only a few months remaining in the year, the Greater Kansas City Post has several more great events planned for 2013 including monthly luncheons in October and November, and the Annual Sporting Clays Challenge on October 3rd.  On a Regional level, the GKC Post will be participating in the Texoma and Missouri River Joint Engineer Training Symposium, Oct 9-11, in Oklahoma City, OK.  Additionally, the SAME 2013 Small Business Conference will be held Nov 19-21 at the Kansas City Convention Center.  Please continue to check our website as well as the GKC Post Upcoming Events updates sent weekly via e-mail.

Thanks again for your involvement and dedication to the GKC Post and SAME!


Very Respectfully,


Matt Metcalf, PE

Post President, Greater Kansas City Post 
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Black & Veatch
Burns & McDonnell
Cabrera Services
Coastal Environmental
Ecology and Environment
J.E. Dunn
Louis Berger Group
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SM Wilson
Wilson & Co 
Yaeger Architects
Featured Article

Recognizing and Remembering - It's part of SAME

By Merrill Watt


When you are enjoying monument displays and road side marker messages about local history, have you ever thought of who researches and prepares the text and images? And how it was paid for?  


A recent GKC Post field trip to a civil war site along the Blue River near Swope Park in Kansas City, MO awakened participants to the enormity of the Battle of Westport. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and by sharing the story rekindled our history and heritage awareness. There was even an engineer unit involved in that battle! 24 thru 25 October 2014 will be the 150th year reenactment celebration.  


From this field trip and a list of "to consider" projects evolved the idea to form the Monuments, Markers and Memorials (MMM) Ad Hoc Committee. Some prospective projects include supporting the World War I Liberty Memorial with a donation that helps with heritage preservation and new displays. Our support will include a customized GKC SAME sidewalk brick in the Walk of Honor at the main entrance. 8,500 bricks are now there.


There are other worthwhile sites that need help with financing and support. You may know about some in your area that already have interpretive and development plans. Small scale projects worthy of bronze markers are out there, too. Individual memorials are worth pursuing.      


So nominate a site!

Possibilities: Training; R&D programs; manufacturing; operating posts, camps, stations; exploration, transportation, water and natural resources, nation building.     

And volunteer to be a part of the Post's MMM Ad Hoc committee. POC: Merrill Watt. [email protected].  


News from the Post
CGSC Seeks Private Sector Firms to Participate in Industry Internship Program
Submitted by LTC Kevin R. Casey & Merrill Watt, P.E.  


The Society of American Military Engineers, Greater Kansas City Post (SAME GKC), in cooperation with U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) is considering an Engineer Officer Professional Development Training with Industry program. This initiative would involve a military CGSC engineer officers engaging with a private or government sector organization to discuss current and future operations for approximately 24 contact hours during April and May 2014.


The goal of this internship program is to broaden the CGSC engineer officer's knowledge of engineering project management while improving the civilian engineering firm's knowledge of military operations. This aligns with the synchronization of Academia - Military - Industry strategic goal set by CGSC. Students and will comply with all safety standards of the host firm / organization.  The end result is both the CGSC Student and civilian organization expand and enhance their knowledge and understanding of each other. 


Our elective A333/4 Training, with Industry (TWI) Engineer elective, will link up students with key local engineering firms that are members of the Society of Military Engineers (SAME).   The students will work with this firm in both an office and project site environment and will learn about different phases of construction project(s) such as: 
    • Project Management
    • Economic Feasibility Studies, 
    • Design, 
    • Government regulatory permit approval, 
    • Quality Assurance, 
    • Environmental concerns, 
    • Testing, and 
    • Other related areas.  
    The student should be provided the opportunity to learn about the host organization's structure for operations and sustainment. The student should complete approximately 24 contact hours with the host firm or organization and provide a journal and paper documenting the experience and lesson learned at completion of the course. 


    Application for Host Firms and/or Organizations project nominations are due no later than November 15, 2013 to 
    Click here for more details regarding the application and program timeline.


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2013 SAME USAFA Engineering and Construction Camp 

Submitted by Kyle Marlay, E.I. 

The 2013 Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) U.S. Air Force Academy Engineering and Construction Camp held in Colorado Springs, Colorado was very successful and greatly enjoyed by all in attendance. This year, the Greater Kansas City Post sponsored two local high school students to attend the various SAME summer camps h osted by the Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy. Laurel Sherman and Cameron Gutierrez both attended the Air Force camp.


SAME offers a very unique series of engineering camps designed for High School students who excel in math, science and technical courses and are interested in pursuing engineering in college. These one week camps are high energy, and contain many hands-on events for students from across the country and around the world. The camps are led by a volunteer staff of professional engineers from both private industry and the military services. These exciting week long camps take place during the summer months in a variety of settings-centered on a military base in the colorful Colorado Rockies, the beautiful Southern California Coast, in the historic Mississippi Valley, and at Camp LeJuene, North Carolina.


The USAFA Camp grew this year in number of attending campers due to the unfortunate cancellation of the Navy Seabees Camp. There were 96 student campers from across the country in attendance for this fun filled, totally event packed week. I had the opportunity this year to serve as a professional mentor, meeting amazingly talented young people and providing  assistance to their many questions and interests in pursing the engineering profession. The camp hosted a variety of activities throughout the week including construction relay challenges, shed construction, sprinkler and water treatment design, tours of the Air Force Academy and labs, water balloon launcher competition, balsa wood beam challenge, volleyball tournament, and concrete beam construction. One of my personal favorites was the balsa wood beam challenge and serving as the only structural engineer at camp, I volunteered to lead this activity with the students. It was exhilarating and suspenseful as we watch each beam fail under load. I then explained failure methods and related their models to structures they are familiar with in everyday life. Another great opportunity for the students during this camp were the tours, activities, and construction site visits hosted by local Architectural and Engineering companies. Students were able to gain an understanding of what various engineers do on a daily basis, experience real world applications and how projects come together in the field. These camps are truly inspirational and engaging to these young people. They gave endless thanks throughout the week and wrote letters of gratitude for having the opportunity to learn, experience, and spend the week with a team of professional staff who support and encourage their future endeavors.





2013 Coastal Ad 
Civil PE Review Course Provides Prep, Opportunity for Professional Development
By Andy Mashek, P.E.  

The Fourth Annual UMKC Civil PE Review Course kicked off on August 27th. This year, 15 students are taking the live six week course, which is taught by an expert faculty of licensed professors and working engineers. 


Within the technical class sessions, students have the opportunity to take advantage of four in-depth studies in the areas of Structures, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Water Resources and Environmental. The course is specially designed to help engineers prepare by segmenting the exam into digestible components and delivering the key points likely to be covered in the exam. 


The Greater Kansas City SAME Post has been a proud sponsor for the last three years of the program. The Post offered three half tuition scholarships of $400 each for members. Other professional organizations supporting the course include ASCE, APWA, and KSPE. Classes are located at Burns & McDonnell, which is a sustaining member of the GKC post.


This review course provides excellent value for those studying for the test and also for engineers trying to complete their professional development hours. Those who attend all 12 technical sessions can earn up to 36 PDHs, which is enough for more than two years' requirements at only $22/PDH. For more information on this class please visit the review UMKC website.

SM Wilson
SEMA SAVE Coalition      
By Jason Davis, P.E., Emergency Preparedness Committee Chair
The Post sponsored the Missouri SEMA SAVE (Structural Assessment Visual Evaluation) Coalition Training. This was the second year the Post has helped facilitate this training. If you are not familiar with the SAVE Coalition, it is a volunteer organization that is composed of engineers, contractors, municipal codes inspectors, and people within the construction industry. This group is typically mobilized after a natural catastrophe has occurred. A good example was during the Joplin tornado aftermath. SAVE volunteers assessed over 7,700 homes allowing the residents to safely return home and start putting their lives back to together. SAVE performed these assessments in a time frame of only 3 days.


There are multiple training courses performed by MO SEMA to certify SAVE personnel throughout Missouri. If you are interested, you can go to the MO SEMA website or wait until the Post hosts training next year. We hope to make this an annual event for the Post in order to increase the deployable pool of personnel that can help out within the region.


Any questions feel free to contact me at 913-239-1106 or [email protected]



2013 Louis Berger 
Annual Readiness Exercise      
By Jason Davis, P.E., Emergency Preparedness Committee Chair

The Post recently conducted their annual readiness exercise. The exercise allows the Post to gage it's responsiveness during a catastrophe. The exercise allows the Post to determine:

  • Capabilities information from its sustaining members for Federal, State, and Local agencies
  • Responsiveness of sustaining member companies
  • The accuracy of our sustaining member point-of-contact list

Below is a summary of the 2013 Readiness Exercise

  • 405 out of 435 people received the notice (93% successful delivery)
  • 299 people (74%) deleted the notice without opening
  • 106 people (26%) opened the notice
  • 38 people (9.4%) people responded    

The good news is that we have a lot of room for improvement. The bad news is if we needed to muster we would be a mission failure. We experienced the same responsiveness last year. In an effort to help with the responsiveness this year we had our Post President send out a notice ahead of the exercise to give folks a WARNO (warning order) to help increase the response. We will work to increase our Post's responsiveness for next year. I would appreciate any feedback you may have to help increase our Post's responsiveness.


Any questions or comments feel free to contact me at 913-239-1106 or [email protected] 


HNTB 2011 ad
Ft. Riley Field Chapter Meeting
By Matt Metcalf, P.E., SAME GKC Post President  
The Fort Riley Field Chapter and the Greater Kansas City Post teamed up to host a luncheon meeting on June 19th at Riley's Conference Center.   Over 50 attendees participated in the event that featured KC barbeque.   GKC Post President, Matt Metcalf, presented an overview and history of the Society along with a summary of membership benefits.    Thomas Hollinberger, Project Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers gave a presentation on the Fort Riley Irwin Hospital Project.

Yaeger Architecture 

KSU Student Chapter 

By Jason Sweet


On the heels of the success experienced with the UMKC Student Chapter of SAME, the Greater Kansas City Post is working to establish a new student chapter at Kansas State University.  Several Post leaders met with Dr. Stacy Hutchinson, Bio-Ag Engineering faculty member, about the possibility of creating a KSU Student Chapter.  Dr. Hutchinson agreed to be the faculty advisor for the group and a Charter between the Post and Student Chapter was drafted.  Our hope is that the student chapter will lead to a continuous stream of new graduates in engineering and related disciplines entering the KC market with an appreciation for SAME and a desire to get involved with the Greater KC Post.


Our goal is for the Student Chapter to be a multi-disciplinary group with an emphasis on exposing students to the type of work federal agencies perform in their field of expertise.  If you are interested in supporting the Student Chapter in any way, please contact Jason Sweet or Matt Turner.  EMAW!

Urban Water Institute Collaboration 

By Joan Leavens, Program Coordinator, Urban Water Institute - KSU


Kansas State University's Urban Water Institute looks forward to collaborating with SAME to provide opportunities for training, education and professional development to students and professionals in the region.  The Urban Water Institute brings a wide range of water-related expertise from all three of K-State's campuses to the region. The Institute works closely with the water industry, government agencies, non-profit organizations, universities and colleges, and local and regional communities in the region (Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri) and provides a venue for these diverse stakeholders to work synergistically to solve the region's current and future regional water challenges.  The mission of the Urban Water Institute is to promote treatment technologies, management approaches, and public policies that support sustainable water use in urban and urbanizing communities. Institute activities focus on creating lasting positive impacts in urban environments through integrated watershed management.  The Institute provides professional development and education through distance technology, seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops, and graduate certificates.  K-12 and community outreach is a significant component of Urban Water Institute activities. Dr. Stacy Hutchinson, associate professor, biological and agricultural engineering, is the interim director of the Urban Water Institute. She is stationed on the Manhattan campus. Joan Leavens, program coordinator, is the face of the Institute on the Olathe campus.  Learn more about Institute opportunities and affiliated faculty at  


If you have questions about the information in this item, please do not hesitate to contact Joan Leavens, [email protected], 913-307-7311.



Joint Engineering Organization Roundtable

By Matt Metcalf, P.E., SAME GKC Post President 


The Joint Engineering Council (JEC) of Kansas City's mission is to promote the advancement and prestige of the engineering professions by encouraging cooperation among local engineering technical societies and assisting them in the pursuit of their goals and is comprised of 23 Engineering Organizations in the area.  On Monday, August 26th, JEC hosted the second in a series of roundtable discussions at Burns & McDonnell and the GKC Post was represented by Ann Ewy, David Howe, Rich McCollum and Matt Metcalf.   The event had over 20 attendees and discussed Professional Society membership, retention and recruiting. 


Your 2014 Officers 


Elections for the 2014 Board of Directors were held during the September meeting.  New Officers & Directors are listed below. Congratulations!


Ann Ewy, USACE - President

Rob Rastorfer, HNTB - Vice President

Garret Cross, Lochner - Treasurer

Amy McCurdy, McCurdy Engineers - Director 2014-16

Jason Sweet, Stantec - Director 2014-16

Jason Davis, Affinis - Director 2014-16


Save the Dates!


2013 Greater KC Post's 7th Annual Sporting Clays Challenge 
The event will be held on Oct. 3 at Powder Creek Shooting Park. Registration, which begins at 2 p.m., will be limited to 12, 5-person teams. More info including registration information will is available on the Post's website.
2013 Texoma/Missouri River Regional Joint Engineer Training Symposium 
Registration is now open for the 2013 Texoma/MO River Regional event.  This year's Regional will be held Wednesday, October 09 through Friday, October 11 at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City.
2013 Small Business Conference, Kansas City, MO
Registration is now open for the 2013 Small Business Conference.  This year's event will be held Tuesday, November 19 through Thursday, November 21, at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, MO.

Each person who signs up for 1 volunteer spot receives a FREE one day registration for that day. If you sign up for 2 or more spots, on the same day or different conference days, you receive a FREE

full conference registration. Once you sign up to volunteer, you will be contacted within 10 days with information about your registration.  Click here to sign-up as a volunteer.


Questions, please contact Ann Ewy at [email protected] or Amy McCurdy at [email protected]

tri state
Events In Review
July Post Luncheon
Thursday, July 11th
Topic: Bed Degradation of the Missouri River - A Study of Causal Factors and Potential Solutions
Presented by: 
USACE, Kansas City District
Christina Ostrander, PMP, Project Manager and 
John Shelley, PhD, Lead Hydraulic Engineer
August Post Luncheon
Tuesday, August 13th
Topic: Discussion on the unique nature of "Combat Engineering" versus other engineering fields used to support the military and their mission.
Presented by: Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Drew, 
Seminar Leader for the School of Advanced Military Studies at Fort Leavenworth
Small Business Workshop

The SAME Small Business Committee hosted a morning workshop on August 19th at Burns and McDonnell's new auditorium to provide small business owners with an opportunity to network, learn more about small business opportunities, and discuss ways of improving our businesses.


The post organized the event and provided coffee and danishes before the workshop during the networking period. Three presentations were given with a focus on small businesses. John Pruss from Burns & McDonnell started the workshop with a discussion of the KCMO CSO program and potential opportunities for small businesses. Lee Fuerst from USACE provided information on submitting proposals for projects along with key parts to focus on.   Jackie Hacker from HDR discussed the importance of developing a good mentor/prot�g� relationship for small business owners.


The event was well attended with over 50 people in attendance. 


Young Members/Fellows Mixer


The GKC Post's Young Members Committee hosted a social event featuring mentoring opportunities for the Post's Young Members and Fellows August 29th at Charlie Hooper's in Brookside. The Young Member turnout was higher than expected and many of the Post's Board Members were there, as well, including Post President, Matt Metcalf. Attendees enjoyed refreshments and had an opportunity to network and share some industry battle stories. 


September Luncheon
Tuesday, September 10th

Topic: Construction of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts 
in Kansas City, MO.
Presented By: Kyle McQuiston, Vice President - JE Dunn Construction Company and Project Executive for the Kauffman Center 2006 to 2011. 


mark one

Vice President's Dinner
Wednesday, September 18th
National Airline History Museum

A big thank you goes out to all those who attended the 2013 Vice Presidents Dinner, and to our Post Annual Sponsors for helping make the night even more fun by contributing to the raffle.


This year's event was held at the National Airline History Museum.  What a great venue.  The museum is located in Hanger 9 at the Charles B Wheeler Downtown Airport, and is an active airplane hangar.  The venue offered a spectacular view of the KC skyline as well as an up-close look of restored historic aircraft. 


In addition to the dinner and raffle, this year's VP Dinner was a chance to recognize so many members of our post by presenting our Post Awards.  Congratulations to the following individuals who have given a tremendous amount of their time and energy to make the GKCP so successful:


Letter of Appreciation

  • Linda Strkovich
  • Phyllis Jackson
  • Taylor Cook


Post Service Certificate

  • Larry Myers
  • Arthur Saulsberry
  • Rob Rastofer
  • Amy Lines
  • Bill Yord
  • Merrill Watt
  • Scott Opie
  • Dave Howe
  • Rex Ostrander
  • Scott Perkins
  • Amy McCurdy
  • Christina Davis
  • Jackie Hacker
  • Mark Loes
  • Eugene (Jud) Kneuvean
  • Ann Ewy
  • Matt Turner
  • Clif Rope
  • Jason Sweet
  • Alicia Houston
  • Kyle Marlay
  • Jason Davis
  • Garrett Cross
  • Katie Summy
  • Andrea Cekovsky


Achievement Award

  • Christopher Prinslow
  • Jason Meyers
  • Kevin Truman
  • Melissa Kelley


Regional Vice President's Medal

  • Al Osborne
Al Osborne receives Reginoal Vice President's Medal


Thank you again for your support of the Post!



professional engineers

Giving Back
Ronald McDonald House Community Service Event


The Greater Kansas City chapter of SAME organized a dinner at the Ronald McDonald House on September 20th.  The Ronald McDonald House provides housing and meals for families of children who are seriously ill and receiving treatment at Children's Mercy in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  The housing is available to families that don't live within sixty miles of the hospital and depending on need the cost of the accommodations range from $10 per day to free.   Six members of SAME served a dinner of lasagna, bread, salad, watermelon, and assorted desserts to 15 families.  


Ecology & Environment 


GKC Post Member Spotlight

Name, Title and Employer

Merrill W. Watt, II, P.E., Retried from US Army Corps of Engineers. Consulting Engineer


What is your position with Greater Kansas City Post?

Member, Council of Fellows.


What is your "day job"?

Disciplining myself to think less.  Being retired is a much more difficult day job than a real day job. I am the only person to execute missions I dream up!


How did you become involved with SAME ?

After returning to Kansas City from Vietnam, I was invited to a meeting by a fellow veteran who had completed an Air Force Civil Engineer assignment in Vietnam. We attended a GKC Post meeting at Richards Gebaur AFB in Grandview, MO. The camaraderie and e'spirit-de-corps was sky high! People gathered to exchange ideas from all sectors: design engineers, constructors, material suppliers, facility operators, and military and private sector organization leaders. On more than one occasion an inter-service rivalry surfaced. The navy "reps" stuck close with the Marines. The Air Force folks tried impress all with "their song" by singing it. The Army fellows reminded them the song is the WW II Army Air Corps song and that Choir needs to be added to the Air Force Academy core curriculum. The Merchant Marines, Coast Guard, Public Health Service and civilian members wisely watched. In the end, everyone agreed all were needed to merge many missions into total success.


What role has SAME played in your professional life?

There are many perspectives on the same issue, at the same time, in the same place (my long answer above bears this out) because more perspectives from informed providers offer better focus on the real objective/mission/solution.  Start with a balanced team and communicate; then communicate some more. 


What SAME accomplishment are you most proud of?

Helping with initiatives that highlight the Post's unique capabilities and successes. One relates to gaining the first SAME National Meeting for Kansas City. The year was 1989 and a record high participation resulted. There are many more but you limited me to one!   


What would you like to see the Greater Kansas City Post accomplish in the near future?

Activate the Planned Gift Fund within the Education and Mentoring Endowment. This provides an individual, company, or entity the opportunity to endow a charitable donation that will be invested to operate in-perpetuity.  


What benefits do you see for our community through SAME's work?

With about 80 percent of the total membership being in the civilian sector with no military affiliation, education and mentoring initiatives receive the majority of member's efforts and budgets. Examples:

  • Supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) via Future Cities and Science Fair competitions. 
  • Helping high school students determine a career path by attending Engineering Camp on a US Military Academy or operating engineering or laboratory campus.
  • A helping hand. Ronald McDonald house and Wounded Warrior projects.
  • Career development. Professional licensure/certification, continuing education programs and leadership                    

What would you say to an individual thinking about getting involved with Greater Kansas City  Post ? 

Members willingly share experience and ideas. The Post is global in reach and local in application, the camaraderie is unmatched, and the warm glow of a job well done is priceless.


2013 Stanley  

New Members   

From the GKC Post 

SAME GKC Post welcomes the following new members.

  • LTC Christopher Drew, UNIF - US Army 
  • Christina Hill, Civilian/Gov't - USACE
  • Austin Johnson, Civilian/Gov't - USACE
  • CPT Taylor Johnson, UNIF - US Army
  • Jeffrey Kempf, LMG Construction Services
  • Daniel Lauck, Young Member - Professional Employment Group  
  • Jeanne LeBron, RVP, F.SAME, Altus Studios
  • 1LT Justin Martirosian, UNIF - US Army
  • 1LT Dustin North, UNIF - US Air Force
  • MAJ Rusty Rhoads, UNIF - US Army
  • COL Vernie Riechling, Jr., UNIF - US Army  
  • Steve Roberts, Continental Mapping Consultants  
  • MAJ Brian Schonfeld, UNIF - US Army  
  • Larry Stillwagon, Civilian/Gov't - USACE
  • Ryan Stobaugh, Young Member - Affinis
  • Robert Sunta, Garver USA
  • Jason Tippee, Young Member - HMN Architects
  • Marc Tower, Young Member - Citadel Electric    
  • Heather Wood, Tetra Tech, Inc. 
  • David Wright, Health Facilities Group
  • Bob Wysocki, Sealaska Constructors


2013 Bay West ad   

GKC Post members receive longevity pins   

From the GKC Post 

The SAME GKC Post congratulates the following members on receiving their SAME Longevity Pins and thank them for their dedication to the Post.

  • Ann Ewy - 10 Years Join Date - 9/10/2002
  • Amy Lines - 5 years, Join Date - 10/02/2007  

If you are a member of SAME and qualify for a Membership Year Pin, please email Amy Lines.  Pins are available for 5, 10, 15, 25, and 50 year membership anniversaries.

2013 Lab Data   
In Every Issue...

TME Editorial Calendar


The editorial calendar for The Military Engineer (TME) can be found here. Each issue has a main theme and a special report. Deadlines for content also are included.

Treasurer's Report


January-August 2013

Total Income:                        $130,559.22                                            

Total Expenses:                     $  84,480.29

Net Income:                          $  46,078.93                

2013 Stantec
Kleinfelder Ad 

President                             Matt Metcalf, Tepa, LLC

Vice President                      Ann Ewy, USACE

Secretary                            Amy Lines, Kleinfelder

Treasurer                            Al Osborne, Tepa, LLC

Immediate Past President       COL Anthony Hofmann, USACE


Board of Directors

Steve Iverson, USACE

Rex Ostrander, USACE

Matt Turner, Yaeger Architecture

Bill Yord, Louis Berger

Garrett Cross, Lochner

Brent Ferguson, JE Dunn

Rich McCollum, HDR

Jason Meyers, Burns & McDonnell

Melissa Kelley, SKW, Inc. 






Rob Rastorfer

Education & Mentoring

Bill Yord

College Outreach

Neeli Langdon

PE Refresher Course

Jason Meyers


Bill Yord

K-12 Outreach

Rob Rastorfer


Jackie Hacker


Chris Prinslow


Clif Rope

Small Business

Amy McCurdy

Strategic Planning

Ann Ewy

Young Members Co-Chair

Melissa Kelley

Young Members Co-Chair

Kyle Marlay

Assistant Treasurer

Garrett Cross


Melissa Kelley


Jason Sweet

Council of Fellows

Jerry Adams

E&M Endowment

Jerry Adams

Fort Riley Field Chapter

Rex Ostrander

Whiteman AFB Field Chapter

Christopher Prinslow


Jason Meyers

Joint Engineering Council (JEC)

Rich McCollum

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