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Suffering from constipation?  Guess're not alone.  One in four Canadians suffers from constipation and for many, the accompanying symptoms are painful, debilitating and impact life at home, work, school and with friends.


What is constipation?

Constipation occurs when digested food moves through your digestive tract too slowly. As a result, the body absorbs excess water making stool hard, dry and difficult to pass.  The condition can be caused by poor diet, lack of activity, dehydration, travel or medications.  


Constipation affects people of all ages. For some, constipation can start suddenly and last for a short time.  For others, and particularly the elderly, constipation may begin gradually and last for long periods of time.  For some, it is a chronic condition that requires medication. 


How can I get some relief?

The good news is that you have options to help treat constipation.  

First, try preventative actions such as gradually increasing fibre intake to about 30 g per day, eat foods that contain prebiotics and probiotics, limit or avoid greasy, fried foods and refined sugars.


When preventative measures don't work, over-the-counter products can help move things along.


If constipation persists and becomes an ongoing problem, you may need prescription medication. It is important for you to speak openly with your doctor to find the solution best suited for you. 


To learn more, read Understanding Constipation

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