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Is this God's call to His Church today? Are these the words He's speaking? "Step up. I have so much more to show you. I have so much more for you to do." Is He calling us all to a new place of service?
Entering 2015 I found myself filled with a growing excitement and expectation for the new year. There was such a sense of hope, joy and wonder at what lay ahead. Early morning prayer times were alive with this deepening conviction - followed by new connections and unfolding ministry assignments on an almost daily basis. The best part - this seemed to be a growing reality for the ministry colleagues I spoke with around the world. 

So what does "Stepping Up" look like for GCC?


Here's one of those New Steps. Through some common ministry partners, GCC was invited last fall to be part of a leadership team for the Global Proclamation Congress. This Congress has an audacious goal of bringing
5,000 pastoral trainers representing formal, (Seminary and Bible College), as well as informal, (local church and mentor / trainers), from 200 nations to Bangkok, Thailand, June 15-22, 2016. These 5,000 pastoral trainers will be challenged to be part of a larger effort, one with a goal of mentoring 25 pastors each year through 2020. The potential is to serve and impact 100,000 to 500,000 pastors from 200 nations by the end of 2020. 
Why is this important? Consider this. More than 90% of all pastors around the world have no access to real training. Because the gospel is advancing so rapidly in Asia, Africa and Latin America, approximately 50,000 people are baptized each day in churches who do not come from a Christian background and do not have a basic Bible knowledge. The worldwide challenge is enormous and requires a united response to increase the capacity for pastoral training - if we want to see healthy pastors and healthy churches grow and multiply. Due to the current lack of training, many new church plants fail within the first year. Others fail to thrive. Think for a minute about what it would be like to be a pastor with little or no training.

Global Proclamation Congress Planning Meeting - Dallas - January 2015
Dr. Ramesh Richard, a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, is the point person for this initiative and the larger challenges it addresses. Dallas Theological Seminary is just one of many partners who are engaged with this initiative. While meeting Ramesh last November, I discovered his father, John, had served with Luis Bush and John Robb, two of our closest colleagues, as Associate International Director for the AD2000 Movement. John Richard is also a man of prayer who has prayed a special daily prayer for his children for over 30 years.

Our specific assignment is to help develop a culture of prayer (a prayer lifestyle) for the pastoral trainers and the pastors and churches they serve. We will work to mobilize prayer for the Congress itself, including helping the pastoral trainers develop their own personal prayer teams. But we also see the Global Proclamation Congress as a catalyst to identify the right leaders, resources, strategies and delivery systems with the potential to create a culture of prayer, a prayer lifestyle, for pastors, churches and the institutions serving them around the world.


That would be a big step for the Church around the world, especially the Church that is growing so fast in Asia, Africa and Latin America. You can learn a lot more at:  

More Steps . . . Please Join In Prayer . . .

We have a lot on our plate during the next several weeks. Here are a few highlights:


Upcoming Trips

  • March 2-6 - Seoul, Korea -
    The International Dream Team, (40 youth leaders from around the world), meet to work on plans for a World Youth Prayer Assembly - planned for August 2016 in Korea. A small group of us "older youth" will provide counsel and encouragement for these younger leaders.
  • April 6-8 - Korea - Prayer Initiative for North Korea 
    will gather prayer and mission leaders at Prayer Mountain to seek God's intervention in North Korea, the nation with the highest level of persecution of Christians in the world.
  • April 18-24 - Bali, Indonesia - The Asia
    Pacific Youth Congress will begin a new phase (Next Steps) of the 4 to 14 Window as youth (11-18) and millennials (18-30), are challenged to focus beyond themselves
    to be the champions and mentors of the 4 to 14ers and
    children at risk. I'm recruiting a US team to join me in Indonesia who can help to see this implemented in North America.

Bigger Steps . . . Please Join In Prayer . . .

  • We've begun recruiting several mission networks and ministries to be part of a Larger Coalition for Bihar State, India. The goal for this Coalition is to become catalysts, encouragers and resource providers for the Church in Bihar - so that they can reach the 25 unreached, unengaged people groups and the 103 very needy people groups in their state - together.
  • We're serving with others across Greater Houston to see a Movement of United Prayer cover the city. The goal is Revival and Spiritual Awakening. We're also focused on building a Canopy of 24/7 Prayer at the Local Church Level in each of the 45 communities of the city - in order to sustain an awakening.

Stepping Up . . . Together . . .


Dear Friends,


God has been calling us to step up, to trust Him for more than we ever dreamed possible. He's asking us to trust in His capacity - not our own. His capacity is without limit. His capacity has given us the greatest Good News possible. He wants to see that Good News touch the 106 million people of Bihar State, India, as soon as possible - because The Good News is not Good News - if it gets there too late!


There is a lot on our plate right now. We've said yes to the Global Proclamation Congress assignment. We've got three trips to Asia scheduled in the next 8 weeks. I believer all are important. An expanded coalition for Bihar State is developing. The 4 to 14 Window Team is stepping up to the next level as well.  


So what is God speaking to you? Perhaps He's calling you to step up Train with us. If so, don't look at your own capacity. Just stop and ask God what He wants you to do. Maybe He's calling you to a special prayer assignment. Maybe He wants you to go. Maybe you can help us identify the right leaders and resources with the potential to inspire and develop a lifestyle of prayer for pastoral trainers. Maybe He wants you to provide the resources so others can go and serve. Whatever He's asking you to do, just go for it! He will enable you. That's called Stepping Up!


"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine"  Ephesians 3:20

Gratefully His and Yours, Tom and Mercy Victor
Prayer Points - Please Join In Prayer: 
1.  Global Proclamation Congress -
      a.  Pray for God's grace, favor and anointing for our team
      b.  Pray for God's full plan for our "culture of prayer" assignment
           Luke 4:18-19;  Mark 11:17
2.  Bihar Coalition Project -
      a.  Pray for wisdom as we work to form this larger coalition    
      b.  Pray for unity with church planters and ministry leaders
           James 1:5; John 17:23
3.  4 to 14 Window Asia Pacific Youth Congress -

      a.  Pray for God to call each delegate that should attend
      b.  Pray for God's heart to be known, understood and embraced
Isaiah 6:8; Ephesians 1:18-19
4.  World Youth Prayer Assembly and 24/7 Prayer Focus
      a.  Pray for hearts to be united across cultures and generations
      b.  Pray for the release of a Spirit of Prayer
           Luke 1:17; Zechariah 12:10
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