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March, 2013
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Tastes Great! Less Filling! Choosing Between RAM and Scotty is a Matter of Taste
Newsletter Special Offer: Climb to the top with Crack of Dawn's Spider Angler seat
Malibu Maxes Out its Fish Quotient
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Happy March Madness. Not hoops (that great indoor winter sport). Spring's just around the corner. Time to get crazy outdoors (if you haven't already been cheating on Old Man Winter).


In this dispatch we'll ask an age-old question (for kayak anglers anyway); what accessory flavor goes down better, Scotty or RAM? Your mileage may vary. We'll also take a look at the clever improvements Malibu Kayaks has cranked into their models (stock transducer compatibility - sign us up!). And boy, have we got a deal for you on a full-featured fishing seat, the Spider Angler from Crack of Dawn.




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Tastes Great! Less Filling! Choosing Between RAM and Scotty is a Matter of Taste

By Jim Sharper, KayakFishingSupplies Pro Staffer 

Taste mentioned in the same line as a couple of light beer tag lines? Crazy. But it gets the idea across. Between Scotty and RAM there are about a billion different combinations for mounting rod holders and other accessories to your fishing machine. The best option is the one that gets your job done. Consider:

Construction and Rod Holder Types


Scotty's always utilized a nylon composite materials, with limited need for marine grade hardware. It's (mostly) maintenance free, super durable and strong. RAM got into the composite game only a few years back (good decision). Some of their most popular rod holder systems are still available in powder coated marine grade aluminum. Personally, I don't see an advantage.

Both companies offer a variety of cradle and rocket launcher style rod holders. The cradles are best for trolling or still fishing with a baitcaster or spinning rod angled low to the water. For tubes, until recently RAM had a large advantage. Scotty has caught up with several newer products like the 476 Rocket Launcher Rod Holder, but RAM offers more styles such as the midway gimbaled Rod Revolution Tube.

Mounting System / Adjustability


This is where the rubber meets the road. RAM and Scotty are known for fundamentally different mounting systems (well, sort of - more in a bit). Both are wizards for fitting rod holders and accessories such as sonar displays into tight spaces on small boats.

Scotty's go-to is a geared female base that mates with a correspondingly geared male... part. The bases come in a few varieties such as the Combination Side/Deck combo mount (kind of clunky) and the sleek Flush Mount.


Scotty Side/Deck Mounting Bracket 241     Scotty Flush Deck Mounting Bracket 244             


There's plenty of adjustability - it just isn't infinite. As a plus, once set the connection is less likely to slip. When used in conjunction with a gimbaled rod holder, you usually get adjustment in two planes, horizontal and vertical. Locking models are available if you need more assurance. 


Ram Ball

RAM mounts get the nod for superior adjustability. 

The company name is synonymous (or should be) with the ball and socket system. RAM balls come in two sizes, regular and small (1.5" and 1"). 

They don't take much space, but they do project above the deck. They adjust to just about any angle, but are a little more prone to slip if the socket isn't thoroughly tightened. There are flush mount options, but they are limited to RAM's other mount style: the Revolution ratchet/socket system. It bears a passing resemblance to Scotty's.

One more note. When it comes to turning a Hobie mast socket into a fishfinder or camera mount, there's only one good answer: RAM's Wedge. It comes with either ball mount.


Interoperability / Flexibility


You might want to change your kayak's load-out depending on the fishery or task at hand. For instance, I don't always want a light pole or a Scotty Trap-ease pulley arm - just when I'm lobster hooping at night. It's a huge plus if the mounting bases installed on your kayak pull double or triple duty. I occasionally use that same flush mount Scotty base that holds my Trap-ease for a gunwale mounted rod holder.

As long as you stick with one company (and in the case of RAM, one mount style), all of your mounted accessories can be multi-taskers. 




The difference isn't huge unless you're counting pennies. Across the board, RAM's US-made products cost a little more scratch. Scotty operates out of Canada. Cost should be the last consideration. Deciding between Scotty and RAM comes down to which system works best for your particular needs. 


Does your fish 'yak need a little more than a cushy place to park your posterior? Give this one a look. In addition to thick padding and solid lumbar support (don't get numb butt!), Crack of Dawn's high back Spider Angler seat is flush with fishing features. Tool holder pockets? Check. Zippered gear bag? Check. Light pole holder? Check. Lash tabs, bottle pocket, and dual rod tubes? Check, check and check! 

By now your Spidey sense is tingling.




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 Malibu Maxes Out its Fish Quotient
Malibu Kayaks, already famous for its pioneering fishing-friendly deck design, has spun the dials to 11. How can this be? Stick around, we'll tell you.

The Stealth 14 and X-Factor Learn More Fish Tricks

Get this - at our request (we asked nicely), Malibu Kayaks made several helpful changes to their fishing flagships. The revisions are subtle but deliver a big performance boost. 

For example, the aft hatch has been raised and flattened. Not only is there more storage room (Malibu's gear bag fits perfectly), it's a handy perch for those times just a few extra inches will help, to spot fish or just stretch your legs. Another bonus, a 3-rod holder rack system is an ideal addition to the new vertical bulkhead at the front of the tankwell. Win, win.

Here's another change. Just aft of the tankwell, Malibu has added room for a round access hatch. It's a huge help for mounting rudder brackets, or accesses the interior of the hull for more secure installation of rigging such as anchor trolleys, handles and running lights (we like rivets, but through-bolts are better). No worries, there's still room back there for a kids' jump seat.  


Check the write up on our web site for more details.



Until Next Time
That'll do it for now. Let's all get out and get bent. Speaking of, we love fish stories. Feel free to send us photos of your kayak catches both great and small. Maybe next time we'll feature you in our newsletter. If you have a particular rigging question, fire away. We're here to help. 

Finally, if you're in Southern California, come out and see KayakFishingSuplies and OEX (our brick and mortar stores) at the Fred Hall Fishing Shows. We're hitting the road for both Long Beach (March 6-10) and Del Mar (March 21-24). Drop by to say hello, check out our slick show boat, meet our rigging specialists and check out our show deals. You can find us anytime at info@KayakFishingSupplies.com
Tight lines to everyone!


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