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November 8, 2013
Suzanne Gottlieb Calleja Makes Request for Village E-mail List


PALMETTO BAY, FLA., Nov. 8, 2013 --
For more than five years, the Village of Palmetto Bay has distributed e-Currents to keep residents and other interested parties abreast of Village news and information. We do hope you have enjoyed the content and format of our newsletters -- and hope that you will continue to do so in the future.
This special edition e-Currents is to advise you that an individual by the name of Suzanne Gottlieb Calleja, Director-Strategic Communications & Community Relations for Palmer Trinity School, recently requested the list of e-mail subscribers to our Village newsletter. She received that list via the Village Clerk's Office on Nov. 4. Under the laws of the State of Florida, disclosure of public records is the norm unless there is a specific exemption. In the case of an e-mail list that is accessible to the city, the e-mail list is a public record and subject to release.
We realize you may experience some inconvenience as a result of the release of your e-mail address; however, the Village must follow the Florida Sunshine Laws. For information, contact the Village (see below), or Suzanne Gottlieb Calleja directly at Palmer trinity School, 7900 SW 176 St., Palmetto Bay, FL 33157; (phone) 305-969-4297; (e-mail) scalleja@palmertrinity.org.
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