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August 2013
Special Feature
World War II Participants and Contemporaries

Charles Cousins Johnson
Capt. Charles Cousins "Sonny" Johnson, III
Fort Worth, Texas
Army Air Corps, Pacific Theater
I waggled my wings and got our gang together. Then I saw the bombers. Right afterward I saw three sun-sitters - Zeros waiting for us to make our pass. But we went down, anyway.

I was pretty well placed for a sweep. First, I fired all over the end ship, then I spattered a second, then a third. If the Zeros had not been coming, I guess I could have had at least a dozen probables going right down the line, but with them attacking, I went over for a steep dive. Little pieces were coming off my first man, falling down like snow. I pushed the stick against the fire wall and dropped, then blacked out coming up. I fired at two Zero chasers, but probably without effect.

Then, suddenly, another Zero appeared ahead. I missed him by considerable margin, one way, then corrected and missed him the other way, but finally got him lined up just right. I got him in the belly. When fire broke out, the whole plane seemed to crumple like a paper bag you've crushed in your hands. It changed shape and color; you'd never think it had been a plane.


1st Lt. Charles C. Johnson, III
August 23, 1942
Darwin, Australia 


The exhibit is off to a strong start. Attendance numbers are higher compared to this time last year, which is a positive sign! Work continues in selecting artifacts for Be Ye Men of Valor: Allies of World War II, which is scheduled to open this October in the Library 2nd floor gallery.

French and Dutch resistance group arm band
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Here is a sneak peek at an artifact borrowed from the Air Force Museum in Dayton. The arm bands were worn by French and Dutch resistance groups as shown in the photographs.

We will also have a few artifacts from the CIA Museum related to OSS and resistance operations in the China-Burma-India theater of operations.

If you haven't seen the exhibit in person yet, 
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WWII Remembered Exhibit Video Tour
WWII Remembered Exhibit Video Tour
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