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SST's "We're Different" Video Series - Hydraulics
Our hydraulic systems are developed to eliminate the guess work, keep everything as compact as possible, and last for a very long time.  Continuing our series, Jeff Kauffman explains how our hydraulic kits are set apart.

Did you miss part of the series?  Catch up here.  
NEW PRODUCT: Mopar B-Body 6-Speed PerfectFit Kit

We've teased a new kit for this Coronet for a few months now.  The wait is over!  We have a brand new TREMEC Magnum 6-speed PerfectFit Kit for Mopar B-body.  These cars came with torsion bar suspension that anchors to the transmission crossmember. Not only did we come up with a solution that supports the frame and suspension, but we came up with a solution that is STRONGER than the OE crossmember.  

The kit was designed by our engineering team to fit within the console, whether you have an automatic or manual car now.  It comes with everything you'll need for the conversion, including illustrated, step-by-step instructions to make installation as simple as possible. The finished look will have your friends wondering if your car came with a 6-speed from the factory! Get a Quick Quote today or give us a call at 888-609-0023.
Tech Corner: How SSTs Magnum Shifter Works
The difference between a stock Magnum shifter and the SST Magnum shifter is so substantial, it was hard to put into words.  So, we put it into numbers:

Customer's '68 Chevelle TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed

As Received
SST% Change
Static Shift Loads (lbs)N-3rd4.36.3


Crosscar Detent Loads (lbs)4th-N2.94.762%


Knob Side Freeplay (in)3rd0.520.04-92%

Knob Fore/Aft Freeplay (in)3rd0.120.10-17%


Shift Knob Travel (in)3rd-4th5.133.25-37%

1st/2nd to 5/6th2.881.38-52%

The SST shifter is more compact by design than the stock Tremec Magnum resulting in throws that are 30% shorter front to back and 60% shorter left to right. We also eliminate excessive freeplay by adding spring shims.

Our shifter is made from rock solid steel and aluminum components and will not leak. The numbers don't lie, you're going to love this shifter!  The shifter is available on all Magnum PerfectFit kits.  A bolt-on shifter for those of you who already own a stock Magnum is coming soon!  See the Magnum shifter for yourself at Charlotte this weekend!
Charlotte Autofair - April 7-10, 2016
AutoFairWe're headed to Charlotte AutoFair this weekend, if you're in the area, come find us! To learn more or purchase tickets, you can visit their website,
Carlisle Chrysler Nationals - July 15-17, 2016
If you love Mopars, you'll love the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. This is a large show with over 2,500 cars on display. If you come, make sure you pay Jeff a visit at the Silver Sport Transmissions tent on the Manufactures Midway. Pre-order your ticket here:
The Nationals - August 12-14, 2016
Over 3,000 Mopars and AMCs converge for 3 action packed days in Columbus, Ohio.  We'll be there in the SST tent, so come visit! Learn more here:
Corvettes at Carlisle - August 25-28, 2016
This is the largest Corvette event in the world with more than 5,000 Corvettes on display.  Jeff will be in town for this one, so come visit our tent if you get the chance. Pre-order your tickets here:
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