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Letter from the CEO
Our Third Year at Silver Sport Transmissions, LLC has begun!  Time flies when you are having fun...Usually this is just a catch phrase, but in our case it is 100% true.

SST is widely recognized as providing the highest quality components and best customer service in the industry.  This reputation has helped us become the fastest growing company in the marketplace.

SST is truly different, to understand why, you have to look back to our formation.  SST was formed by people and investors who had already completed their careers.  But they missed the business process.

So they determined to build the best company in this market.  SST was designed to be the industry leader which is why we focus our efforts on quality and customer service.

SST has a dedicated (in-house) Engineering staff devoted to improving our products and to developing new ones.  We are concentrating on the development of six speed TREMEC magnum kits for classic muscle cars.  Three new kits have already been released this year and we have more project cars in our shop right now.

These kits are unique in the industry.  SST, like a few other TREMEC suppliers, can supply a transmission kit for any car...but making a kit which provides a factory like installation, with complete instructions and specialized parts...that is a different story and a major reason we are different.

As for customer service, SST's computer system has just been upgraded with a new computerized "Customer Service System" to not only maintain our industry leading service but to make it even better.  No, you are not going to have to talk to a computerized phone system to use it, in fact, the only difference you will notice is that our customer service will be, by far, the best/most responsive in the industry.

Thank you to everyone who has worked with SST in the past, your support is greatly appreciated.  And, to all those with projects being planned for the future, we would like to help you with those projects and demonstrate to you the difference which comes with SST products. 

Jack Silver, CEO
Automatically a Shift Ahead
Manual transmissions aren't for everyone.  Automatics continue to be popular with our customers for a variety of reasons.  This month's continuation of our series on what makes us different focuses on our vastly popular A41 Automatic PerfectFit Kit, which can only be found right here at Silver Sport Transmissions.

Find your PerfectFit by requesting a Quick Quote or calling us at 888-609-0023.

Under Development
For the first time in months, our autolab only had one vehicle left in it.  We rectified this situation immediately by bringing in a 1970 Ford Torino.  Originally an automatic, we're going to add a pedal to this car and add a kit to our PerfectFit line.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, check out the article below for a little blue oval history.
Torino Trivia
We jumped at the opportunity to bring in a Torino and develop a new PerfectFit kit for it.  When it got here, all the insignias were for a Fairlane 500.   The owner assured us it was a Torino, and with a bit of research we confirmed it.  The history of this Ford line is really interesting, so we are sharing it with you so you can impress your friends.  Get the Ford Facts and see more photos, here.
Making the World a Brighter Place with His 57 Chevy
Ben didn't know what to think when a father asked to show his blind daughter Ben's classic Chevy, but Ben said yes and what happened next left Ben in tears.  Read Ben's story and see photos of his car here.
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