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November 2015

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is at least two, separate disorders that cause inflammation (redness and swelling) and ulceration (sores) of the small and large intestines. These two disorders are called ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. There are more than 230,000 Canadians living with the disease. These disorders are expensive and can be debilitating. The average age for people developing IBD often coincides with the most important socioeconomic period of life. The severity of symptoms may prevent those with IBD from realizing their career potential or family creation. November is IBD month in Canada. Help those living with IBD enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life. Support those living with IBD by getting educated about IBD and inviting others to do the same. To learn more about IBD click here.

Help Children with IBD Thrive at School 

We all want our children to thrive academically, physically, emotionally and socially. CDHF created Blackboards and Bathrooms, a resource to provide educators with practical strategies and tools to minimize the negative impacts the symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) have on their students. If your child has IBD, you need to share this resource with your child's educators. 

Understand the Risks of IBD Treatments
If you are living with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, you need medications to help you live positively with the disease. The CDHF has developed the IBD BRAT (Benefit Risk Assessment Tool) to help you have informed conversations with your doctor and understand treatment options. 

For videos and new ways to protect your digestive health...
GiBodyGuard App
Easy to use, intuitive and FREE! The CDHF developed the GiBodyGuard App to help you track symptoms, medications, bowel patterns, food, exercise and other critical information that you need to share with your physician so that you can get the best care possible. Download this sleek and powerful smartphone app from iTunes or Google Play Store today!
Take Fear out of Endoscopy

Endoscopy is scary for anyone - especially children. The CDHF created Solving the Mystery of Endoscopy to ease anxieties and bring a fun, interactive, on-line educational experience to children needing this safe and important procedure.  Help your child solve the mystery today.
Understanding IBD

Watch Dr. Mike Evan's engaging illustrated video to help you better understand IBD. 
Know someone with IBD 
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