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GRT Events
 JUNE 11
JUNE 20 
Arlington, MA
Location TBD
VIP Dinner with Barbra Batshalom
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The Forum & EGB Events
 JUNE 11 
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June 16
Boston Public Library
Greening Your Business or Workplace
JUNE 18-21
Boston, MA
 June 25, 7-9pm
June 28-July 3
Warren, VT

June 29, 12pm
MA State House
Zero Energy Homes Awards
BSA Summer Workshop Series
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Invest in 1st Triple Bottom Line Bank: 5,000 Investments Available Until October
Robin Chase, One Of Time Magazine's Top 100 World's Most Influential People
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 Recycle Household Electronics Free
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Siting Board Grants State, Local Permits to Cape Wind

BluHomes, VIP of Finance
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Transportation for America
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June 2009 -- Sustainable Travel Edition

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We hope you enjoy our special Sustainable Travel Edition--have fun traveling this summer without compromising your commitment to sustainability.
Elevate Destinations BlogFeature Article
Think Locally, Travel Globally

by Kristie Giannetto, Elevate Destinations
Travel exposes you to other cultures, allows you to experience different environments and can help you to understand the worldwide impact of your commitment to green building but are there still ways to stay connected to your daily pledge to sustainability?
Below are some tips for not only curbing your footprint--but also actually having a positive effect on the places you visit.
Read the full article
"Think Locally, Travel Globally."
Image: Elevate Destinations
Event Highlights
THIS THURSDAY Geothermal Seminar, Showcase Draws More Than 200
NEXUS is your go-to place for green building education-technical seminars to help you implement sustainable strategies, networking events to connect you to our diverse members, products and technologies, and residential classes to teach you Do-It-Yourself green strategies on retrofitting or building a more sustainable home. Learn more about upcoming events. Check out past presentations online.

The NEXUS Exhibitor Showcase: What's Cooking in Green was indeed appetizing to the hundreds of exhibitors and visitors who attended the event on May 27th.  Sponsored by Terrene Sustainable Building Supply, the showcase brought together more than 200 designers, contractors, building owners, engineers and the general public to learn and ask questions about green products and to unveil NEXUS's new Integrated Green Kitchen exhibit. Contact Maryellen at to find out how to get involved.
THIS THURSDAY from 12-2pm, don't miss Allied Consulting's presentation on Geothermal Systems for Commercial Buildings. Two (2) AIA Sustainable Design HSW/LU are offered for attending this seminar.This seminar is almost sold out.
Element HotelProject Spotlight
New LEED Gold Hotel in Lexington

By Jim Newman, USGBC Massachusetts Membership Forum

Lexington, MA - The new Element Hotel in Lexington, Massachusetts is the flagship property of Starwood's new environmentally conscious hospitality focus. While the LEED Gold hotel is a strong statement from the Starwood hotel chain, it was not until the project started to gain some LEED momentum that the hotel chain's team really got excited about the new hotel's transformative powers for Starwood.  
Design team: Costas Kondylis and Partners, Architects, YRG Sustainability Consultants, local firm Beals and Thomas, Inc., Civil Engineers and Landscape Design.
Read Starwood's
press release on the new hotel.
Read the full article "New LEED Gold Hotel in Lexington."
Image: Element Hotel
Local Highlight
Local and Affordable Site-Seeing Options for Summer 
By Stacy Carpenter, Caspian Associates and Mary Fichtner, Executive Director - Boston by Foot, Inc.
Though widely promoted as such, Green or Eco- tourism is not limited to expensive touring of exotic and distant locations.  Green tourism is alive and well in Massachusetts.  The group Greenwalks was established as a response to inquiries regarding the natural history of a certain area, individual plant/animal species identification and the need for a knowledgeable person to whom such questions might be addressed. 
Image: The Boston Globe
New Program Is Continuing Education Hub for Building Professionals

By Carrie Havey, Emerging Green Builders

USGBC- The USGBC Education Provider Program (EPP) facilitates access to high-quality, peer-reviewed courses for professionals seeking to go beyond LEED and enrich their knowledge of green building theories, techniques, and business trends. Education Provider courses - developed and delivered by USGBC member organizations and chapters - serve a broad audience of building professionals, trades, and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge.
Attention LEED APs!
USGBC and GBCI are establishing the EPP as a source of continuing education for LEED AP credential maintenance. They have yet to publish information about maintaining your LEED AP Credential. Stay tuned for more information in future newsletter. 
Image Credit: USGBC
What's New at GRT?
Sustainable Kitchen Results, Social Media, Promote Your Company
 2009 June Pie Chart
The Green Roundtable and its NEXUS Green Building Resource Center provide you with services and resources to green your projects, firms, homes, communities and lifestyles. "What's New at GRT" keeps you up to date about the innovative services and resources we offer.
Each month in our new Integrated Kitchen Exhibit: What's Cooking in Green?, we will poll our visitors about what actions they take to create a more sustainable kitchen. This month we asked our visitors if they recycle glass, plastic and paper. Of a total of 87 visitors polled: 88% said they regularly recycle, 6% said they planned to start and 6% said they don't plan to recycle anytime soon. See the pie chart above.
With concerns of carbon footprint and global warming, what better time to review your existing facility and operating conditions for ways to reduce energy consumption?  Buildings use an estimated 40% of energy consumed in the US, and it is estimated that retro-commissioning (making sure systems are operating properly) alone can improve efficiency by 5-15%.  Reviewing your existing facilities for no-cost and low-cost efficiency improvements can provide the triple-win of reducing carbon emissions, reducing energy consumption, and reducing utility cost - contact or 617-374-3740 x105 for an energy efficiency audit today!

We provide critical feedback to design teams, informing decisions that impact energy-efficiency,  indoor environmental quality, and eventually the productivity of the occupants.  For a typical project, a set of spaces are selected to be modeled in Ecotect and then analyzed using Daysim (a Radiance-based engine).  Multiple glazing and shading options for each space are explored for each space.  The results are provided in a report that concisely communicates the impact of each potential design decision, using an array of industry-accepted evaluative metrics (Daylight Autonomy, Useful Daylight Index, Shade & Shadow Studies, Interior Illuminance Images, False Color Images, and Solar Heat Gain). Learn more by contacting or 617-374-3740 x108.
Wish you could visit NEXUS all the time and network with our large and diverse membership? Now you can! Become a fan of NEXUS on Facebook, join the NEXUS group on LinkedIn and follow NEXUS on Twitter. Stay tuned for next month's newsletter to learn our new interactive NEXUS blog.

USGBC has evolved the LEED Rating System from one rating system to a diverse portfolio to meet the increasingly specialized needs of the marketplace. Contact to let us know which LEED Rating System(s) you want to learn more about. Don't forget to check out GRT's free LEED 2009 resources
Sponsored Conferences
New England Building & Facilities Management Expo
ProExpos Group is proud to again produce the 4th annual Northeast Buildings & Facilities Management Show & Conference on June 10 and 11 in Boston. The 2009 show will offer a wide array of products and services necessary to the operation, management and maintenance of all types of buildings and facilities in the Greater New England region.  
GBNY logo
GreenBuildingsNY on June 16-17 is the place to source green solutions and materials for the design, construction, restoration, renovation and historical preservation of existing commercial, residential and industrial buildings.  Discover how a smart investment on environmental and sustainability improvements can deliver 20-40% risk-free ROI.  Register today at for free exhibit hall admission!

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