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Backups: Not An Exciting Subject Matter, But It's Important for Your Business.  

Alan Edwards

Backing up your business and personal information is important, but just like insurance, you are probably a little resentful of the cost until the day you need it. The cost of using a computer to process and store information simply involves the price of backing up data.

There are a few types of backups available to you - online, onsite or hybrid of both. You could backup your information in different ways; these include saving to a disk, flash drive, tape or the cloud. Each has its place and the 'right' solution is the result of many factors such as cost, acceptable down time, security of your backup (who can access the information), amount of data to backup, rate of change of data, the number of places the data resides and type of data to backup. It's too complicated a topic to completely cover here but I will attempt some guide lines.
Online Backup
  • There is a monthly cost usually linked to the amount of storage needed
  • There is no large initial outlay
  • It is very secure (if the correct service is chosen)
  • The time to backup and restore depends upon your internet speed and amount of data
  • A managed solution allows an expert to monitor its success
  • There is no  manual part of the process (off-siting data) so there is nothing to forget to do

Local backup

  • There is little or no monthly cost
  • There is a large initial outlay
  • It must be physically taken off-site to secure against an office wide event
  • There must be careful destruction of old media to avoid data theft
  • It is important that you don't use tapes apart from very specialized situations - backup to a hard drive
  • The tests to ensure that the backup can be restored must be done on site (more costly in professional services)

Hybrid Solution

  • Combination onsite backup that is replicated automatically to the cloud
  • It is the most secure method
  • It has the fastest recovery
  • There is an upfront AND monthly cost
Whatever you choose, IT NEEDS TO BE TESTED OFTEN. We have companies (not our current clients!) come to us almost every month that thought they were backed up, only to find their last backup was woefully out of date.
If you see advertisements from individual backup companies, they will claim that their  solution is 'always ideal', regardless of your situation. It's a salesman's implementation of the law of implementation of the instrument, "if the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail."  However, from our experience different companies have varying needs. For example, a photography studio and a lobbying firm have different requirements in terms of volume of data needed to be backed up and the speed of recovery required for their data. Backing up photographs requires a significant amount of space while the lobbying firm will need their data almost instantly.
Every solution is unique. If you need an expert and unbiased analysis to assist in your decisions or would like to explore other options for your backup, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist.We can assess these balancing act of factors. 


Fully Managed Online Backup
If flat files are what you need to backup (docs, pictures, spreadsheets), for many situations this fully encrypted, monitored and managed online backup is a great solution. Contact us for details and WE will assess if it is a good fit for you.

Our Price: $5/month per 10GB
List Price: $15/month per 10GB
Use Code: OLB60

Offer expires July 1st

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Alan Edwards

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Online backup for your files - server, workstation and laptop.
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